Save the date: AFP-Alaska is rolling back price of gas to $2.38 — what it was when Biden took office


When Joe Biden was sworn into office in 2021 the average price of gas in America was $2.38. On Aug. 9, Americans for Prosperity-Alaska is going to give Anchorage drivers some financial help by rolling back the price of gas to that amount during a one-day event at a locally owned gas station. The gas station at which the event will take place has not yet been disclosed.

AFP has done these price rollbacks in other parts of the country, with great success. Usually, there are long lines of drivers who wait to fill up their tanks, with AFP paying the difference between what is posted at the pump and the $2.38 that gas used to be — before Biden took office.

“Washington’s reckless spending and crushing regulations have caused inflation to skyrocket, leaving Alaskans paying more at the grocery store and gas pump. This event comes as Washington considers billions in new spending,” AFP-Alaska State Director Bernadette Wilson said in a news release. “Thanks to skyrocketing inflation, Americans across the country can expect to spend an extra $5,200 to maintain the same standard of living as last year, and an extra $1,433 for gasoline.”

poll recently conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for AFP found that 75% of Americans reported that the increase in costs has impacted their consumer behavior over the past year. Most people who were surveyed agreed with the statement that government policies and regulations have caused price increases. 61% of those surveyed blamed President Biden for this increase.

The event will take place between 3-5 pm on Aug. 9, with the location to be disclosed on Aug. 8.


  1. Suzanne, all the news people refer to the automobile fuel as gas, which can cause confusion between the automobile fuel (a liquid) and the stuff that comes out of your kitchen range (gas).

    • Tom, the only place I have heard gas referred to as ‘fuel’ is here in Alaska-most redblooded Americans call it gas. We were born ‘knowing’ the difference in where it goes.

  2. Thank you for the chuckles and fun Suzanne, must read Alaska is a must. FILL IT UP ALL. I sure miss president trump and his accomplishments of for an by the people.

  3. If Biden is responsible for high gas prices in America. Then who is responsible for high gas prices on the rest of the planet? I’m not sure you did your homework on this one I don’t think the United States government controls world fuel prices.. that article makes no sense.

    • Oil production trended upward in the US during the first 6 years of Obama.

      Oil production trended downward significantly in the US during the final 2 years of Obama.

      There was a dramatic upward trend under Trump until covid at which point production slowed considerably.

      Under Biden production has been largely flat and has never come back to Trump era volume; he’s clearly anti-fossil fuels and short sightedly so. An example is his mandate for electric vehicles which will benefit only the most densely populated urban centers and will do so by moving the power plant and pollution outside the city limits. Inside city limits it will seem cleaner. Outside city limits there will be yet more power plants running full tilt boogie and belching out the same things they always do… just not in population dense areas.

      On the subject of cost control there are localized differences as well. Think for a moment about what you paid at the pump earlier in the week. Now consider…

      …that in Oklahoma this week regular ‘gas’ was $3.27/g

      • so Biden being pro electric is making gas prices surge in Britain? Explain please..I think Biden is a moron but blaming world gas prices on him is absolutely absurd.

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