Assembly members express shock over Henning text messages about voting push at homeless shelters

Anchorage Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia asks a question about the origin of the text messages concerning the homeless, which all Assembly members received from the Anchorage Clerk.

The Anchorage Assembly received leaked copies of alleged text messages that were on an internal team communication app known as “Slack” between members of the contract company Henning, Inc., which appear to show people who are in charge of managing the homeless shelters joking about using cigarettes, coffee, and bus passes to incentivize their homeless clients to vote. There was also some idle chatter about having a Glock firearm handy and boxing gloves.

During the Assembly meeting Tuesday, members of the Assembly all had copies of the text messages that Chairman Chris Constant entered into the record and the agenda. The copies of the text messages were provided by the Anchorage Clerk, who works for the Assembly, but the source of the messages was not revealed on the record. The packet was an “Assembly Informational Memo” submitted for the Assembly to discuss by Chairman Constant was not revealed by the Assembly.

Some of the text messages were posted on by a member of the Anchorage community. They are clearly out of context:

Assemblyman Daniel Volland said that reviewing the messages gave him further doubts about whether Henning should ever be awarded another bid, due to these communications and other complaints the city has received.

However the contract with Henning was extended or the 56th Street operation by a vote of 10-0, with member Meg Zaletel recused and Scott Meyers absent.Henning manages homeless operations on 56th Street, at the Golden Lion hotel, and has managed some of the operations at the Alex Hotel and Aviator Hotel during the cold-weather months of operation.

Some of the text messages that the Assembly found disturbing were between Henning employees and Alexis Johnson, who is the Anchorage Health Department housing services division manager.

The Assembly generally concluded that personnel and contract matters like this should begin with the department itself and that they would circle back to the matter if no action was taken by the city. Mayor Dave Bronson did not attend the meeting on Tuesday to respond.


  1. Translation:

    A few weeks ago Alexis Johnson read a letter out loud during public comment at an Assembly meeting, calling out the Assembly for their unprofessional, aggressive, bullying conduct.

    Retaliation much, Assembly?

  2. How are the assembly’s friends Tom Sconce and Sam Brinton doing? Where is the update on them?

  3. This just seems weird. I have had month old fish waste that smelled better.
    Who let the contract to Henning? Was this a contractor that Mayor Bronson advocated for?
    Constant releasing something like this is definitely NOT what I would have expected. Perhaps it is the tin foil fedora wearing side of me, but I smell a rat.
    Perhaps Constant and his fellow marxists have a (definitely and completely unbiased and distanced totally from everyone on the assembly, I am sure) contractor they want to have the contract, and they need to get Henning out of it.

  4. Where are the emails, texts and messages by the Assembly? Are they being redacted in full again? Who is monitoring the Assebly’s communications and where is the report? Are they looking at back channel communications, the Assembly’s content, whether they use personal accounts or equipment for city business or city equipment and accounts for personal business? Were there any communications between Constant, others on the assembly and Lafrance and/or her campaign

  5. Speaking of the homeless. If every person that voted for LaFrance, donated $5 a week,the problem would be solved.

  6. The bitter MAGA tears, oh, the bitter MAGA tears.

    It should be very clear by now that the citizens of Anchorage have soundly rejected MAGA Dave Branson and his merry band of miscreants.

    The anger machine is running on fumes, the people of this community are exhausted from the endless whining and complaining from the extremists on the right.

    Anchorage has some serious issues before it, it was clear that Dave Branson didn’t have the answers.

    I follow the law, I expect my elected leaders to do the same. For some reason Dave was never able to sort this one out.
    He’s not the king, he’s the Mayor, and he’s accountable to the citizens of this community, not ABT, not the Governor, not McKenna Bros or Hickel Comstruction.

    You can whine and complain all you want, Anchorage is evolving, we don’t want a bunch of drooling MAGA dolts running this town.

    • I am curious.
      What law did Dave Bronson break?
      The reason I ask was the Assembly passed an ordinance that added provisions and processes for removing the Mayor from office during the Bronson administration. One of the triggers was violation of a law (a criminal act). First step in the process what the Assembly determining if the accusation was valid, and if it was, starting the removal process.
      At no time did the Assembly even hear a complaint against the Mayor that could lead to removal. And, given how hostile this Assembly was to Mayor Bronson, that makes me think these claims of him violating the law are baseless.
      So, I am asking you Sound Advice, please tell me, what law did Dave Bronson violate?

    • Me think you doth protest too much…

      You should take some “sound advice” and look in the mirror, but I’ll tell you what give La France six months then come back and talk to us all exulting the virtues and achievements of the progressive left. It’s going to be hard to do but I’m sure you’ll make something up, you seem to be good at that.

    • Why bother?
      They never paid any attention to him, were dismissive, outright hostile even.
      His attendance literally pushed the Assembly further to the left out of spite for him. In fact, the city is likely better off because Mayor Bronson is not attending the meetings.

  7. Lookee at that…
    Henning managed “cold weather operations” at the Aviator hotel. (Who owns that again???? Thinking it is Mark someone…)
    Tip: Go take a room tour of that hotel. The renovations are fantastic. It is now a beautiful hotel. All paid for by taxpayers under the guise of “helping the homeless.” (Who will likely never cross the threshold of that hotel ever again.)
    Corruption must be hidden, and the Assembly is likely terrified there will be some kind of investigation into these messages that will reveal exactly how corrupt the Assembly and the homeless industrial complex really is.


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