No National Anthem: Anchorage school board tables motion to play Star Spangled Banner


During a committee meeting held on Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7), Anchorage School Board member Dave Donley moved to have the public schools play the National Anthem over the intercom on Pearl Harbor Day, Veterans Day, and on Sept. 11, if schools are in regular session on those dates.

Donley could not get any support for the motion from his fellow board members, however. The motion was tabled and referred to the school superintendent’s office to study until March.


  1. Donley should put a motion to play the Soviet National Anthem instead. Just to see how that vote goes.

  2. Wake up Donley.
    If you want the woke crowd to approve of anything try a reading from a Hamas handbook on how to treat women or a Palestinian belief of some sort.
    That seems wildly popular amongst the nations top woke prestigious universities in America.
    There’s no better way to prep our students for their future indoctrination when they reach their final stages of how to hate America and start supporting terrorist regimes.

  3. Yet again, the Anchorage public school system is failing our children! Parents, would be parents, retired teachers, grandparents, please lobby for state and federal funds to follow the student to alternative education. It’s way past time!

  4. When my kids went to West, they recited the Pledge of Allegiance each morning over the intercom.
    Wonder if all the high schools did that? Or if it is policy throughout the district?

  5. At some point Donley needs to realize he is participating in this mess as the “token” conservative.

  6. What is the problem, are the elected officials embarrassed to play our National Anthem? If so why? There needs to be an answer. This is America, our National Anthem should be able to be played at anytime, special days or not. Our tax monies pay for these individuals to support America and our public schools. How dare they table such an easy answer, play our National Anthem.

  7. Idiotic, divisive, unpatriotic nonsense like that is why we took our kids out of the Anchorage/public school system and went Outside. We alternated between homeschooling and sending them to private school. Wasn’t perfect. Was very expensive. But it was worth it.

    A reminder – focus your attention on K through 9th grades. That’s when teachers have the most impact on impressionable young minds.

  8. The land acknowledgment should go to the original inhabitants of Anchorage, who were driven out by the Indians long before the railroad claimed that swamp. But I have served with many Indian and Eskimo people who were far from offended by our national anthem.

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