Saturday campaign trail: Peltola passes up Bethel to party in Juneau, Begich at car show in North Pole and air show in Fairbanks, Dahlstrom at Texas border wall

From left, Nancy Dahlstrom at border wall, Nick Begich with DJ Xavier Jordan at North Pole car show, Rep. Mary Peltola campaigning at Democratic Convention in Juneau on Saturday, May 18, 2024

Rep. Mary Peltola was scheduled to speak at the Bethel Regional High School graduation, appearing in a pre-recorded message on Friday.

But the audiovisual feed was glitchy and kept switching to random internet content, such as a promotion for the comedy film “Argylle,” all making her message unintelligible to the Class of 2024, but providing lots of hoots and laughs.

Peltola was on her way to Juneau, where she partied with Democrats on Friday night, including National Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison, who had flown in for the state convention. Peltola was the keynote speaker on Saturday at the gathering of top Democrats from around the state, with several Democrat legislators in attendance.

Meanwhile, Republican congressional candidate Nick Begich was at the Cruisin’ With Santa Car Show in North Pole, sponsored by the Lions Club, where a couple of thousand people came through on Saturday to look at classic cars and savor the goodies from food truck vendors in the Hotel North Pole parking lot.

Begich also attended Fairbanks Aviation Day at the Fairbanks International Airport and appeared on five radio shows in Alaska between Friday and Saturday. In Salcha, he had a fundraising event at Arctic Harvest Farm Distillery took a tour of the facility, which is the farthest-north farm-to-bottle distillery in North America, growing the grain used in the production of its spirits.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich tours the Arctic Harvest Farm Distillery in Salcha, Alaska.

Congressional candidate Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom was at the southern border in Texas, where, as seen in the photo below, she viewed part of the unfinished border wall and appeared at a private campaign fundraiser.


  1. I’ve received letters from National Republican Leaders who extolled the virtues of Nancy D as a candidate and the dire need to insure that she be elected, ( along with a request for a donation).

    Letters like these give me zero confidence in the Republican National Party and its ability to pick winners and or lead this Nation.

    I’m voting Nick Begich, it’s time for young inspired leaders who have been successful in their previous endeavors in life to take the reigns.

    Go Nick!

    • Mr. Schenker, vote several times over if it pleases you, but the jig is up: regardless of who wins, we’ll all be played for fools. In a few years we will be bustin’ into our kids’s piggy banks just to put a can of beans on the table. There isn’t a politician here who hasn’t already hocked his soul for a pittance. What makes you think that any of them give a damn about you? Rank the red or rank blue–it’s all a joke.

      Regarding Trump or Biden, surely you’re going for “Sleazy Don” instead of “Dozin’ Joe.” Fair enough, besides it’s not as if either of them will make a positive difference in our lives: it’s all over except the final lootin’!

      • Yep…
        An old fart who showered with a 13yo or an old fart who would have sex with his daughter.

        Thanks media….. hard at work ensuring the lesser of two evils.
        Meanwhile countless future generations will have to clean up for the dempublicans and the repubocrats.

      • Edit:

        “[T]he jig is up: regardless of who wins, we’ll all have been played for fools.”

        “Rank the red or rank the blue–it’s all a joke.”

  2. Begich shows up, works, listens to people.. the right values, work ethic, has a sharp mind. I don’t think Nancy ever came to our town, guess we don’t have enough big donors?

  3. Lt. Governor is an 4 year job. Are we paying Nancy to be Lt. Governor or travel to Texas to campaign? Why did she run to be Lt. Governor in the first place?

  4. Nick Begich was campaigning around in solid form and well received at the Fairbanks airshow.
    And a lot of people talking smack about Nancy Dahlstrom as the Spoiler in the race.
    Nancy is not well liked up here.

    • They should build a wall around Dahlstrom’s house so she can’t get out until after November. Nancy’s a fraud!

      • Sadly, even the kids and adults in Bethel have no clue they were snubbed. They just get another bumper sticker saying, “Go, Mary!” It’s kind of like the wife who regularly gets beaten by her husband. As a rule, she remains faithful, never leaves, says she’s fine, he will change, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of us cannot fathom how it continues. It is Mary Peltola that is beating the wife with impunity.

  5. At the car show in North Pole. Nick Begich came up and just talked with me. I never had a politician do that only time I ever saw them they were on the news. Has my vote.

  6. Mary Peltola avoiding the firestorm that awaits her arrival in Bethel. Mary trying to campaign by her Rural Broadband that cost the Lower Kuskokwmin District $40 million a Village for this service that is in the video from GCI… well almost a service….

    Mary is afraid of the very people that supported her the first time around. Mary promised she would not support Donlin Gold Mine, but recently broke that promise and currently has some of the most influential Democrats in Western Alaska calling for her to be held to account over social media and talk radio shows.

    Well, karma has caught up to Mary in a big way in Western Alaska….. And this is also a wake up to the idiots in the legislature that voted to give $40 more Million of our PFDs to GCI through a monopoly corporate bailout.

    Where’s the FBI and the State Attorney General????

  7. Mary either flat doesn’t care or knows she’s got this in the bag courtesy of RCV.

    Either way, the grift goes on.

  8. I want to know when and where NB3 will be appearing in the Matsu, so that I can meet and visit with him again, as I did two years ago, and hand him a little campaign cash.

    Every single person in the state needs to be made aware of that $40million internet pork deal, when Elon’s Starlink was available to those people at 10% of the cost. TEN PERCENT!
    In other words, we tax payers are paying 10 times the needed cost to bring internet service to those people.

    Nancy appears to be trying to pull a Palin.
    Splitting the vote in order to hand the election to Mary. Again…..

  9. Conservatives are their own worst enemies….. here we are once more beginning the infighting like last time, where Peltola slithered her way in via RCV. Even Alaska’s Beeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrr Doctor bowed out last time to pave it for her. History repeats itself. With Dahlstrom having jumped in knowing Nick already running again, ensures no clear winner in the first round…. Stop it! Just stop it, and check egos. You’re giving the vote back to Peltola again……🫤🤨😟

  10. Certainly(!!!), the AK907-GOP can clearly see the disadvantage of allowing Dahlstrom to continue to run, correct? Given the dynamics of RCV, splitting the GOP ticket is a major advantage for the Democracts. Is that what AK907-GOP want? I think not!


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