Second Amendment: Protect Gun Exporters Act introduced in House by Tennessee lawmaker


Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee introduced the Protect American Gun Exporters Act on Wednesday. The bill stops the current export license “pause” and prevents the Department of Commerce from taking any substantially similar actions in the future unless standard rule-making procedures are followed.

“President Biden’s antipathy for the Second Amendment is becoming more blatant every single day,” Rep. Green said. “There is clearly no action he won’t take when it comes to limiting our right to keep and bear arms. That’s why I introduced this bill. Someone has to stand up to this administration.”

The bill comes after Green wrote a letter signed by 88 members of Congress demanding answers on the unprecedented and reckless restriction on civilian firearm export licenses. Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska did not sign the letter.

“As long as evil persists, there will always be a need for good people to defend themselves and their loved ones,” the letter said. “The need for the Second Amendment was not limited to the American Revolution nor the American Republic…Not only does BIS’s pause on firearms export licenses leave people even more vulnerable, but it will also push buyers to look elsewhere to meet their customers demands.”

The Department of Commerce announced Oct. 27 that it immediately suspended most export licenses for civilian firearms, components, and ammunition for 90 days to “advance U.S. national security and foreign policy interests.” The action was unprecedented, said Green.

“This pause leaves people vulnerable while directly hurting firearm manufacturing and shipping jobs,” Green said. “That’s where my bill comes in. It stops the export license pause and solidifies concrete steps the Department of Commerce must take if it wants to implement similar policies in the future.”

The bill requires the Department of Commerce to follow the normal rulemaking procedure allowing for notice, comment periods, communication with industry stakeholders, and conducting an industry impact analysis prior to any decision-making. If the Department follows all of these steps and still finalizes the rule, it would be eligible for expedited disapproval through the Congressional Review Act—a critical tool for stopping anti-gun bureaucrats.

The United States was, until the Biden restriction, the world’s largest exporter of arms, accounting for 40% of global arms sales, followed by Russia at 16%.

Read the bill at this link. 


  1. Grandpa Bloodstains has the King Sadim touch. Instead of things turning to gold, they turn into Biden droppings.

  2. The last 5 years have seen a very large number of new gun and ammo factories built throughout the US by foreign firms based in S. America, both western and eastern Europe, and other parts of the globe. Concurrently there has been a migration of gun and ammo manufacturing from anti-2A rustbelt states and anti-2A west coast states to pro-2A states. Soon there will be 30 states that have constitutional carry, and it’s quite possible that AK will be the only one of those that has no gun and/or ammo manufacturing. Some of the relocations have moved employees along with everything else, and better hunting and fishing has been a component of the incentive for working families to make the move.

    Seemingly somehow related is that many types of smokeless powder and all primers continue to be in very short supply in all or most of the US, including Alaska. Primer prices have quintupled and big box retailers limit purchasers to 200 per day.

    • Primers have been in short supply going back to the panic buying following Obama’s 2008 election. Ammunition prices have trebled over the same 15 years.

      We live in the best of times (US Supreme Court’s rulings on the 2nd Amendment) and the worst of times (Biden presidency). My advice, as always, is to acquire and keep an ample inventory of ammunition and gold/silver. ‘Tomorrow’ may be too late.

  3. The libs need to get the knives out of peoples hands as they are the new way to harm the masses.
    Where’s the laws making knives illegal as there have been an large increase in knife attack’s
    Give up your butter knife or get a permit to own one.

  4. Tyrants will always disarm the populace to the maximum extent possible.
    There has never been a more anti-gun pResident than Briben. Even 0bama was less strident anti-gun, believe it or not.
    Even if this makes it out of House committee and passes the House, it will likely never see a vote in the Senate. And, if by some miracle, Chucky and his leftists pals actually pass it, Briben will veto.
    Waste of time.
    On the other hand, if the House actually forced the White House to live up to the law of the land, many of the policies Briben has implemented will be stopped dead in their tracks.
    But, that is asking a lot of the eGOP…

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