Peltola named Woman of the Year by Democrat congressman with family ties to Jeffrey Epstein


Rep. Mary Peltola attended a luncheon in her honor on Monday at the invitation of Rhode Island Rep. Seth Magaziner, whose father was a close associate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison in 2019, after being convicted for sex trafficking.

It was Rep. Seth Magaziner’s “First Annual Women’s Luncheon.”

Rep. Mary Peltola is Rep. Seth Magaziner’s Woman of the Year.

Magaziner gave awards to a few of the other women invited to the luncheon, but Peltola was the featured honoree and named his “Woman of the Year.”

Magaziner is from a wealthy East Coast family heavily invested in Democrat politics. Ira Magaziner, Seth’s father, also a financier, repeatedly flew on Epstein’s private jets and his personal phone number and private email were said to be in Epstein’s “black book.”

After filing for governor in 2022, Seth Magaziner withdrew in January of 2022 and instead ran for Congress after Rep. James Langevin announced his retirement. His campaign focus was gun control, alternative energy, abortion rights, and mandatory Covid vaccination for all public employees.

Although Magaziner was a resident of the 1st congressional district when he ran for Congress, he rented a house in the 2nd congressional district after his opponent pointed out he didn’t even live in the district he sought to represent. He has been involved in Democratic politics since he was a college student at Brown University.

A page reportedly part of Jeffrey Epstein’s black book of friends and clients contains the name of Ira Magaziner.


  1. Much like the Bamster being given the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for pretty much being half of a POC, the leftist awards are not really representative of actually doing anything quantifiable, rather more like an icon of something leftists can hang on the wall with their other Trophies of No Merit.

    • Came here to post this. Pretty much my thoughts as well. What exactly has this woman done to warrant, whatever it is she may or may not have done, being named woman of the year?

  2. Leading the country to where. . . Is the question to be holding todays community leaders accountable where are they leading their states and America. . . Cause how people feel today is not good feeling where America is going

  3. “WOMAN of the Year”?

    How repugnantly cis-gender-normative! Transphobic! RACIST!!!

    I thought that Democrats do not believe in the biological existence of women any longer?

  4. That new moniker should bring her many fresh suitors. Husband number 8 better have a Cub and some money in the bank. At least, he must be willing to set-up house on K Street and let the good times roll. To hell with Alaska. Hail Mary.

  5. Woman of the Year??? Are you frigging kidding me?? Good Lord. She’s an embarrassment to the Alaskan people she is “supposed” to represent but doesn’t! Pass the barf bag please

  6. I wonder what the qualifications were for getting the highly prestigious award at the “First Annual Women’s Luncheon.” …hahaha. Hopefully there was a cash prize because Mary will probably need it when we boot her out of office.

  7. She is a communist and should be behind bars for not following her oath to the Constitution. She needs to be audited to see where the money is coming from to support her illegal activities. She has done nothing for the State of Alaska or the USA. The corrupt voting system here got her elected.

    • Mikey what part of the constitution was followed on Jan. 6th 2021? Other than what your name sake did because he was pressured by his marine son to do.

      • Are you perhaps referring to the official congressional certification of a demonstrably corrupt and stolen election, Tim? I agree with you, that egregiously banana-republic action was completely unconstitutional.

        But if you are instead referring to the peaceful and justified public protest in response to those corrupt congressional moves, and to that corrupt and stolen election, then I can only say that only those with corrupt, duplicitious and self-serving motives would dare to label such a profoundly pro-American protest, laughably, as an “insurrection”. I wish it HAD been a real insurrection! One is long overdue in this pathetic excuse for “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

      • What happened on 1/6/21? All I saw were some Yahoos being let into the Capital where they ran around the halls. A cop shot a young woman, that was about it for violence.

  8. She can’t be woman of the year, because she isn’t trans. Clearly just some made up award that means nothing.

  9. Is this her payoff? So, her husband “dies in an accident,” she keeps on doing her political crap and not looking upset like someone whose husband just recently died (did he really?). How can she be nominated woman of the year when she doesn’t even fulfill the duties of her job? Payoff.

    • Say you’re crazy without actually saying it. What, Gene Peltola is secretly alive or he was killed by some dark and mysterious deep state entity? Get a grip. Neither one of them are/were that important.

