Saturday fundraiser for Kathy Henslee for Anchorage Assembly brings out dozens


Over 60 people came out to the Carousel Lounge in Spenard on Saturday afternoon to support Kathy Henslee, who is running against incumbent Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel for a seat to represent Assembly District 4.

Spotted at the fundraiser was Carousel Lounge owner Paul Berger, Mayor Dave Bronson, Rep. Laddie Shaw, Louis Imbriani, Jerrod Dunbar, Judy Eledge, Gretchen Stoddard, and a host of Anchorage residents who are not regulars at political fundraisers.

Most of Henslee’s fundraisers have attracted crowds of between 60-100 people. The municipal election, a mail-in-only process, ends April 5. Ballot packages will be mailed to qualified Anchorage voters no later than 21 days before Election Day. 

Henslee is running because, “As I have watched the public servants in my beloved city ignore the citizen’s needs and make everyday life more and more difficult with restrictive regulations, out of control spending, and harmful social ideas, I felt the need to act,” she said.

The next event for Henslee is Feb 16, with hosts Dawn and Kris Warren at St. Coyote, 135 West Dimond, 5:30-7 pm.


  1. did not know about the gathering but certainly would have dropped by so will mark down the 16th and try to make that gathering….if there is signage available I will pick it up and get it displayed …

  2. God, let’s hope that Kathy runs a strong campaign! That petty tyrant and outright sociopath NutMeg Zaletel cannot be given the boot quickly enough.
    And barring that, Eaglexit is the last hope for those of us in Eagle River and Chugiak.

    • We have no choice, We must get her out..She’s been a trainwreck along with the other nine for Anchorage. (which excludes Jamie and Crystal.)

  3. Sending support to Henslee. As I am with anyone running against the leftists nine on the Assembly. Do not care if they are in my district or not, they get my assistance.

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