Nikki Haley picks up a huge endorsement: AFP Action


Americans for Prosperity Action has endorsed Nikki Haley for president, the group announced on Tuesday, a signal that the national group, which has a branch in Alaska, plans to spend millions to bring Republicans together for the former governor of South Carolina, who has won five out of the five political races she has entered in her political career.

It’s a bold move, considering that most polling puts Trump in the lead among Republican likely voters. As of Nov. 29, Trump is polling with nearly 59% of Republican voters, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 13% and Haley at 10%, according to, which compiles polling data.

An NBC poll conducted earlier this month shows that a record high 73% of Americans say the direction of the country is on the wrong track. “We have not seen this level of sustained pessimism in the history of the NBC News Poll going back to 1989,” the poll summary said. Also, a record high 69% of Americans use works like “downhill,” “disaster/hard times” or “wrong track” to describe where America is headed. In addition, majorities of voters from all political walks of life say President Joe Biden (70%) and former President Donald Trump (60%) should not run for president.

AFP says it has analyzed its own data, which shows it’s time to back someone other than Trump. AFP did not endorse in the presidential race in 2020.

“The results are incredibly encouraging: The American people are ready to move on, with nearly 75% of Republican primary voters saying they are open to supporting a candidate other than Donald Trump. In addition, nearly 60% of the Republican voters AFP spoke with who have never voted in a primary or caucus say they are ‘extremely enthusiastic’ to vote for the first time. It’s now time to help rally those voters behind a candidate who can win the primary and win the general election,” said AFP Action President Emily Seidel in a memo.

“At the outset of our strategy, we made clear that we would be business-like in our decision. We would support a candidate capable of turning the page on Washington’s toxic culture – and a candidate who can win. And last night, we concluded that analysis. That candidate is Nikki Haley,” wrote Seidel.

“AFP Action is proud to throw our full support behind Nikki Haley, who offers America the opportunity to turn the page on the current political era, to win the Republican primary and defeat Joe Biden next November. She has what it takes to lead a policy agenda to take on our nation’s biggest challenges and help ensure our country’s best days are ahead. With the grassroots and data capability we bring to bear in this race, no other organization is better equipped to help her do it.”

Haley responded that she is honored to have the support of AFP Action, “including its millions of grassroots members across the country.”

Gov. DeSantis said in a statement that the AFP endorsement of Haley should be considered an in-kind donation to the Trump campaign.

Trump, who is still popular in Alaska, faces headwinds, including the mainstream media, which reports negatively on him at every turn. While he was wildly cheered by a stadium filled with fans at a football game at the University of South Carolina over the weekend, the news media said he was greeted by loud boos.

Trump also has to fight multiple lawsuits, some of which will go to trial in the middle of the election cycle. The first major lawsuit with a court date was brought by the Biden Department of Justice. It’s related to the indictment of Trump on Aug. 1 for what DOJ’s Jack Smith says was an attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election during a rally on Jan. 6, 2021, the day the election was to be certified by the Senate.

Judge Tanya Chutkan, who has made negative statements about Trump on the record, set the trial to start March 4 — one day before Super Tuesday, the biggest day of the presidential election cycle in the spring.

Alaska’s Republican Party holds its Presidential Preference Poll, which is a nominating caucus-by-ballot exercise, March 5, Super Tuesday.


  1. AFP has it right. Charlie and David Koch formed the group to try and gain some fiscal sanity in DC. However they’ve been disappointed by both Democrats and Republicans. Trump grew our debt by about $7 trillion. We now spend over $700 billion per year in interest on the 34 trillion dollar national debt. This massive deficit spending has resulted in significant inflation- that makes every American poorer.

    Haley is the only one who has demonstrated support for fiscal sanity. She beats Biden like a drum in the general election based on the best polling available. Trump- its neck and neck and his support will fall if he’s convicted of the various crimes he’s been charged with. So Democrats want Trump to be the Republican nominee- as this gives the disastrous Biden the best chance.

    • As long as Trumps in the game, Haley’s not winning doodley squat. I voted for a neocon war monger once, I’ll never do that again.

      • Hunter; Then you would not have voted for Washington, McKinley, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Bush 1 & 2, and Great Briton’s Churchill?

      • So did I, it was GW Bush… left the GOP in 2004.

        Haley and Koch ar not about fiscal responsibility, that is laughable on its face.