      • Haha. I am not crazy and I am going to say that again…I am not crazy. Peltola is a puppet and she’ll find out that she is not exempt from the genocidal destruction that is being played out around the world by the globalists.

        • Luckily, the undersigned beneficiary line allows me to hunt for another hubby. But I’m looking for a Gulfstream owner this time. Any leads out there?

  10. Some of you commenters are clearly reacting to a headline and little else. The Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame has thrived for nearly 15 years, despite how obvious it is that they’re primarily a civic clique in Anchorage awarding and rewarding themselves. Once you get past the initial induction class, the criteria for induction appears to be an association with the Cuddy family, the Rasmuson family or Ted Stevens. Their continued refusal to induct Ramona Barnes or Bettye Fahrenkamp is the most glaring of their many problems.

  11. doesn’t pretty much every member of the national political class have some sort of ties with mossad agent epstien

  12. who know who else has ties to good old jeffy. I won’t say his name but you all know who he is. And he also has an unusual obsession with his own daughter.

  13. Too bad that they didn’t choose to list any great accomplishments that would merit this “honor “. Other than being a minority female that managed to get elected in a state that mostly doesn’t bother to vote in a campaign bankrolled by out of state special interest donations. If her village supporters wish to eat salmon or king crab, they are readily available from the Russian and Chinese market while the studies continue to have no answers for our shortages. Since she has not found time to show up for most of her job, there remains little to judge her on except for totally being more loyal to her party rather than her constituents. Other than supporting taxpayer paid murder of nearly born babies, taxpayer paid high speed internet to people who insist they live a subsidized subsistence lifestyle and are not permitted to produce anything of national value from a state rich in resources while making a few very wealthy with the useless projects that fit only the new agenda. Congratulations on being female, now do something worthwhile for your state. Make us proud.

  14. Since when does Seth Magaziner get to decide for the whole world who the “Woman of the Year” is? Why can’t I decide who gets that award?

  15. She got an award for perfectly following the instructions given to her. She didn’t deviate and make weird speeches or rants. She didn’t try to make a name for herself, photo bomb, or hassle Nancy P. She just stayed quiet and disappeared for a while. Perfect!

  16. The most important point here is that she was given an award by someone associated with Jeffery Epstein. I assume this was critical to the story, so there must be some direct link between Peltola and Epstein’s crimes, or else why bring it up?

    So, how about that link? Or is this just an attempt to draw an association between Peltola and Epstein’s crimes? C’mon, this is some pretty crappy “journalism”. Epstein took a picture with Trump, does that mean you should caveat every Trump article with the fact that he was associated with Epstein? Or pick any other Republican who was associated with Epstein. Nah, MRAK only saves this kind of “journalism” for RINOs and Democrats.

    • Ira Magaziner is a close friend and adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton and leads the Bill Clinton Health Access Initiative. He traveled on Epstein’s personal jet numerous times. Flight records show Ira Magaziner flew with Epstein and Bill Clinton to Africa, China, Dubai, and Hong Kong, at least, which brings up a question of what his son knew about his father’s relationships. Seth issued a statement through his state-funded press person saying “Ira Magaziner and Jeffrey Epstein had no relationship whatsoever other than meeting in passing while on the same trips with President Clinton a few times in the early 2000s, prior to when Epstein’s terrible actions became known.” Hope that helps. – sd

      • It really doesn’t help. I still don’t see how this pertains to Peltola. Do you list how many degrees of separation from Epstein other prominent people have, or just Peltola? I’m not defending Epstein in any way, nor anyone who enabled his despicable activities – he was a dirthbag of the highest order. I just want to understand why Peltola’s association with someone who was associated with Epstein was so important that it warranted a headline and prominent featuring in your piece. Are you insinuating that Peltola is involved with Epstein’s activities? Because that sure seems to be what you’re doing.

  17. Would you two just stop, please. I’m looking for another husband and this kind of silloquy isn’t helping me. Even out in Bethel, where few read MRAK and everyone smokes pot, any linkage to Epstein hurts my chances. The only thing I liked about Epstein was that he had private jets with lots of room.

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