Rogan O’Handley, aka DC_Draino, is on the Must Read Alaska Show, and will be in town June 1-2


The saying goes, “The Left can’t meme.”

Maybe that’s because the Right side has @DC_Draino, the social media name for Rogan O’Handley, who has taken the art of political memes to a whole new level. He’s the king of the political meme and no Leftist seems to be able to match him.

O’Handley was the guest on the Must Read Alaska Show on April 26, and he’ll appear in the Mat-Su and Anchorage on June 1 and 2, as a keynote speaker for the Alaska Young Republicans. Ticket information is here:

‘OHandley didn’t start out as a national political force. In fact, after law school, O’Handley went to Hollywood and started putting together deals for movies and movie stars.

But it was an extremely liberal environment, where conservatives must hide their opinions or be shunned. When he started his Instagram and other media accounts, he used a pseudonym — “DC_Draino,” a reference to draining the “DC swamp.” He had to keep his identity secret, but the success of his memes rocketed him to having 50,000 followers in just six months, and he knew that eventually the small world of entertainment would discover who DC-Draino really was.

And thus, Rogan went rogue. In 2017, he sold his house, moved to Florida, and now has over 4 million followers across social media platforms, where he provides commentary and savage observations about the politics of the day. He is closely associated with former President Donald Trump and has made many trips to Mar-a-Lago.

O’Handley’s Instagram content regularly surpasses 150,000 “likes” and he has had more than 1.5 million views of his Instagram reels. He has one of the highest engagement ratios in the industry and his account is ranked among the top 50 most influential in the world.

O’Handley has regularly appeared on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, is an invited CPAC speaker and Turning Point USA speaker. He has done hundreds of local and national conferences, speaking engagements and political and community events.

Listen to O’Handley talk about his bold career move and why conservatives had better get active before the nation devolves into a Marxist dystopia, at Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart, and wherever you listen to podcasts.


  1. Hard to believe that he was able to rent the Egan center for his event. Sounds like it will be a great event.

  2. Suzanne, never knew you had a podcast and I have been looking for a good one to share conservative Alaska news. Glad I found yours. I have been following DC_Draino for a while now. He is great. I look forward to following you on your podcast.

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