        Trump 2024

        Like Haley will keep us out if wars and more debt… not sure who Merrick Pierce, but wow, hysterical observation.

  2. I say give this contemptible neocon warmonger a gun, and let her go fight for Ukraine and Israel herself.

    Put up or shut up, Nimrod-a.

    PS: What is wrong with the voters of South Carolina, and their apparent undying love for neocon chickenhawk warmongers?

  3. In other words, the Koch family wants a traditional, reliable, status quo candidate. Someone content to swim in the swamp, not try to drain it.

    I didn’t trust her before. I trust her less now.

    • Masked, I agree. Shes for killing people and supporting the status qoa . Swampy —

      She doesn’t care one iota for Americans . Or people in general. They are just tools for her ends.

      She’s trying to line her pocket book and fill in for dick cheney . Yuck just yuck.

      • American
        You are right on she understands to be rich you need to be a crooked politician.
        She is out for herself and the money only.
        Remember if a politicians mouth is moving then they are lying.

  4. Trump for the 2024 Presidential win. Haley will follow Obama’s take-down plan if she were to win. Everyone is afraid because if President Trump gets back into office, there are going to be a lot of people having to answer questions regarding their political actions and their bank accounts.

  5. Seems the establishment is worried Trump will get the nomination.

    And why shouldn’t he? When he was elected in ‘16, it was with a resounding WTF are you doing, GOP? The vote was far less for Trump than it was a huge middle finger to the establishment GOP. The hope was after 4 years in the hellscape of Biden’s America, the GOP would get a clue.

    Seems the GOP actually getting a clue was about 120 bridges too far for them. So here we go again.

    • People used to talk about whatever party was not currently in power as “the loyal opposition”.

      Well, for years now the GOP has been (with rare exceptions) the disloyal non-opposition.
      McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Graham, Romney, the Cheneys, and Princess Lisa are just a few out of many who exemplify that fact.

  6. Someday someone will do a serious study about what went wrong with the DeSantis campaign.
    He seemed poised to offer Trump a real challenge, then pffft.

    I really wanted to see him press Trump on several issues. Instead he somehow gave us Hailey as door number 2.

    • DeSantis couldn’t be controlled…Haley is more malleable. She’s a globalist and while the “polls” show her beating Biden, they didn’t factor in that Trump supporters will stand down if Trump is not the nominee. I believe DeSantis could have swung that support while Haley can’t.

  7. What else is this but the Koch’s rather desperate attempt to demoralize and discourage the growing number of Trump supporters?
    “Every person on social media should be verified, by their name. That’s, first of all, it’s a national security threat because it can spread misinformation.” ,” Haley on Fox News
    “You see Saudi Arabia making deals with China, that’s not good for us. We need them to be with us, and then we need to align with others, –Russia–, Australia, Japan, Israel,” Haley on WMUR-TV
    “Koch Network Raises Over $70 Million for Push to Sink Trump.” New York Times
    “Bernadette Wilson, lifelong Alaskan and well-known conservative political activist, has been fired by Americans for Prosperity, which hired her in September of 2021 as Alaska’s state director. She said she was not told why she was suddenly let go, and the change came as a surprise.” Must Read Alaska
    These inspire us to vote for Haley, not Trump?
    Who are the Kochs kidding? Are they loving Haley, or are they really all about hating Trump and Haley’s just an attractive prop to keep Trump out of the White House?
    Koch’s got rich buying stuff that made ’em tons of money, good for them.
    Could be problematic for them if they can’t buy Trump and make more tons of money.
    Trump channels his inner trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt, that’s bad news for Swamp and Kochs, no?
    Wait… Americans for “Prosperity” spend $70 million to buy votes for Haley? Works out to what, about $1 or less for every Trump voter?
    Cheap bast…(oops!), these Kochs, but we get a pretty good idea of the contempt they have for us and, sadly, for Nikki Haley.
    However, we are grateful to the Koch-AFP subdivision of the Swamp for reminding even more Americans why Mr. Trump is their best choice for President.

  8. Babylon Bee had a piece of her not too long ago asking her what wars she doesn’t want to get involved in.

  9. I’m not a fan of Trump. I really hoped DeSantis or Tim Scott might catch fire.

    But I’ll skip into the ballot box to vote Trump over Hailey.

