Peltola a no-show as House Homeland Security Committee takes testimony from Sen. Sullivan on Arctic, Coast Guard, and national security


Alaska and national security in the Arctic were the topics of a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday, during which Sen. Dan Sullivan delivered remarks on the present and future challenges of the Arctic, and the U.S. Coast Guard’s role in protecting America’s national interests.

Alaska’s only U.S. Representative Mary Peltola was invited to testify but declined and was not present at the hearing. Her staff was busy on X/Twitter fighting the free-market merger of Kroger and Safeway. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who describes herself as “the leading expert in Congress on Arctic policy and polar affairs,” was also invited but did not attend the hearing.

Sen. Sullivan, who was first to testify in the hearing, emphasized the growing significance of Arctic security for the United States and its national interests.

“The Arctic is undergoing monumental changes,” Sen. Sullivan began. “Sea ice is receding, opening an entire ocean that was previously unreachable. This allows access to a wealth of natural resources and makes available maritime trade routes that are thousands of nautical miles shorter than transits using the Suez Canal or Panama Canal. The strategic importance of this region, the Arctic, is unquestionable. Arctic security is American security.”

Highlighting Alaska’s pivotal role in Arctic competition, Senator Sullivan underscored the importance of the 49th state in guarding the United States against threats from competitors, particularly Russia and China. He noted that Alaska’s proximity to both nations necessitates its active involvement in securing American interests in the Arctic.

“Alaska constitutes three pillars of America’s military might,” Sullivan explained. “We are the cornerstone of missile defense for the entire country, the hub of air combat power for the Arctic and Indo-Pacific region, and a platform for expeditionary forces.”

Sullivan, who takes a keen interest in national security as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, called for Alaska to become the logistical hub for power projection in the Arctic, emphasizing the need to respond swiftly to incursions. He highlighted recent incidents where Russian naval exercises near Alaska and joint Russian-Chinese naval task forces operating in the region raised concerns about the United States’ ability to protect its interests.

He expressed his disappointment with the Department of Defense’s past inaction regarding Arctic security but praised the House and Senate for pressing for provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act and Coast Guard bills to prioritize the Arctic.

As for infrastructure and assets in the Arctic, Sullivan stressed the need for more icebreakers, citing the significant gap between the United States and its competitors in this regard. He pointed out that even China, which is not an Arctic nation, is set to surpass the U.S. in icebreaking capacity by 2025.

Green’s opening remarks mentioned Alaska’s proximity to Russia and China. He quoted Billy Mitchell, who is known as the father of the U.S. Air Force, saying, “I believe that in the future, whoever controls Alaska, controls the world.” And he reminded attendees at the hearing that it was just this year that a spy balloon from China crossed the entire state of Alaska before entering the 48 contiguous states.

“To make matters worse, the People’s Republic of China has absurdly claimed itself to be a ‘near Arctic state,’ and is attempting to impose its will through diplomatic pressure and increasing maritime transits by PRC vessels in Arctic waters. The PRC is also actively building out its own icebreaker fleet, and its two existing icebreakers have operated in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions,” Green said.

“Russia, which has the most territory and largest Arctic population, maintains a robust military presence in the region. Russia has 51 icebreakers whereas the U.S. currently has two. Russia’s proximity to Alaska makes its concentration of forces appear even more menacing. The Russian mainland lies less than 60 miles away from the west coast of Alaska. Additionally, just 2.4 miles separate the Russian island of Big Diomede and the American island of Little Diomede in the Bering Strait,” Green said.

Watch the full hearing at this link.

Subcommittee on the right to produce act in an energy subcommittee, with many Alaskans from. John Boyle, DNR, Dorene Levitt.


  1. There may be some unannounced reason why she doesn’t seem to attend functions as an Alaskan representative. I am beginning to wonder. Hope all is well.

    • You mean to say ranked choice voting isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be for candidates!? I don’t think so either.

  2. Where was she? Why cant we control her travels and make sure she is their to bote and conduct business? She is raping the State if Alaska of unnecessary expenses.

  3. Of course Peltola wasn’t there. Why should she show up? She wouldn’t say anything and doesn’t care because she follows the instructions of her masters.

  4. It was probably good that those two didn’t attend. Too embarrassing for our state to take part of a conversation that is beyond their scope of comprehension. Better for them to figure out how we are to heat our homes and cook our meals by solar panels and salad shooters using a power grid that is unreliable in foul weather. And to pick on free enterprise and forced pronouns. Not to mention doing nothing about the mentally Ill wandering the streets because there’s no funding for mental institutions. No federal money for drug enforcement either. Those two give female representation a bad name when they could have made progress in that field. Kind of like Obama, who also blew the opportunity for breaking barriers in high office. So disappointing.

