Peltola votes to transfer billions of dollars of student debt to taxpayers

Rep. Mary Peltola with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries at the White House holiday party.

Rep. Mary Peltola voted against House Joint Resolution 88, which passed 210 to 189, disallowing the Biden Administration to once again, through a regulatory loophole, force taxpayers to pay back the loans of college tuition borrowers.

A regulation by the Department of Education was the latest student debt transfer to working class Americans. It would not actually forgive or cancel a penny of student debt, but instead transfer it to people who did not take out the loan. The wealth transfer amounts to $4.8 billion in loans taken out by college students.

“President Biden is once again asking hard-working taxpayers to foot the bill for the loans of well-off graduates. This is not only unfair, it is wrong. Borrowers should be responsible for paying off their debts,” said Speaker Mike Johnson.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that the Biden Administration’s $400 billion college student loan forgiveness program was unconstitutional, Biden went about it another way, and canceled debt for some college graduates, particularly those in government jobs.

Student loans that were borrowed from the taxpayers had been put on “pause” for three years, starting during the Covid pandemic, when college and the job market was disrupted by regulatory shutdowns.


  1. Gen Z and millennials have to learn when one takes out a loan he himself must pay it back whether it was a college loan, car loan, home loan he himself must pay it back.
    Parents who have teens approach 18 they shouldn’t send their kids to college. Be more wise sending them into a studying a trade that guarantee they a job and career like police academy for APD, the Fire/EMT academy got Anchorage muni, heavy equipment operator, military recruitment, correctional officer, electrician and plumbing training for electrician plumbing and maintenance employment, and working for a small business with a help wanted sign for hotel, restaurant, and store staff to one day work their way up into its management. Besides Majority of young Americans today aren’t equipped mentally -academically- for college reading and its expected work. Kids who were read to by their parents and families and they turned into sharp little thinkers grow up into the better college graduates. Majority of Americans weren’t read to by their parents growing up so they should just pick a simple trade learn its duties and go to work.

  2. I urge all Alaskans to vote based on more than just ethnicity. I knew she was a fraud from the word, “GO”.

    • Not only fraud, she wasn’t legitimately ‘elected’. Albeit the word ‘elected’ does not fit well with the system foisted upon us. In a normal one vote for one candidate election, she would have lost. Technically she did lose but by RCV, ‘rigged’ choice voting, she was placed into the position she now sits in.

  3. Very nice looking couple with a LOT in common.
    Could it be husband number 5-6-7 ???
    We can only hope someone sweeps her off her feet and take her and her broomstick far far away.

  4. The theft of my income, which is essentially the taking of part of my life, goads me to no end. It is long past time for working people to stand up to the bureaucratic morrass that is marginalizing us. WE are the ones that make the world go round, not these idiots in suits.

  5. That’s BS I didn’t borrow the money and I am responsible for my expenses not someone who can’t pass first grade math.
    I want to see her bank account drained to help pay for her wants.
    Just think this is our future and they can’t add or subtract but they sure know how to whine and cry about borrowing to much money.
    The lenders need to collect the collateral for the loans or go to court to get their money. It’s not the taxpayers problem.

  6. Mary Peltola does exactly as she’s told. The Democrats are very desperate right now and will do anything to buy votes with our tax dollars. Mary will follow along, she won an award for being perfect and not opening her mouth. She even disappeared for a while which the Dems really liked.

    • How is she supposed to mourn? Throw herself into his grave? Shave her head and flog herself?
      You really know her that well as to judge how she mourns?

      Pull your head out of your butt.

  7. This ‘elected official representing the voters who voted her in is A product of rank choice voting in our state. Did you sign?

  8. It’s nice that Mary has donated the voice supposedly for Alaska to NYC and Biden. I’m sure they love it and mock Alaska. What idiots Alaska has within its voters. It’s not economically safe to live where one can NEVER be represented.

  9. Like any good leftist, she is more than happy to spend your money, or expend your time, to make herself look good.

  10. I will bet she votes to “affirm” transgender children and force sports organizations to allow boys to compete against girls.
    Because, the very same people that believe an 18 year old is not mature enough, and does not have enough life experience to know the consequences of taking on a student loan, are also the same people who think a five year old is mature enough to understand the consequences of changing their gender.

    • They need to make education free. Then you just pay for the books and board. There are sponsors for that too. Don’t be kicking the Newbees in the gut now. Educate them instead. Then we will have a workforce that has a degree and logic between their ears, instead of what we have now.

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