School board won’t consider motion to let parents know about their own children’s gender pronoun preference, or alternate names


Should teachers and administrators of Anchorage Public Schools let parents know if their children are using alternative names or alternative pronouns for themselves at school?

Anchorage School Board member Dave Donley thinks parents have a right to know, and that there should be a rule to prevent schools from grooming children without their parents’ knowledge. Other school board members, however, believe some secrets should be kept from parents.

Member Andy Holleman, speaking during a committee meeting on Thursday, said teachers need latitude and should not be required to notify parents. If parents want to know, they can simply ask, he said.

But even then, the school district’s administrative guidelines currently advise teachers and staff that notifying parents of secondary students is not required. School employees have latitude to decide if sharing such information would put the child in danger, and if they decide there is a risk, they can keep it between themselves and the student.

Donley could get no board second for his motion to protect parents and children, and keep guardians from being cut out of gender discussions taking place in the schoolhouse; without a second, the proposal is essentially dead on arrival.

The Anchorage School District’s transgender policy is at this link.


    • Ever since the Dementia ridden hair sniffer gave a speech in front of the entire nation claiming ALL children were THEIR children

    • For the last 30 or so years since so many people decided to let public education raise their kids.

  1. It’s time parents admit something. That they are OK with this.
    They are OK with state funded child abuse.

  2. Apparently, the ASD school board thinks parental rights in Alaska is weak. One would think they’d learn from watching what’s happening in the Lower 48. But no, like so many who don’t use history to learn lessons, they’ll be sure people will have to suffer this.

  3. After 20 plus years working with the school district, I NEVER EVER imagined that I would see this creepy stuff being accepted in our schools. We are doomed and much worse our children will continue to be brainwashed! They will be perfect candidates for Epstein Island. You’ve been warned.

  4. If the child has a preferred name and such wouldn’t the parents be first to know? Unless the kids are fearing they’ll be abused by Mom and Dad.

  5. Even school boards we can’t turn from this insanity (by voting them out or having them come to their senses) can be reigned in legally. It’s being done all over the country. If you are or know of a courageous, current ASD school teacher willing to stand…we can initiate the steps. There’s got to be one out there. Send an email to [email protected] and let’s roll.

  6. Your kids are more important than anything else.
    Home school or have neighborhood home schooling but for your and your kids get out of ASD as them are not learning anything there except hate and lying.

  7. Wow. It sure seems the election process hasn’t worked in Anchorage for whatever reason. Perhaps it is time for a mass boycott. Get your kids out. If you cannot afford one of the good private schools, then home educate, even join together and share homeschooling duties. You can do this privately or within a district home education program. Albeit if you do the PS homeschooling the district is still receiving funding for your child. Still, it will disrupt brick and mortar school numbers. In the meantime, random impromptu school visits will throw the system off kilter a bit if you suspect your child is indeed one of their ‘victims’. Really mind boggling when even 25 years ago our schools were still a safe place for our kids.

    • EH, the teachers unions have structured the election of school board members such that they cannot lose. In Anchorage we vote board members at-large vs by districts. We need to elect board members by districts just like we do for Assembly members. It would seem as if the current at-large system may violate the federal Voting Rights Act by diluting the voting power of minority groups. BTW, the board mostly represents the teachers union because there are more than 3,000 NEA members who also have spouses, neighbors, friends and relatives who do vote. It is very difficult to counter that voting bloc when Anchorage citizens seem to consider potholes (road infrastructure ballot issues) more important than our education system.

      I venture to say that the teachers unions across America are destroying the K12 public school system. And that is very unfortunate. Those that can, will remove their kids. Those that cannot, will have their kids indoctrinated in the liberal values that dominate our system. Alaska’s K12 system is truly broken and most in that industry do not care.

  8. Send the “jerk” from Texas back to Texas. Time for a big lawsuit against the State for lawlessness and those who think they can commit crimes against families and persons.