  5. Rep. Peltola is one step above being a totally worthless representative of the State of Alaska.
    She never shows up for anything other than fund raisers.

    • Oh and don’t forget parties to receive accolades like the “woman of the year”! Sadly more and more it appears that Mary is what I suspected all along, all show no substance.
      Thank you again Al Gross!! NOT!!

  6. I suppose they were having a “girls day” and had more pressing things to do.

    Like laugh at the PM drive radio host who did more than one other single person to put them in office.

    Maybe, just maybe if Princess could have voted against Trump somehow and Mary could have voted no on something important to Alaska they would have bothered to come.

    The leading expert on Arctic policy? Only in as much as it concerns whipping votes for her re election

  7. Perhaps Mary thought this was “Man Business”, and didn’t want to butt in. It is not uncommon sometimes in a new job to not know where the boundaries are. In any case, one would think She could at least account for Her absence, in a more timely manner. But then She has had staff problems.

  8. Just make sure Republicans, conservatives, independents, moderates don’t split our votes. It’s either Nicholas Begich the third or what’s her name. Oh yeah . . Nancy Dahlstrom. My memory of names is bad. Hopefully no more Republicans enter the US House race. Cause at this point it’ll be too revealing anyone else really only is doing because of politics or doing it for self.

  9. Mary was too busy: “Rep. Mary Peltola attended a luncheon in her honor on Monday at the invitation of Rhode Island Rep. Seth Magaziner, whose father was a close associate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison in 2019, after being convicted for sex trafficking.” Her buddy Lisa probably was along on the trip because it is just so cool to be named woman of the year!

  10. Mary, Mary, Mary is not doing anything to serve and protect the people; here’s another short paragraph from another very recent must read article:
    “The bill comes after Green wrote a letter signed by 88 members of Congress demanding answers on the unprecedented and reckless restriction on civilian firearm export licenses. Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska did not sign the letter.”
    Mary, you have work to do instead of galavanting around the country attending one party after another.

  11. For anyone that continues to own an actual “GLOBE” … Just take a look at the very location of Alaska in comparison to the Global Threats (ie: Russia, China, N-Korea, Iran, etc) and it becomes quite apparent that we’re on the Front Line of the aggressors. Hence, a continued effort to harden and enhance facilities at: Fort Greely, Clear AFB, Fort Wainwright, Eilson AFB, Fort Richardson, and Elmendorf AFB is paramount!!!
    Additionally, it would be critical importance to re-establish the Navy Base at Adak, as well as, continue to advance additional Ice Breaker assets at the new Port facility at Nome.
    Allocating these dollars and initiatives will pay dividends to the USA, Americans, Alaska, and Alaskans.
    Got-R-Done(!!!) … Dan-Lisa-Mary.

    • Why not just ask if anyone has looked at a world map lately? The globe represents a lie (courtesy of the globalists) that the world has been convinced to believe for century or more.

  12. Sometimes I wonder if she ran because she was told to. Had no realistic expectation of winning. Then suddenly Queen Sarah starts a GOP cat fight and boom! She’s in office.

    Now she’s in a job she didn’t want, no clue how or what to do, so she says F it. It’s party time.

  13. Like Joe. She didn’t really want the job. However, unlike Mary Joe actually thinks he’s good in the position they were installed. Mary didn’t have to go along, Joe had no choice.

  14. Surely there is a ‘vote of no confidence’ procedure in the Constitution, don’t I wish. Void of speculation what exactly has Peltola accomplished for Alaska’s people?
    Mary, my reparations in the mail before Christmas?

  15. Pretty much explains the Woman of the Year Award, Democrats receiving awards for not doing their jobs. Pretty typical, after all look what obama got when he won his election for president.

  16. Alaskas Represent Mary Peltola, Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Senator Dan Sullivan are FRAUDS. WA District of Corruption and these 3 stooges are in CONTEMPT of our Constitution for the USA🇺🇸
    I ran for Alaskas US House of Representatives. I believe our elections are rigged, and most Politicians are compromised, blackmailed and controlled by their puppets masters and they just read scripts prepared by their globalist controllers.
    America has been sold out. Our Statehood Act where the Feds own +61% of Alaska is NoT Constitutional and our biggest issue. I am committed to helping get Alaskas Lands, Waters and Resources into ownership of Alaska and Alaskans. Constitutionally the only lands and waters in a State the US Federal Government are allowed to own SHALL be used for enumerated (numbered) purposes ONLY. Alaska is being treated like a Territory. America has been taken hostage by the private Federal Reserve cartel/ cabal. If we don’t fight smart and hard we’re going to loose it all to the globalists and their agenda.
    If you want to be free, vote for me🇺🇸

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