Revak raises campaign cash with ‘more cowbell’ humor



All candidates in Alaska are hoping people will shake loose a bit of help or them before the calendar turns over. Alaska law says individuals may give no more than $500 to a candidate in a single year.

That means $500 this year, and $500 next year, if you are really getting behind a candidate, for a grand total of $1,000 for an election cycle.

Most use the cut-and-paste templates that come with payment software, but not Sen. Josh Revak. He’s got donation categories that show a bit more of his personality, his generation, and his military history — categories that include the “MORE COWBELL” level of $250, which refers to a classic Saturday Night Live skit, and the “I’M BROKE, BUT I LOVE REVAK!” level for $20.

Revak is running for Senate Seat M, Anchorage hillside, which he won by appointment this fall after Sen. Chris Birch passed away. He previously served as a representative for District 25, a seat he won in 2018.

Alaskans have until midnight on Dec. 31 to make that 2019 contribution.


  1. I don’t normally contribute money to politicians but when I do, it’s for Josh Revak. 🙂 Revak has been quick to respond to any questions that I might have. Revak is my Senator and I think he’s doing great! Please help Josh get re-elected!

  2. Josh Revak has a servant heart, true world experience in military service and significant public sector government service with our Congressional Delegation. He is home in Alaska with much more to give. And as a fellow American Soldier, I just really like and respect him as a person. A fantastic choice to serve us in Juneau.??

  3. How droll…
    In office for how long, already fulfilling the Alaskan politician’s Prime Directive: Getting Money…
    Maybe it’s safer than doing anything senatorial which might annoy the boss, Peoples Imperial State Senate President and Co-Governor Giessel.

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