Sarah Palin getting married? It’s being ‘negotiated,’ according to boyfriend Ron Duguay


In an interview on NewsNation with Ashleigh Banfield, congressional candidate Sarah Palin said that there’s lots of work that needs to be done in America and so she’s ready to “take one for the team, heck yeah, I’ll run again.”

Sarah Palin’s boyfriend, former-NHL star Ron Duguay, joined into “Banfield” toward the end of her interview. When asked if Sarah would soon become a Duguay, he said a marriage proposal was being “negotiated.”  When pressed on the question, he said, “If you get us back on the show, I’ll give you an answer.” Palin, who became flustered, joked that it sounded like he was negotiating a hockey contract.

Much of the interview, however, focused on Palin and the impact that criticism had on her children as they grew up. She said that coverage of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s adult son is “apples and oranges,” because Hunter is an adult. Hunter Biden is under investigation over his business activities that involved international schemes and deals.

Palin also said of the Jan. 6 hearings on the mob at the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, “What the heck was anybody thinking to go vandalize our Capitol? Nobody can think that is right. It was atrocious what these protesters did, and anybody that encouraged it needs to be held accountable.”

She said that at “a hearing like this, there needs to be balance. There needs to be Republicans. Not just the two we have seen questioning but other Republicans onboard to do follow-up questions and present more evidence. I think it’s a given that it’s a one-sided type of hearing, but what we’re hearing is quite disturbing.”

Continuing the theme, Palin predicted Republican control in Congress: “All this polarization. People don’t want to hear the other side of the story. They’re not listening to what the heck is going on, and so many things are going on in our country that are not being beneficial to the people,” Palin said. “So much of the obsessive partisanship and the power-grabs going on. There’s a lot of corruption in Washington, D.C. I think the American people are so sick and tired of it. I believe there’s going to be a red wave.”

Palin is running for Congress against Republican Nick Begich and Democrat Mary Peltola, as well as several other candidates who will appear on the Aug. 16 regular primary election ballot.

The interview can be watched at this link.


  1. “…….Palin, who became flustered, joked that it sounded like he was negotiating a hockey contract…….”
    He didn’t score any points in that swing of his stick.

  2. She is so far off base she out of park, just some more self center look at me, using the media to draw more attention to little old hockey mom, wonder how long this guy will put up with her crap.

  3. Please do, Sarah. Hurry up! And take Duguay’s last name too. I wanna be completely free.
    NB3 for Congress.

    • Agree with T-man, above. Sarah Duguay will spare us all of the painful reminders of an era that we need to forget. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Here she goes again..out for publicity hope this guy on the hook anchors down his belongings cause shortly shell take them away!! what about young Trig? He deserves a stable home with Todd.

  5. National Inquirer News! You heard it first on MRA the new Sarah scandal sheet! What about helping some of us in the dark on this Rank Choice Voting scam

      • Suzanne, can you please publish some accomplishments / provable reasons to vote for Nick Begich? I can’t get a grasp on what he thinks about issues conservative or traditional Republicans care about ~ and how he might vote in the congress. Has he done any interviews answering what he thinks of the Jan. 6th prisoners, the border, the economy, crime, following the Constitution ~ and other questions Trump or DeSantis fans should know before we vote for him or Sarah? Thanks.

          • Or you could just do a guest appearance on The Five and slip your dagger through Sarah’s political ribs. You need to be asked to present some facts on Begich? This is what passes as journalism these days. Your writing reminds me of the left’s continual smear campaign against Trump. I KNOW you can do better.

        • Emily – I just received a campaign flyer for the Begich campaign in the mail today. Absolutely nothing concrete on any issue. This guy reads like a Deep State player for sure. And how about his being a staffer for Don Young for only six weeks? MRAK was supposed to enlighten readers about that along with his business dealings but, so far, crickets. I guess we might hear about it after the election. For now we are asked to be content with the ground breaking scoop of Palin’s upcoming marriage , or not.

          • Well he does portray himself as a “leader” with great “leadership” skills. Funny though, I don’t ever remember voting to be led anywhere except when I enlisted in the Army. And that was enough to convince me that leadership isn’t a skill, it’s a rare intrinsic characteristic. Represent me, don’t try to lead me.

      • Ignore the detractors and naysayers, Suzanne, you’re the best journalist in Alaska, and a lot of us know it.

      • Yes thanks Suzanne & I’m still confused! It’s such a mess & it’s hard to believe some people actually voted for this Nightmare

  6. If any of these people think they’re going to beat Peltola, they need to start with election integrity first. We need representatives to oversee the ballots and their counting. Otherwise, we’ll have record voter turn out and Peltola will win by a slim margin.

  7. Please….

    Did they ask her what she thinks of Megan and Harry?

    This is a nice example if everything wrong with America.

