San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings ‘We’re coming for your children’


Just in case it was not enough to have Drag Queen Story Time in your local public library or Native Heritage Center, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus wants you to know that they are, indeed, “coming for your children.”

The choir posted on its YouTube channel a song on that theme, but quickly took it down.

But not quickly enough. A Must Read Alaska reader had already recorded it for posterity. Take a look, before his anonymous YouTube channel is canceled by Big Tech:

[Update: It’s too late if you’re just getting here. YouTube has taken it down and banned the channel that posted it (not the Gay Mens Chorus channel, but the anonymous channel). YouTube said it was a copyright violation.]

Here is the Rumble version.


  1. Look up zombietime (photo journalist based out of san fran.) Folsom Street Fair.
    They are telling you exactly what they are about.

  2. Consequences. Progressives just don’t understand consequences. Public schools are failing and now homeschooling is exponentially expanding to remove kids from the Marxist clutches. So where do they chase kids? Dark alleys? Under the bleachers? Remember Sarah’s remark about how defensive a momma grizzly can be? Consequences.

    • There’s a difference between not understanding and not caring about the consequences. I’m inclined to believe the later. Money and power makes people do malicious things.

      • It is neither a lack of understanding nor lack of caring. It is entirely a calculated, malicious attempt at totally corrupting the Country. And so far they are winning because good people aren’t doing a thing but talking about it.

  3. These “light in the loafer” people are like the old proverb: “If a camel gets it’s nose under the tent, it’s only a matter of time until it’s sitting in your lap”. They can’t make a lot of headway with the adults so they have to start targeting and brainwashing at a younger age. Shame, shame. Voting the vermin out who authorized this is a great first step.

  4. You will come after my child over my dead body, and I’m not going down without a fight.

    • Amen Tamra. Enough already – I’m so sick of having perversion shoved in my face that the “tolerance” I had is going fast. Forgive my anger, but they have gone too far and need to just shut up. The entire world is laughing at us.

  5. Suzanne, they did not take it down.. And none of you actually LISTENED to the song. The title is “tongue in cheek,”

    Thus far, the comments here only prove the song’s point: People need to find common ground and stop all the hatefulness.

    • Sophie, the song is about as “tongue in cheek” as cannibalism was to Jeffrey Dahmer. These are our children and our parental rights are under full attack by woke progressive leftist Marxists. They come into schools, libraries and hospitals and assault our values, then make light songs about how paranoid WE are if we should object, calling us homophobes and RACISTS for teaching our children traditional values (yes, I know that race shouldn’t have anything to do with it, but ‘scream racist’ is the last cry of a defeated leftist so might as well get it out there). Our values are under attack from every side as is the traditional American way of life, where everyone is born with equal opportunity to make of life what they will.

    • Problem is, your version of “common ground” is my side doing what we’re told.

      Thanks, no. I don’t faux compromise with people who tell me behave.

    • @Sophie
      You are correct, in my opinion. The song is not about “converting” children into gays. If you listen with a bit of an open mind, it does say, they will convert your children from being homophobes to being tolerant individuals.
      However, they are totally missing the point. Children ARE tolerant. They do not care if you are gay, nor do they even realize what gay is. I am reminded of when I attended the funeral of a gay friend, and his sister in law took that time to explain that Jim and John (made up names) were not just roommates, or close friends.
      Her children’s reactions where noteworthy. Not only did they tell their Mom that they knew, they also told their Mom that her trying to “explain it” made it weird. Children don’t need to be taught how to be tolerant. They already are.
      What is wrong with this video is the assumption that children are born intolerant, and that parents cultivate that intolerance. Reality is the opposite.
      Forcing drag queen story hour into kindergarten classes is not increasing tolerance. In fact, it is probably the catalyst that will push a parent into teaching their child a bias against alternate lifestyles.
      No, I am not making excuses. I am talking about human nature here. You, me, everyone reading this blog are humans, and we all have our own biases and prejudices. Sorry, deal with it.
      Running a bulldozer into those inherent biases will not work out well. It will actually cause the human to reinforce those biases. If your goal is to increase prejudice against gays, a video of this type is EXACTLY how to do it.
      I need look no further than the extremists in the gun rights community that think open carrying rifles into a fast food joint is a good idea. They are wrong. It is fantastically bad because it will push that establishment to react.
      Do you really think this video is helping in any way? Do you really think that a parent is suddenly going to say “Of course, I support a LGBTQWERTY positive school curriculum?” because of this video?