    • I believe that most of the donors pushing DeSantis to run didn’t ‘really’ want him either. And I’d happily vote for him 2nd or 3rd. These ‘advisers’ were just on the bandwagon of anyone that might derail the ‘Hero’s Journey’ of the frontrunner. Sort of like watching the hilarious spectacle of the 2016 RINO squad being forced to jump on Team Cruz – or forever burn their bridges and vote Hillary.

      Now they’ve found a new vessel to inhabit, and she’s getting the royal treatment from Democrat/Bush aligned media. Not because they actually want her – she’d get the McCain ‘bloody shark mouth treatment’, the second she became the R nominee. All they want is “Lets you and him fight!” so they can clear a path for Biden’s replacement.

  10. All you need to know about Hailey is easily summed up.

    -she left the UN in good standing with Trump.
    -once Trump started getting into legal difficulty she tried to toss him under the bus.
    -when that blew up in her face, she tried to make nice with Trump and he told her to pound sand.

    Meaning: she has no core principles to count on. Her running mate should be a weathervane.

    • There is an oceanic floating cnidarian (fittingly, without a backbone) called the ‘By-the-wind-sailor’. It has no independent means of propulsion, but simply goes wherever the prevailing winds blow it.
      It reminds me very much of most of our politicians.

  11. Hahaha…after the corrupted GOP tried propping up DeSsntis and it failed, now they are trying to prop up this swamprat schill for the uniparty in a dress.

    Trump 2024.

  12. Need I say more!

    Emily Seidel
    Americans for Prosperity
    1310 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 700
    Arlington, VA2220l
    AUG 2 2 2018
    RE: MUR 7482
    Dear Ms. Seidel:
    The Federal Election Commission received a complaint that indicates Americans for
    Prosperity may have violated the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (the “Act”)
    A copy of the complaint is enclosed. ‘We have numbered this matter MUR 7482. Please refer to
    this number in all future correspondence.
    The Act affords you the opportunity to demonstrate in writing that no action should be taken
    against Americans for Prosperity in this matter. If you wish to file a response, you may submit any
    factual or legal materials that you believe are relevant to the Commission’s consideration of this
    matter. Where appropriate, statements should be submitted under oath by persons with relevant
    knowledge. Your response, which should be addressed to the General Counsel’s Office, must be
    submitted within 15 days of receipt of this letter. If no response is received within 15 days, the
    Commission may take further action based on the available information.
    This matter will remain confidential in accordance with 52 U.S.C. $ 30109(a)(a)(B) and
    $ 30109(a)(12X4) unless you notify the Commission in writing that you wish the matter to be made
    public. Please be advised that, although the Commission cannot disclose information regarding an
    investigation to the public, it may share information on a confidential basis with other law
    enforcement agencies. I
    If you intend to be represented by counsel in this matter, please advise the Commission by
    completing the enclosed form stating the name, address and telephone number of such counsel, and
    authorizing such counsel to receive any notifications and other communications from the
    Commission. Please note that you have a legal obligation to preserve all documents, records, and
    materials relating to the subject matter of the complaint until such time as you are notified that the
    Commission has closed its file in this matter. See I8 U.S.C. $ 1519.
    I The Commission has the statutory authority to refer knowing and willful violations of the Act to the
    Department of Justice for potential criminal prosecution, 52 U.S.C. $ 30109(aX5)(C), and to report information
    regarding violations of law not within its jurisdiction to appropriate law enforcement authorities. Id. $ 30107(aX9).
    Any correspondence sent to the Commission, such as a response, must be addressed to one
    of the following (note, if submitting via email this Office will provide an electronic receipt by
    Mail Email
    Federal Election Commission
    Offrce of Complaints Examination
    &. Le gal Admini stration
    Attn: Kathryn Ross, Paralegal
    1050 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20463

    • Write Trump in or you are just voting for your own demise. Haley = Obama….they are all on the same side.

  13. Nikki Haley to me is Mitt Romney in a dress.

    Also: Does not appear consistent. Didn’t agree with all of her decisions as governor. Didn’t think she did that great as U.N. ambassador, seemed to try to represent her own opinions. Flip flop on Trump. Despite public reports, still not convinced she wasn’t a part of the 25th amendment attempt and trying to sandbag Pres. Trump.

  14. I won’t vote for her in the primary, but I will in the general if she’s still standing. Trump has a long list of wins as does DeSantis on a smaller scale.

  15. Paul Ryan Caught Trying to Steer Endorsements to Nikki Haley


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