Sen. Dan Sullivan goes for a run at -20 in Fairbanks


Sen. Dan Sullivan, who is also a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, decided to burn off some Christmas calories by going for a run on a brisk Fairbanks day, an experience which he describes in this video as “magic”.


  1. Senator Sullivan is a tougher man than I. I cheer him on. For copy cats, a warning.
    When I was a kid in Fairbanks during winter cold spells, we were told daily, do not run when it’s below zero. The super cold air, when inhaled rapidly, from exertion or any other reason, can easily freeze the lining of the throat, esophagus and lungs. Similar to a burn, the frozen internal tissue may be extremely damaged and painful. Also, when I went to UA there, we were told not to hide hard liquor outside, for the same reason. The alcohol won’t freeze but it reaches the same sub-zero temperature as the air. When you drink that extremely cold liquor, expect an internal freeze that’s quite damaging.

    • Good info, Ben. Grew up here myself. We learned to breath in our nose and out our mouth. Nose hairs warm the air a bit to prevent that ‘freeze’ (unless we were panting from exertion).

      • Makes you wonder how all of those pipeline workers survived the winters of 75 and 76. Minus 50 degrees and they were working outside. What happened to all the tough men and women of that era?

        • I worked on the pipeline in Prudhoe in 1975. Night shift primarily outside stacking pipe supports along with a crane operator. Survival mode with many 50 below nights, but saw amazing northern lights!

  2. Look at that face…
    Imagine what might happen when that walks into the Senate…
    and “offers” a Senate resolution something like:
    “Be it resolved that the Senate will accept Articles of Impeachment currently held by the House of Representatives no earlier than January 21, 2025.”

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