      • I guess I don’t know much about carrying a rifle into a restaurant, but at least in SE when I sometimes open carry a 1911 into a restaurant people sometimes thank me for doing so. Never had a negative reaction, and even cruise ship tourists have remarked how great it is to be in Alaska. In a Juneau Mexican restaurant the owner came out to sit down and talk with me, thanking me for carrying and asking if I would take a free dessert. BTW, no one goes into downtown Juneau at night unarmed. Drunks yell at you, relieve themselves glaring at you in defiance – all kinds of fun. RKBA does divide the elite from the rest of us in anti-gun states, but in the 24 or so constitutional carry states we all hope everyone is carrying should a shooting incident begin. I avoid the anti-gun states, and I avoid anti-gun people as I believe they are stupid.

        • There is a difference between that and the Open Carry Texas/Florida crowd who decide slinging an AR over their shoulder to get a burrito is a good idea.
          Additionally, an 1911 or any other handgun is vastly different than what the open carry idiots are pushing for. Do you walk into the shop and make a big deal about having a pistol on your hip? Be honest.
          No, you do not. You act like a rational human being. OC Idiots do not. They open carry with the intent of creating a scene. Net result is scenes get banished from the establishment.

          • Kubota- next time you see those drunks relieving themselves at night on the streets of downtown Juneau, remind Mrs Rasmussen and her colleagues that they work for us and they need to quit leg wrestling and get back to work.

          • Well years ago it was in some states legal to carey a rifle and no pistol. The only difference is you can’t hise one like the orher in concealed situations. But either way I know some body is packing and keeping it in a non active situation is ok. But concealed handguns are the best for keepn nervous people calm.

      • You want to come for our children thats what your saying . You smile and joke with an agenda to indoctrinate children with your ways other than what parents want to teach their own children morals and values. It is not your right to teach or influence children that do not belong to you.
        You need to leave our children alone.
        How dare you go after the innocence of our children to pervert their innocence. If you don’t want hate and anger stop trying to attack our children.
        Parents will rise up and we won’t back down.

      • I remember when I could open carry a loaded 12 gauge Mossberg and a loaded .44 cal Blackhawk into a restaurant in Fairbanks, and nobody paid any mind. Even the LEO’s on lunch break would only glance long enough to ascertain that I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t the only one. It was a common occurrance back then.
        I even remember having loaded rifles and shotguns in the back window gun rack, in our high-school parking lot, during school hours. Didn’t even have to lock the doors.
        The WOKE gang certainly have changed a lot for the worst.

        • And, when you carried those firearms into the restaurant, did you make a scene about it? Were you wearing ‘tacticool’ gear, and making sure everyone saw your guns?
          No, you didn’t because you are not an A-hole. You are not trying to “get in someone’s face and…” like the gay chorus is with this video. I will wager every dollar in my wallet that if the manager asked you to please leave the guns in the car, or to put them in a locker somewhere, you would do so without complaint.
          HUGE difference between that, and the open carry idiots that are trying to initiate a confrontation.
          And, guess what this video is doing?

      • The problem with your analogy comparing gay lifestyle to the pro gun movement is that one deals with adults while the other with children. Children are like sponges and an adults like bricks. Children soak up everything and are easily influenced or more nefarious, persuaded. So when children have those moments in their life when they question themselves about their own identity and the more immoral influences are at hand, you get a more immoral result.

