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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Sarah Palin urges people to mask up

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Sarah Palin

In People magazine this week, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she contracted Covid-19, along with other members of her family, and she urges people to continue wearing masks and take other precautions against the virus.

She said she had “bizarre” symptoms, such as loss of taste and smell, which led her to conclude it was “unmistakable COVID caught me,” she told the magazine. “That day I finally tested positive — like millions of other Americans.”

“I strongly encourage everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this and every other virus out there,” she said in her statement to the magazine. “There are more viruses than there are stars in the sky, meaning we’ll never avoid every source of illness or danger … But please be vigilant, don’t be frightened, and I advise reprioritizing some personal time and resources to ensure as healthy a lifestyle as you can create so when viruses do hit, you have at least some armor to fight it.”

The People story is at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Ok Sarah ok thank you for????

  • Welcome to the herd immunity!!!!!

  • China-compromised RINO says what?

  • I got herd immunity without going through any bizarre symptoms or illness… it’s called a vaccine and its a great modern invention.

  • Does she have a new book coming out and a fresh round of laps on the interview circuit pending to pimp it?

  • Go away.

  • Oh God, Sarah, just stop. You’re so obvious.

  • She’s getting ready to launch her campaign for US Senate against Lisa.

  • Thank you, Sarah, for even more preaching about the stupid masks, washing up, etc. Like we need to be nagged even more. And I think we should all be frightened of where this is all headed.

  • I just hope she’s not putting feelers out in order to challenge Tshibaka.

  • Masks don’t stop aerosols and covid passes right thru. Compare New York State and Michigan which mandated masks while Florida and Texas did not.
    Now if you really believe this is a life or death pandemic, get the southern boarder closed. They are estimating 2 million will cross in the next 12 months. Pictures I’ve seen, show very crowded traveling and living conditions. At least 10% are covid positive and it has to be spreading to those that have yet to contract C19. Could be other contagious diseases coming in as well.

  • You go, Max Factor. Any other words of wisdom to impart? Maybe tell us a little sumthin sumthin about the next bbq your hillbilly spawn will be disrupting?

  • Truer words were never spoken!

  • Sarah stay in Arizona we don’t need you here in Alaska.
    No mask wearing here In Alaska. Wait, except in the blue city of anchorage.

  • You don’t have to use your public personality as your platform telling/influencing other people how they should live. That’s just as bad as a pastor using the pulpit like they are an anchor on nightly news report, even worse uses the pulpit as a gossip center to talk about other people.

    While the sheep are listening susceptible to someone else influencing/ruling over their life: what to think, what to say, how to act because of their leaders.

    Alaskan adults can be the judge taking care of themselves and be adult enough facing the consequences from our own mistakes.
    Remember Masks don’t work! Acting mayor was religious wearing her mask and social distancing and she still got the covid.

  • Not unkindly do we “urge” our Sarah to mind her own bloody business.
    There’s herd immunity and there’s herd instinct.
    Our Sarah would do well to learn the difference.

  • Getting ready to run against Lisa as the same RINO I’m guessing.

  • Who would listen to a care about any word that came out of the Quitters mouth.The same person that said Alaska was building the gas line that cost the state of Alaska millions and millions of dollars on her stupid AGIA / TRANSCANADA deal. My dog has a higher IQ than see does.

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