Justice Department watchdog report: Jeffrey Epstein killed himself


Jeffrey Epstein, the high-flying financier and pedophile who got caught trafficking girls, didn’t exactly get killed by the prison system.

But even though he had reportedly attempted suicide in jail two weeks earlier, the prison system left him alone in his cell with an excess of bed linens, and in a unit where the 24-hour surveillance cameras were not working. Only one prison worker was on duty for 24 hours straight. Guards at the prison routinely falsified their check-in documents.

The report from the Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who serves as the Justice Department’s watchdog, said that it was merely negligence, misconduct, and poor job performance by the prison system of New York City that allowed Epstein to hang himself in August of 2019.

The federal investigation found no evidence that he was killed by anything other than state incompetence and what many would see as dereliction of duty.

Epstein hung himself with those extra bed linens issued to him, Horowitz said in his report.

The report contradicts many theories that say Epstein was killed in prison by those who don’t want his list of sex clients, to whom he marketed underage girls, to get out to the public, which would have happened if he had gone to trial.

Even though he has been dead for nearly four years, the men who preyed on girls at Epstein’s private island have never faced justice. And there were dozens, if not hundreds of powerful men who visited Epstein’s island during the time in question.

Epstein was once a member of the high-and-mighties of the world. Visitor logs show he visited the White House 17 times while Bill Clinton was president — twice on the same day on three different occasions.

The pedophile is connected loosely to Alaska by way of former Anchorage Daily News publisher Alice Rogoff, who brought Epstein’s child groomer, Ghislaine Maxwell, to Alaska for a trip to see the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

The two were pals in another venture — Arctic economic interests. Maxwell, who set up young girls to be ready for rape by wealthy men, is now serving 20 years in prison, but once she was part of the Arctic Assembly, and founded an environmental nonprofit called Terra Mar, ostensibly to “save the oceans,” but more likely a way to launder various funds through a tax-exempt organization.

Maxwell and former ADN owner Alice Rogoff were friends and colleagues back in the days when Rogoff owned and shaped the political landscape of the state, pushing Bill Walker into power as governor, and trying to get her hands on the Alaska Permanent Fund. Rogoff encouraged Walker to use the fund as collateral to borrow money for Alaska projects she was interested in, particularly around Port Clarence. Rogoff was married to Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein, and their daughter, Gabrielle Rubenstein, now serves on the Permanent Fund Board of Trustees.

“Ghislaine Maxwell abruptly torpedoed her oceanic non-profit in the wake of the scandal surrounding her associate Jeffrey Epstein,” wrote Business Insider in 2019.


  1. “Jeffrey Epstein killed himself……..”
    So did Vince Foster, Ed Willey, and a whole list of others………

  2. Still not buying this. A very high profile inmate, previously on suicide protocol, is suddenly placed in a cell with no camera and extra sheets (the number one tool for inmate suicide). No camera and only one officer while typically officers are limited to 16 hours maximum per shift. With disabled cameras we’ll never know the truth.

    • I’m suspicious too, especially with the Clinton connection.

      But I’m open to the possibility he understood just how short and ugly his prison life was gonna be. I need more than government say so.

    • An Obama judge let off both black guards, of course. No penalty for gross negligence and falsifying documents. The female guard, “Tova Noel” had an especially low-IQ appearance. Their defense argued that they were supposedly ‘overworked’ – but were subsequently proven to have been sleeping and ‘making inappropriate use’ of internet while on duty – then faking their duty logs.

      Overworked must mean something different when speaking Ebonics. I’d define it as ‘too many assigned tasks to perform in a limited time’, yet they spent their time on recreation and government funded naps.

      Zero accountability left wing patronage – simply a way to fraudulently award government jobs and benefits to people that have no desire actually perform the work – and we all pay the price.

  3. And the men and woman who traveled to Epstein Island to rape children are still walking amongst us, thanks to a corrupt DOJ.