        • I did not compare the gay lifestyle to the gun rights movement.
          I compared this “in your face!” so called song with the open carry idiots who knowingly and deliberately make a scene.

    • “We’ll make them tolerant, and fair. “Someone’s got to teach them not to hate. “Your children will care about fairness and justice for others.” I didn’t hear anything about making, or turning kids gay.

      • No one needs to teach children not to hate. Children do not hate right out of the box.
        People teach children to hate.

    • God calls on us to defend the weak and innocent..and destroy the evil.
      This?This exact s— is an example of Satan at work. I see the Serpent in those faces.
      Want to know what’s really evil though?
      People who excuse and actually help these fiends.

  6. Get a sense of humor you tight-a55ed idiots! They were making a joke. Let me lay this out for you nice and easy. We know lgbts aren’t the preverts and criminals you’ve been telling us for 50+ years. (Don’t bother denying it.) They’re just people who got short-changed during gestation. You got some stick up your own butrs and need to feel better about yourselves by humiliating them. We’re on to you. Most of the lgbts are actually nice people. They can sing their songs and play clown and read stories to kids and it’s OK. Probably more kid molesters among you lot than the lgbts. PS: we dont give a crap about your god-beliefs. They’re all bs too.PPS Stop plugging Anchor-rage. Juneau is wayyyyyy better

    • JAVIER MIGUEL MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ, let’s lay it out for you. We don’t care about how they live, and they do a good enough job of humiliating themselves. And every LGBT I know is a nice person, but they don’t proselytize to me, nor I to them, and we joke around and get along just fine-I live with a LGBT at work sometimes. BUT they also do not interact inappropriately with my minor children, nor do we interact inappropriately with the minor children of others. I neither know nor care what happened to you in life nor how you were short changed during gestation (whatever that means). So keep your ‘lifestyle’ to yourself and you and I will get along just fine. Children should not be sexualized. PERIOD! I don’t let either Trans or straight exotic dancers near my kids.

      • BS. You do care and that’s why you’re here making a big deal out of nothing. I’m not even gay and I knew this was a joke. And you knew it too. You’re not worried about any lgbt “proselytize” or anyone acting inappropriately around children. The song turned out not to be even about that. It’s all about you finding a reason to insult the lgbts and tell other people how to live. Well I’m about telling you, your tight-a55ed churches, your trump-sniffing hypocrites and your pathetic backward political plebes that you don’t have a choice anymore. Lgbts are ok and you’re just gonna have to deal with that. Gen-Z is here baby! We have the power now and we don’t give a *** what you “god-fearing” people think. The sooner your churches close and your “oh my god what about the children” bs evaporates the better off we’ll be. Don’t let the door hit you in the a55.

        • Oh, okay! So a noose and burning cross on the front lawn are just a joke, nothing serious. I oppose those things too. The rest of your rant is just hateful word salad. No wonder my kids have such little competition among Gen-Z losers.

        • And right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of radical leftist “tolerance” on display for all to see — and seething with hate for all who do rigidly follow and conform to their dogmatic, Marxist party line.

        • JMMH: “We have the power now…”
          All you’ve had from the very beginning is conditional tolerance, from 96.3% who have the actual power.
          Your arrogance is serving to stir up long repressed emotions. If those emotions reach a tipping point, LGBTQ+ may have to crawl back into their closets.

        • Javier,
          Amigo, I don’t know where you get your ideas, but the Latinos I hang with don’t have much tolerance for LGBTQ, especially in the public classroom with our children at stake. When they use it for instruction and an attempt to gain numbers, or as a way to gain access to my children, they will get the big enchilada from me. Your compadre’,

        • I have come to the conclusion that you are in fact satire. You are here, deliberately exaggerating everything to absurdity just to see how many people get worked up.
          And, I have to say, you are actually pretty successful so far. I stepped right into it myself.

