Murkowski tells reporter: ‘Ridiculous’ that GOP lawmakers are attending the Trump trial


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told HuffPost in no uncertain terms that she thinks Republicans attending the Trump trial this week are out of their minds.

“Do we have something to do around here other than watch a stupid porn trial? I mean, this is ridiculous,” Murkowski was quoted as saying, in response to a question about the attendance of some lawmakers at the trial taking place in Manhattan.

House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana is among those who traveled to New York to observe the proceedings, in which former President Donald Trump is accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels “hush money” through his former lawyer Michael Cohen. (Johnson has endorsed Nancy Dahlstrom for Congress for Alaska.)

Also spotted in the courtroom have been Sens. JD Vance of Ohio, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, and Floridians Sen. Rick Scott and Rep. Byron Donalds. Vivek Ramaswamy, a business entrepreneur who ran for president, has been providing commentary to reporters outside the court building in Manhattan. While Trump has been muzzled by the court, these high-profile visitors are under no such gag order. (Donalds and Ramaswamy have endorsed Nick Begich for Congress for Alaska’s 2024 race.)

This trial is the first time in American history a former president has been criminally charged, and it’s one of Trump’s many legal travails he is facing this year as he makes another bid for president.

More Republican senators could join Trump in the courtroom, including Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Sen. Eric Schmitt of Missouri.

Trump is leading President Joe Biden in many polls, including in swing states such as Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, according to the latest New York Times/Sienna poll. Biden leads in just one swing state: Wisconsin, but even there, it’s a dead heat.

In Alaska, Trump is leading in all polls, but Murkowski is not a fan of his and has hinted she may leave the Republican Party over it.


  1. Dear Honorable Murkowski ,Please don’t put down one of the most respected professions in human history… you get what you pay for. That’s a lot better then what we pay you for!

  2. Yeah they should be sending more of our money to the Ukraine! With those Huuge Hands maybe she could compete with Stormy Daniels. 😆😆

    • LOL, Just like the Allstate commercial….We’re in good hands with big hands Lisa.
      She is ready to accept handsful of cash when Sammy “the Bankman” Freid gets out of jail and starts another ponzi scheme to boost the Democrats into office…again.

  3. Lame excuse by Lisa, perhaps she should review this video: ‘

    This case should have been tossed before jury selection. Not me saying this, many prosecutors
    have ventured such opinions.

  4. I really wish that Murkowski would leave the Republican party. She’s an embarrassment to the Alaska Republican party. RINO deluxe. Bye. I would even offer to buy her a one way ticket out of the whole United States of America.

    • Dennis, your comment is agreeably correct. However, no one is more of an embarrassment to the Alaska Republican Party than the party itself. Let’s ask why Democrats so easily figure how to make rank choice voting work so well for themselves while Republicans can’t. Despite an electorate with a conservative majority, Republicans’ lack of intelligence and discipline have relegated them to an endless string of election failures. The stupidity is embarrassing.

  5. Many Alaskans agree with her and believe she should leave the Republican Party regardless who wins the presidency.

  6. Nancy and I have decided to support Donald J. Trump for president in 2024. Lisa continues to embarrass us to the extreme. First it’s abortion, then it’s Trump. There is no end to her insanity and delusion. Time for us to divorce her.

  7. Here is something the world has missed: The media has framed THIS particular charge as “hush money to a porn star. And this is a campaign violation.”
    Love or hate Trump, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the above is accurate or simply a convenient damning summary of the story?
    Here are pertinent facts: Stormy was turned down for a part in The Apprentice over 20 years ago. No one heard a thing for years. Trump wins the presidency, and Stormy goes to the National Enquirer with her salacious story for sale. The NE approached Trump’s attorney, saying they would NOT print the story for 50K. The attorney writes checks for this “favor.” Trump is not even aware that his hired attorney is taking care of this particular business, among the slew of other things the lawyer on constant retainer does. After all, Trump is now the president. AND, the campaign violation? Hello, the story broke, and the “hush money” was paid NOT to Stormy but to the NE. Everything happened after he was elected! And Trump paid the lawyer from Trump’s own account (we have copies of these checks). So it was not even campaign money, as is repeated because it sounds so sneaky, even if untrue.
    There is a brief, if inadequate, timeline of details manipulated for the public’s viewing disgust.
    He who frames the argument wins. And the judge has gagged ONLY ONE person from saying a word – the accused. Meanwhile, the accusers have free reign to repeat to the media “their” choices of words to describe such evil.
    And here we have Murkowski calling it a porn trial? Really? She is truly framing it herself because she has learned from the “best”!

    • While I will not dispute anything you have written, the most pertinent fact is:
      What criminal felony charge is Trump accused of?
      Everything about the prosecution to date is, at best, a misdemeanor. And, that assume Trump directed his staff to commit the misdemeanor. Which, per the prosecutions witnesses, he did not.
      So, what felony is he actually charged with? He does not know, his lawyers do not know, the public certainly does not know. Does the Judge even know?
      (And, how is this not a violation of the 6th Amendment?)

  8. “Daddy’s Little Princess” should rally behind Trump.
    It would show show solidarity and be beneficiacial for Alaska and Alaskans.
    As a US Republican Senator, why not and what would it harm?
    Unless of course, she’s a complete Traitor and Rino.
    But, then again, maybe she shows her true colors??

  9. Rumor in Juneau is national decided they wanted a murkie RINO to run, blew a little smoke up Dahlstroms skirt and sent her a Haley campaign person to try a emergency rescue – no one in AK wants to touch it

  10. So you are going to leave the republican party? Really hate to tell you this were never in it. Oh..and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  11. She would say something this out of touch with reality. The swamp hates us and Trump being our guy therefore must destroy him. They are making this crap up to discredit him. Lisa does not like Trump because she is a RINO swamp rat!

  12. Our dear chameleon Senator Murkowski is a bit ridiculous herself and provides cover for her masters by hiding the point entirely which does not surprise. A porn Ho is extorting the president and being used by the politicized justice system which appears as an obvious election interference trial sponsored by FJB? When will Alaska rid themselves of her?

  13. She still around? I thought she’d promised to go away.

    Still more proof the AK GOP is useless and should be dismantled.

  14. It would be interesting to see what Princess would do if Trump offered her VP.

    -her lust for power would tell her to do it.
    – her desperate need to be important would tell her not to.

    Ego vs ambition.

    Best part if Trump offered and she accepted? Trump could send her to Fiji and leave her there.

  15. Why is she even saying anything about it at all?
    I can only assume it is to ridicule anyone who sees this “trial” as anything other than a miscarriage of justice on par with 3rd world banana republic dictators.

  16. Regardless of what Lisa said, the sycophants in the Veepstakes swimsuit competition debased themselves and the Republican party.

  17. Only Murkowski would know what is ridiculous or not. Just like her “present” votes on issues that affect Alaska but are contrary to Senator Sullivan and the majority of the Republican party. A big RHINO.

  18. “Do we have something to do around here other than watch a stupid porn trial?” Almost as bad as a porn impeachment. The pee tapes were real!

  19. Her personal hatred of Trump is so all-encompassing that it is allowing her to take positions and make statements that others with better judgment would keep to themselves. It is a free country, and we have a first amendment, but she really should to consider not making any statement that has anything to do with Trump. In reality, she needs to go. She needs to be primaried. She needs to be retired.

    • can’t primary her with her protection plan in place.. I warned long ago about the California-style jungle primary, which wax designed by Democrats, For Democrats but nooo! The crowd believed that BM2 would stop dark money, when it was built to advantage the perpetrators of dark money who foisted it on Alaska


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