  4. There’s that name again…….”Bill Walker.”
    Ranked Choice Voting, crooked Scott Kendall, the Anchorage Daily News, and the Democrat Party of Alaska……..working in concert……to re-elect the worst governor in Alaska’s history, but FAILED.
    The shamed ex-governor who tried to sell out our most profitable resource to the Communist Chinese; who defied state statute to steal the people’s PFD, who covered-up his Lt. Governor’s pedophilia, and who got elected as a totally fake Republican. Not a word or even a sighting from Alaska’s most corrupt governor.
    Hiding? Walking on an escape Hawaii beach?
    Where’s Billy Boy?

  5. They won’t investigate this just like they won’t investigate Hunter Biden. That’s proof that can be used to impeach Biden, but it won’t happen because the system is rigged.

  6. It appears that the Government just created it’s own “Grassy Knoll Theory” by suggesting excess bed linins were the culprit in Epstein’s untimely demise. I mean it’s not like he had any powerful people that wanted him silenced or anything like that!

  7. There was also no evidence of corruption during our 2020 Presidential election. How about this one,,,,,,The vaccine is going to keep you safe, and my personal favorite, cell phones and Facebook are keeping us all more connected. Wake up everyone, time to smell what we are all stepping in.

  8. If the DOJ said it, I believe the opposite.
    The Justice department has all the believability of a toddler with chocolate icing all over his face swearing they did not sneak a piece of cake. In fact, I would believe the toddler before I believed anything coming out of this DOJ.

  9. You had to know this wouldn’t go well with the conspiracy theorists that dominate this platform. See above.

    • “Conspiracy theorists” = independent thinkers and pattern recognitionists.

      Your use of that CIA-born weasel phrase, designed to instantly shut down discussion and consideration of topics uncomfortable to the powers-that-be, automatically marks you as a quisling, an establishment shill, and a spineless conformist.

      • Of course Jefferson. Only you know the real truth and are here to enlighten all of us “statists”, correct?

        • Cman, Jefferson’s comment above is a reasoned rebuttal to Sebastian since Sebastian employs the tired old Lenin / Bolschivek tactic of slandering those who have a differing opinion, careful of course to not delve into the facts of the case at hand since the logic or truth of the matter isn’t really Sebastian’s strong suit here.

          As for truth, it stands wholly upon it’s own legs. Jefferson often swerves into truth on these columns in my opinion despite his tendency to employ antiquated rhetoric which I also find enjoyable to Read!

          • Oosik, I honestly was not aware that I had a “tendency to employ antiquated rhetoric” in my comments here. But I am nevertheless glad that you enjoy reading it!

    • Sebastian, given the situation with Epstein and the reported sick kinky child sex, along with his list of visitors who were powerful men some leaders within our Government followed by his untimely demise in a jail cell with out supervision… yeah, one would have to be either a Democrat or just plain stupid not wonder if if was murdered.

    • OK let’s pretend this report is actually valid.
      That would mean the Win/Loss ratio for the conspiracy theorists on this board is about 47-1.

  10. It’s believable if you recognize how lazy or inefficient because of lacking developed work skills that the generations are exhibiting during working hours, which includes many supervisors and managers not any better at not stealing hours from the company or state employer. Some people are just lazy they don’t like working and look about milking the time as much as possible and some people want to work but also don’t know how to work well while unintentionally milking their employer’s time. My church’s Sunday sermon was talking about this if one is a believer not to live any longer as the gentiles to put off the old nature stop telling lies and tell our neighbors (or employer) the truth like don’t milk the time and don’t lie saying you completed a job assignment but you didn’t because cause you just didn’t want to or you worked too long another assignment that should been done in less time. (Ref Ephesians 4)

  11. So do you think Epstein is in Hell today or Heaven? It’s challenging for me to really believe in any true believer would commit suicide. But I leave room for one day to find out if believers whom got to heaven too early would be there. I just know knowing Jesus I can’t stay discouraged, hopeless, sad, frustrated, angry for long like a few hours of sadness when I know Jesus as 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 tells “So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.“ comedian mark lowry made funny about believers getting to heaven too early telling his audience don’t do that, you don’t want to get to heaven too early cause your mansion is not complete and you’ll have go live with your in laws Hahahaha. so don’t commit suicide.