    • Statistically they are perverts. Who were preyed upon as children and eventually become predators themselves. They have the highest rate of suicide within their community. They need help. What we don’t need is them forcing their twisted ideology on us and our children. You shared your opinion. We deal in facts. You clearly need to do some research.

        • Don’t bother. They know this ain’t true just like the crap they put out about abortion. They’re so backward I figure we can just build them public altars for animal sacrifice and they’ll be happy.

          • Words of the ignorant, who choose to stay that way.
            “[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. […] They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.” Tomas Schuman (the informed will know who he is)

          • AK: You are historically and factually correct. If America becomes a full fledged commie nation, the Leftists will get their “Night of the long knives”.

    • @JMMH:
      Joke? Bad joke at best. In reality this was a joke intended to elicit the worst possible response.
      The more you poke me with a stick, the less I will like the stick. The more you cram LBGTQWERTYWHATEVER rights down my throat, the less I will want to hear about it.
      Who you are attracted to is none of my business. Seriously, I DO NOT CARE at all in any way. Nor do I expect you to care about who I am attracted to.
      There is one point you do make that I am fully in agreement with. Odds are (I do not know the stats in any way, but making an assumption), there is just as high of a percentage of perverts in “straight” society as there are in gay society.
      What is truly offensive about this video are the assumption that are on full display. The assumption that parents teach children intolerance of gays at a young age (NEWS FLASH Javier, they don’t teach their children ANYTHING about sex in early childhood), or that children are intolerant because of physical traits.
      Can parents teach children to hate? Absolutely. Yet, what prompts them to do so? Could it be PRIDE month where everyone alive is forced to not only accept gays, they MUST celebrate their lifestyles. What would you think if I forced gay people to “celebrate” heterosexuals’ lifestyles the same way gays force straight people to celebrate PRIDE month?
      It is an extremely myopic view to present the assumptions you did in your comment.

    • This was not a joke Javier, and there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that homosexuality is genetic. Multiple studies have shown that it is formed mostly by childhood experiences, of which I do not have room to elaborate on. I have much pity, but stop trying to recruit kids – it’s that abuse that leads to their sexual habits. Someone is going to yell “hate speech”, but I disagree that truth is hateful.

      • Nope and that bs slides right off us. Zoomers aren’t playing with you. We know you tight-a55ed cons will lie about anything to keep your backward biases, your abortion bans, your god-nonsense, your money-worship, and your trump-fetish. You idiots haven’t even figured out that most of us could care less about lgbts. They’re just a great litmus test for getting you to out yourselves. We’re not listening. We’re telling you. No more bs.

    • Actually, the Left has left us no politically correct definition of the word pervert. Is your prevert a different word?

  7. I take that song as a challenge to myself to know God of Israel even better, so I can be a better disciple than these two homosexual disciples.

    I’d love to see those two saved and living free. Their Jesus testimony will be awesome! Or see if they feel the same way on their 90th birthday about homosexuality. I am told many men have regretted dabbling in homosexuality, and felt they wasted so many years believing a lie when they just didn’t dig deeper at their root cause.

    Furthermore their choir is missing the whole Soprano and Alto sections. It’s too low!

    • Their upcoming sex change operations will fix the missing Soprano and Alto sections. Ahahahahahahaha!

  8. Sophie and Javier obviously do not have children. There is nothing funny or tongue in cheek about any of it. If you think it’s funny that a song is about coming for your children by a bunch of gay people you have more mental problems than a Dr could fix.

    • Did you listen to the song? “We’ll make them tolerant, and fair. “Someone’s got to teach them not to hate. “Your children will care about fairness and justice for others.” I didn’t hear anything about making, or turning kids gay.