    1-A fraud for a politician.
    2-Vapid “journalism”.
    3-Celebrity obsession.

  8. There is no other reason to have this guy on the show except to ask him that question. This is all part of Sarah’s staged reality TV persona.

    It worked! She gets to cash in on Alaska all over again.

  9. Sarah should absolutely not marry a New Yorker while she is running to serve Alaskans in Congress. It just sends a really mixed message. Is she an Alaskan, Arizonan, or New Yorker now? I don’t see her boyfriend wanting to move into the home that Todd just moved out of a few short months ago.

    • At this point, she’s an Arizona carpetbagger.

      I don’t even think this guy sees the license number of the truck that’s about to hit him…

  10. The only Begich I know…
    Was a complete disaster.
    Nuts do not fall far from the tree.
    If you have news…
    I’d love to heear it.
    Begich’s say what you want to hear.
    I could use some tangible trak records.

  11. I wouldn’t trust a Begich or a Palin. either one, as far as I could throw them.
    This is a Hobson’s choice.

  12. On bended knee, I proposed to my Wife.
    Worst mistake of her life.
    But, look, our twin girls…
    Now, what the heck is this?
    It makes no sense at all.
    Go to hell.
    Offer retracted.

  13. Ron Duguay owns a 28.75 million dollar house in Jacksonville Florida. Im all happy with Sarah being with who she wants, but do you think Mr Duguary is gonna give up than mansion and move to Wasilla, a place he’s never lived? Where is she actually spending her time? LOL its to think she can represent Alaska.

    • That explains why she did a fundraiser in Ponte Vedra Beach, which is where Duguay’s house is. She left Alaska a long time ago. She had no interest in serving Alaska until Don Young died. Ambulance chaser. I feel sorry for Duguay. He’s had too many concussions to understand what he’s getting into.

    • Little did Don Young know that his campaign contributions from the Florida shopping mall billionaire may one day allow for his replacement to drive her Ferrari to the Florida mall. That’s what Don Young would call getting a late, unexpected return on investment.

      • IF Don is looking down, I seriously doubt he is cheering on Palin. If Don is looking UP, he doesn’t give a rat’s *ss because regardless what they say, some people are able to take it with them.

  14. “What the heck was anybody thinking to go vandalize our Capitol? Nobody can think that is right. It was atrocious what these protesters did, and anybody that encouraged it needs to be held accountable.”
    I think it’s a given that it’s a one-sided type of hearing, but what we’re hearing is quite disturbing.”
    These two quotes should be highly disturbing to anyone who knows anything about what went on in the 6th of January, 2021. Most of the people who were there were just ambling around taking pictures with their phones. And so many of the people that are being held in solitary did nothing to rate it. Also they have been denied full and speedy trials, as guaranteed by the Constitution. Yet Palin almost sounds like Murkowski. The real culprits have gone Scott free because any crowd of people can be manipulated by well-placed provocateurs. With so much video footage being withheld we really have no idea what happened. We do know that there was no hearings on the summer riots in so many American cities which caused billions of dollars in damage and so many lives lost. We also have seen videos of Chuck Schumer and others issuing fiery statements, rousing people to do extraordinary violence and in the case of our Vice President, actually funding bails for violent protestors. And an unarmed female veteran was killed. I would rather have see her calling for full disclosure from all parties rather than the cherry-picking we are receiving. Very disappointing. And if she marries this New Yorker, then what kind of representative would she be? Would she be drifting away from Alaska?

  15. “Being negotiated” probably means Sarah is waiting for a made-for-Netflix version of the wedding ceremony, or a big screen movie version. Sarah wants Hollywood…..not Washington, DC.

  16. Know nothing about Begich other he is a Republican. Sarah know some from years ago. But today she is a different person. Did not like her J6 comment at all. That alone could push me to Begich. I do know I do not want a demoncrat there or in the Governors mansion. Gonna be a tough year on decision making.

  17. Joining lives and assets in two countries might take some guidance. Canadians know how valuable our republic is and founding documents and histories are for the rest of the world too.. He is probably a great person. Wish them the best in their private lives. What the dems are doing right now is desecrating all American rights in DC. I hope they all get voted out and rinos too.

    • Yep. The only thing worse would be getting Bill Walker back in a pickle with another pedophile-enabling episode just before election time. Bill would have to quit again and blame it on Scott Kendall. Could be a fun reality series, …….for a few episodes.

  18. SP & Lisa will make a great team.
    They both want to do & say what’s popular with the cool kids.

  19. Which do you think would last longer
    Sarah staying in congress (if elected)
    Or Sarah staying married to that knucklehead?

    On the other hand, the ad with NB3 shooting a shotgun while having a handgun in holster is priceless. Is someone over compensating. Where are his chaps and cowboy hat.

    Is this some sort of parody or a sitcom. I can’t believe I have to vote for either one of these on ranked choice voting.

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