    • Knowing Texans, they’ve probably kicked him out or he was on the way out.. and they knew it without sharing that information with us, but of course “our” school would have voted for him to save his *#ss for him, knowing he didn’t have a job anymore in TX.

  9. This is out of control. I went to an appt today and was asked if I identify as male or female. I replied, I was born female,,,,,,,I’m female! Then I was asked what race I identify with??? I said I was born white. I’m white! What the hell??? Next time an adult asks me if I identify as male or female I’m going to say male. And when they ask what race I most identify with I’m going to say black! This experience was not only disturbing since I’m obviously a white woman it was also very confusing! Are they asking theese same ridiculous questions of our children? What’s next? Are we going to be asking our dogs if they identify as cats? If you are born a white female you are a white female. It’s not about what you identify as. It’s about what you are and are not!

    • There’s a video on FB, about someone telling a person” about.. There are only 2 genders. and they asks
      “Have you every tried to milk a bull(cow).. Ever try to milk a bull?

  10. Self inflicted wound. This group has been in place for years. You’ve had ample chances to vote them out and haven’t.

    • Oddly enough, haven’t seen you doing anything about it except blaming the victim. Maybe get out of your basement once in a while?

      • Because I do what I do without fanfare. For all you know I was beside you in traffic today.

        The voters of Anchorage aren’t the victims here, they’re the perpetrators. Whine all you want, you voted them in.

    • Unlike the Assembly, all members of the school board are elected at-large. This means if Anchorage is 49% conservative and 51% leftist (the modern Left has nothing to do with classical liberalism) the leftist candidates will win every seat. The only reason Dave Donley holds on is that he has the advantage of incumbency. The system must be changed to better represent the views of ALL Anchorage voters.

  11. Obviously, modern day Parents with kids attending local Public Schools continue to loose control, for a wide variety of reasons. If you’re constantly on the loosing side of the battle, why not just pull your kid(s) out of the school system and find an alternate solution … Home School, Military Academy, Charter School, Christian School, etc?
    Or, maybe parents and political leaders really just don’t care?

  12. SD–could you clarify at which meeting this discussion took place? According to the ASD website, the school board did not meet on Thursday. But the Governance Committee did meet, and I see that Donley is a member. If that was the meeting you are referring to, then your claim that “Donley could get no board second for his motion” doesn’t make sense since the school board was not meeting last night.

    • SA, here is a link to the Governance Committee meeting that the “pronoun, etc” issue was discussed: ‘ Member Donley speaks to the issue at the 1:06 time hack. It was a committee meeting as noted in Suzanne’s article and not a regular board meeting.

      • David–thanks for the link to the committee meeting. My question to SD concerned her statement that “Donley could get no board second for his motion.” But the board did not meet on Thursday, and Donley’s motion was at a committee meeting, not a board meeting. That statement, and the article’s headline give the wrong impression that the school board made the decision, while it was only a four-member committee that made the decision not to consider Donley’s motion.

  13. Farm your infants out to daycare until they’re old enough for kindergarten and then surrender control to a local school district populated with woke administrators and equally woke, unionized teachers whose primary focus is on increasing their wages and benefits to maximize their immediate lifestyle with a secondary focus on achieving the best retirement package as they let their PR efforts gaslight us about how the kids come first and how continually increasing wages for teachers actually translates into better education for the kids. Then, when Billy comes home one day in a dress and makeup but can’t add 1 and 1 or write a coherent sentence to describe how white people are ruining the planet ask yourself how this happened and point fingers at everyone but yourself. The failure of public education is a failure of the entire public education system but parents allowed that to happen because they threw their kids into the system for the day, every week day and went about their business…too self-absorbed to pay attention until it was too late.

  14. Thank you, Dave Donley, for standing for what is right and true despite the opposition. We joke in Mat-Su that every time the Anchorage Assembly holds a meeting, another business moves to Mat-Su, and every time the Anchorage School Board meets, another family moves out our way! I always wonder what position the unengaged residents of Anchorage would take if they’d wake up and whether they could tip the pendulum.

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