      • Doublespeak. ‘Tolerant and fair’ is somewhat like ‘Work sets you free.’ ‘Your children will care about fairness and justice for others’ as in ‘we will indoctrinate your children to oppose the traditional values you teach them.’ Sadly, very sadly, their actions speak much louder than their words by past demands and activities. Their orientation matters not to me, DO NOT SEXUALIZE CHILDREN!

  9. I’ve heard the comment section looked like the comments section for any Biden speech. They get touchy after all those negative comments?

    • Sure,it’s like a male rapist gloating over a past victim in a front of the victims family.
      Not an advisable thing to do.
      Especially if one of the family happens to be one of the cops on duty and in charge of the rapist in custody.

  10. If you want acceptance, to be nice people and just live your lives, then go do it without disrupting the whole world. Go do and be what you want to be, but don’t disapprove if others want to not be overwhelmed by your lifestyle and only want to go be and do what they want to be as well. The acceptance flows both ways, you don’t have a right to shove your lifestyle down someone elses throat, or onto their own kids. To each their own.

    • Very good point. I saw a meme a while ago, it showed two guys, one wearing a T-shirt that said Conservative, the other said Liberal.
      The voice balloon over the conservative simply said “I want to be left alone.”
      The voice balloon over the liberal said “No!”

  11. Bragging about perversion and how they will “convert” our children… really no surprise there. The homosexual community depends upon average heterosexuals like a parasite depends upon its host. And make no mistake, they are parasites. Hollywood has been pushing this for decades and now the camel is in the tent. Sodom and Gomorrah reached a tipping point and God brought swift and sure destruction upon those cities. I suspicion that our society is rapidly reaching that point as well.

  12. JavierMMH: It’s not conductive to your position to say “you tight-a55ed idiots!” Such vulgarity only re-enforces the “tight a55es” already dim view of LGBTQ+.
    Drag Queen story-time is right on the ragged edge, and that “humorous joke” of a song is over the line, especially as humor is a well known tactic to gain acceptance of an unpopular agenda.
    As only 3.7% of America’s population, LGBTQ+ is in no position to demand anything. If the outspoken minority amongst them continues trying to shout down the 96.3%. they may find a new wave of repressive laws being passed. Cancel Culture is a two way street.
    As for your not giving a crap about our “god-beliefs”, it doesn’t matter if there’s any reality to our beliefs, or not, we do believe, zealously. Your statement merely indicates that you’ve no sense of history, of how repressive religious zealots can be, when provoked. Don’t poke the bear………

    • Not interested. lgbts are tiny and can’t do **** by themselves. But they really good at pissing you off. Gen-Z owns the future. Owns your future. We’re the cops now – and militarized to the teeth. Your bear’s dead – shot driving while black. Or maybe he choked on one of your greenhouse gases we got to clean up along with a ton other messes, including your stupid religions. You got no power anymore. And cancel culture works one way – the best way – it kills bs.

  13. lol. wait until people figure out that at least one of the men singing in that choir is a Registered Sex Offender that was previously charged with lewd conduct with a minor under 14.

    • That’s right! One in every church choir I ever heard of. Except it’s usually little girls in their case.

  14. Convert, eh?
    Whatever happen to ‘you are born homosexual’ reason? If you were born homosexual then you wouldn’t need conversion.

    Which babies are born with sin and selfish desires. Even the smallest of us need a savior.

    • Indeed, Jen. And if homosexuality is inherent in the individual from birth, then what is there to be “proud” about (as in “Gay Pride”)? How can one be proud of an accident of birth? That would be like be being ‘proud’ of having blue eyes — which is nonsensical on the face of it.
      Now, let’s hear from Sophie, with more of her duplicitous and dishonesty sophistry that seems to always and naturally take the anti-logical view of things.

    • Only savior anyone can count on is themself. You guys are just peddling your church memberships. No thanks. And if google is right lgbts start acting like lgbts by age 3 so not too much time for the trauma and other bs explanations. Big deal so something f***ed up in gestation and lgbts are here. What makes them fun is watching them drive you nuts.