  12. That’s it then. The government investigated itself and found itself, ‘not guilty’. Case closed, it’s a wrap.

  13. Do you genuinely believe a corrupt human child-sex-trafficking ZAR like Epstein is going to Heaven?

    Hundreds of human bones and femurs ? off the coast of Epstein Island that is tremendously shark infested for unknown reasons, were found. There was big-players including politicians involved. A individual child raped, mutilated, and then lay waste to the sharks was never going to see the light of day again. When they were done with her she was thrown off a boat from Epstein Island. This is only a smaller piece of the current massive trend.

    This is why the former U.S. President unleashed hundreds of contractors and special forces units across the U.S. bordering towns and major cities. Even under major city dwellings, leading up through sewer systems to many non-profit orphanages. There is quite a large market, and quite a large price to be payed, for an underaged child. And the participants in our country, are assailants to the cause. Even the most powerful, family-members, and current members in leadership positions in our country.

    NOW THE BIG STORY: is why are there thousands of underaged migrant children coming across our U.S. borders daily marked in a unique and similar fashion? They are all being identified by different coloured rubber bracelets marked by zoo animals. Maybe to be guided, and sold to the right child sex-trafficking ring?

    Maybe, just maybe, the rest of the DNC already knows -or- are they a part of this bigger enterprise of the child sex-trafficking ring? Due to our top-tier corrupt justice system along with our distracting mis-guided media-cover-up; the citizens of our great nation do not even fathom the depth of this proliferating and current powerful industry.

    Why is there an infestation of child pornography into our public education system? This is happening now, outside from the human-child-trafficking ring, alongside is currently ongoing across the U.S./Mexico border. Books that are allowed showing different sexual positions and acts of fantasy pictorially, were swept into our public education system, under the guise of the Coronavirus. That’s what’s currently in place, and is the hot-topic now across the country along with male-trans athletes competing in women’s sports in our public education system.

    Now across the globe, from 9/11 when we take over a country like Aphganistan or Iraq; we take over the hearts and minds of the people first, through their media. Like the media here in the United States, this is all brought to light to desensitise us, into believing and accepting all of this towards a new value system and a current standard of living.

    To psychologically or physiologically harm our kids is somehow OK for us and the rest of the American people. And human-child-sex-trafficking ring across the Mexico/U.S. border is the new normal. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Is this OK with you?”

  14. Anyone who believes a single word they hear bloviated by the Federal government these days might want to take a reality check. You can understand history or trust government, but no sane person can do both.

  15. Can you please rename me “THE PURPLE ALASKAN” from this articles reply:

    U.S. Federal Agent
    “Do you genuinely believe a corrupt human child-sex-trafficking ZAR like Epstein is going to Heaven?“

    and the former article of (Hunter Biden is distinguished guest at White House Stat Dinner, along with DOJ Merrick Garland) earlier this week June 23, 2023 pg. 3 from the comment I made?

    U.S. Federal Agent
    “And the truth shall set you free”.

    You guys are doing an amazing job.
    I would greatly appreciate this.

  16. In other news, Alaska is expected to see below zero temperatures for the 23-24 winter season……

  17. The info from The Purple AKer is real as it gets as described below in the article, and it shows from the picture in the type of prison-cell Epstein died in was impossible to kill himself because he DID NOT even have a bed or bed sheets in his cell but instead a concrete slab and mat…
    “paste in a browser below”


    Scary stuff what transpired and how corrupt our elites and high power government officials are. I love the Biden Administration?

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