Search suspended; Guardian Flight says debris ‘likely’ from missing plane



Updated: The Coast Guard suspended the search for a missing Guardian Flight plane at 5:30 pm on Thursday, after conducting marine and aerial searches for more than 63 hours in an area encompassing 240 square miles near Kake. Numerous other searched were conducted by partner agencies and volunteers.

The plane was enroute from Anchorage to Kake to pick up a patient on Tuesday when it never arrived. Must Read Alaska has learned that no Mayday call was made. The locator beacon also never went off.

Despite search efforts, no other debris was located Wednesday night or Thursday, after an initial find of part of a wing, which is believed to belong to the missing plane.

Earlier on Thursday, the Guardian Flight spokesman said the company believes the wing is from their plane.

“…the debris found by searchers unfortunately gives us a very strong indication that it was our airplane. While search and rescue efforts are continuing in an attempt to find survivors, we are resigned to accept that the aircraft was ours,” said Randy Lyman, vice president of base operations of Guardian Flight.

On board the flight were Pilot Patrick Coyle, 63, Flight Nurse Stacie Rae Morse, 30, and Flight Paramedic Margaret Langston, 43, all based in Juneau.

Another life was on board: an unborn child of Morse, expected in April.

Also, Margaret had been earlier identified as Margaret Langston Allen, but the company said her married name is Langston.

The weather forecast in the search area tonight calls for clear skies, with a low around 23. North wind 15 to 20 mph.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work and really appreciate you saying another life was lost…the unborn child of the nurse…God bless all aboard the plane and their families.

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