      • Jen, better lighten up before JMMH pops a blood vessel. Time for him to be back on his meds. I show this to my kids and tell them that is their competition, ha ha. They’re all doing well, but not so well for that soy generation.

  15. While we turned away, we were conned into amusement, then to accommodation, then told to accept deviancy as normal, and now to bow to their insistence that deviancy is superiority, and that the rest of us are unenlightened. It’s been a bait and switch from the beginning; a foot in the door and now this. Don’t ever fall for the idea that any of this is normal or right, because it is not. It is evil and immoral and always will be.

    • Don’t kid yourself. You never had a choice. And you don’t get to say what’s evil or immoral anymore.

    • To the mod that keep deleting my comments, up yours. There is no way to discuss this topic civilly. These boomer trump-worshiping god-believing neanderthals commenting here don’t want gay people to exist. They’re a bunch of selfish evil self-centered backward pr1cks who need to be called out for wanting to hurt a clown-crowd minority to make themselves feel powerful. There is no respectful way to do that. This is war. And sure as hell ain’t about just lgbts. It’s everything these sadistic conservative monsters believe needs to be checked.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha. Got your rainbow nickers in a twist, huh?
        I can and will say whatever I believe and if you don’t like it, well… too bad.

      • @JMMH:
        “There is no way to discuss this topic civilly. ”
        Funny, there is a whole page of people discussing this civilly, and their comments are not getting deleted. If your comments are getting deleted, I recommend you reconsider your position.
        Unless, of course, you are in fact satire, and you are trolling these comments in order to rile others up.

      • What a hateful, uncivilized and ignorant comment. Maybe it is time to leave your self-centered, hate-filled cocoon and attempt to become a decent human being. Or you could continue to goose-step….

  16. This is the ancient religion of the godless: child sacrifice (perverting their minds, abortion, etc.) and sodomy. The ‘Two Great Sacraments” of the godless ones.
    They are evil, vile, and violent.

  17. Come for our children you might find some lead in your pecker.
    Parents voters need to take chsarge again and demand thos we elet to do there job.
    A good place to start will tell the teachers union. That they do not set school policy what is taught in
    the schools. We have a Superindent to make those decision Parents to approve of what is taught

  18. Always love when gay topics get discussed. It’s always the one topic where trump-cons can’t hide themselves behind pretty words. Seriously better than a lie-detector showing how evil so many people are. Oh well global warming will finish us off soon so I guess my gen will see some justice for mankind.

    • You are so good for a laugh! Ha! If the dire predictions of the alarmists do come true, the world will enjoy the ideal climate which helped Rome prosper at the peak of the Empire. Of course your uneducated generation only knows Rome from the TV series so that means nothing to you.

    • Pinche pucho pendecho. You are either fake Latino, or you are displaced from South Central.
      I think I will go with fake. But maybe both. Adious!

  19. At least nine of the men singing in the video have already been found to be on the sex offender’s list for “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age” including those on the gay men’s chorus’s board of directors.

    As a result they’ve been DMCA’ing every copy of the video that they can to avoid it getting out any further all while screaming that it’s an “alt-right conspiracy”

  20. Verdugo told SFist. “Social justice is a mantle we take up, and we take it up loudly. We won’t back down.”
    There’s the problem. Some of them simply don’t know when to STFU. JMMH is ranting on, all the time while the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has seen the hornet’s nest they stirred up, and is DMCA’ing every copy they can find. Ooooops!

    • Oh hell yes they’ll back down.
      After we bloody them up a bit.
      After all these are Beta and Omega males were talking about.
      They dont have the ethical spine to stand up to real men.
      Cowards that can only prey on kids.

  21. Are you surprised this is happening? This is what happens when you “turn the other cheek”. Don’t complain that it got here when you allowed it

    • Yes. This what happens when a society doesn’t police itself to maintain its God-fearing morality at an institutional level.

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