Read in full: Latest indictment of Hunter Biden


The tax evasion indictment issued for Hunter Biden on Thursday, accusing the president’s son of failing to file or pay taxes, and filing false or fraudulent tax returns, are as follows:


  1. If anyone else was his father, Hunter would be in serious trouble.

    But the Party protects its own, so nothing will happen. Unless the Party decides to purge Grandpa Bloodstains.

    • “If anyone else was his father, Hunter would be in serious trouble………”
      Nah. We currently have the federal government ignoring immigration law so completely that they’re letting thousands of single, military age men into the country fully unvetted in any way. They really don’t give a rat’s tail.

  2. This is another reason the right must, for a change, get off their backsides and actually vote.

    If Grandpa Bloodstains is re elected, all this goes away. If the GOP loses the House, all this goes away.

  3. You’ll hear very few words about this on the main stream media. It’s all accusations and as of now, we can all assume they are lies. Because Biden said so. Lies!! They’re all lies!!!

  4. As Steve Bannon pointed out, the indictment comes right before the House was to subpoena Hunter, thus giving Hunter a shield from giving testimony to Congress. I think the deep state plan is to have Joe resign and let Kamala (Obama) finish out his term. Then run Michelle as the next deep state puppet.

    • Yup. Daddy is going to pardon him on his way out the door, and all the media and deep state operators will cover each other for the remainder of their lives. This is what classic corruption looks and feels like.

  5. My bet is he does no jail time and the IRS bill gets lowered down to penny’s.

    Nothing to see here move along

  6. So I’m confused. If the DOJ indicts Trump, it is weaponization of the government to persecute an innocent man. If the DOJ indicts Hunter Biden, it’s finally justice being served because Hunter is obviously guilty.

    So is the DOJ doing their job, or not?

      • Nothing to defend. It is all a set up to prevent Hunter from having to tell all under oath. He’ll be involved in “on-going” investigations now, so no testimony behind closed doors will be allowed. It was all a set-up to protect crooked Joe and horny Hunter.

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