Robbins, Dunbar raised over $200,000 each in campaigns for Anchorage mayor


Two of the leading campaigns for Anchorage mayor have raised over $200,000 apiece in the last year, according to their most recent reports.

Mike Robbins filed his report with the Alaska Public Offices Commission on Feb. 3, showing that he raised $210,000 for the reporting period from Feb. 2, 2020 through Feb. 1, 2021. He has spent $103,193.

Nearly all of Robbins’ donors live in Anchorage, with others coming primarily from Palmer and then a small number of donations from around the map, such as Arizona. Robbins invested more than $30,000 of his own money in his campaign.

Forrest Dunbar also filed early for the report that is not due until Feb. 18. He has raised $203,890, much of it is coming from outside Alaska. Dunbar has received more than 275 donations from people in other states, as well as several thousand dollars from labor unions. He also had money left over from previous races.

Dunbar has spent $94,545.18. He has $117,000 left to spend and as of January had significant debt from his previous race, including $10,000 to the Ship Creek Group, which is managing his campaign; more than $12,000 to Paula DeLaiarro, who manages his campaign finances; and $2,500 to the Alaska Democratic Party.

Other candidates believed to have strong financial positions are Bill Evans and Dave Bronson, neither of which have yet filed their reports with Alaska Public Offices Commission. The reporting deadline is Feb. 18.

In addition to the campaigns themselves, there are several political action committees or independent expenditure groups that have popped up to support candidates or to prevent other candidates from getting traction. They include:

  • Building Alaska, supporting the Robbins campaign
  • March on Alaska, supporting unnamed progressive candidates in the municipal race
  • Putting Alaskans First Committee, an AFL-CIO-affiliated group
  • NEA-Alaska, educators PAC
  • Working Families of Alaska, associated with Laborers union
  • Associated Builders and Contractors PAC


  1. It shows real Alaskans do not support Dunbar if he relies on outside money to prop up a distrustful Candidate.

  2. Two who candidates that will not get my vote. Dunbar is an outright socialist/commie/dictator and Robbins’ buddy wrote a hack piece on Dave Bronson and Jamie Allard and then denied it on the Dan Fagan show. Robbins was trying to paint fellow candidate Bronson as a nazi sympathizer because Jamie Allard supports him. Allard who has been an outstanding assembly person, has been a target of the left because they can’t silence her.

  3. Laborer’s Union might want to check with AFL-CIO boss Trumpka – he is not a very happy camper right now concerning Biden’s recent cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline & the loss of 11,000 union jobs. The Business Agents may want to stop listening to their teacher wives and start listening to their members about supporting Leftists.

  4. The radical Democrats will try to steal the election by supporting one candidate while conservatives will split their vote between one of 3 choices . With ranked choice voting this will be a disaster. My strategy will be to vote for all 3 by ranking them 1 2 and 3. It doesn’t matter who’s who in the order. That way my vote will count for whichever one is still in after the other two are thrown out. I am not as concerned with which one wins as much as I am that we end up voting in another let wing nut. If I vote for same conservative for 1 2 and 3, the votes will be split and the left wing nut will win. By voting each of them once in no particular order , the one not thrown out will still get my vote.

  5. Apparently you can spend as much as you want as long as you accumulate “debt” that you never pay off. Dunbar is a typical snake, Robbins is an advertising guy selling himself as something he isn’t.

  6. Given that our broken and rigged voting system is still in place, very sadly Dunbar will likely win despite the obvious minimal support locally. Until we fix the mess, the truly elected candidate won’t win, especially in such a critical race. I wish I could be more optimistic.

  7. I would say there are two conservative in this mayor race Dave Bronson and Mike Ribbon. Both candidates was on The Dan Fagan show yesterday and it was very telling in my opinion. My conclusion after that segment was that Mike Ribbon seems like a great man, business owner and all. But the way he came off to me seems too politician like. Dancing around question like the ad targeting Rep. Jamie Allard which in turn targets Dave Bronson. He also got on Dave Bronson about not wearing Mask at his event, which I thought Dave Bronson gave a great feedback to. The EO from the tyrants running the city is just that an EO not law. Last thing Anchorage needs is another politician. Dave Bronson on the other hand seems more like a regular citizen running for office. He haven’t raised as much and slipped up a few times trying to make it seem like he had raised more but out of the two conservative I think he is the better choice, if personal freedom is important.

  8. Unfortunately the unions will most likely support the brain dead Dunbar, I mean the union leadership. Most members are not stupid and vote for the best candidate but there are the sheep. Dunbar is bad for his district, city and state and needs the anti-alaska money from the outside. He should go clean Nancy Pelosi’s pool.

  9. I am voting for Mike Robbins. He has great ideas on how to turn Anchorage back into a city people want to live in.

    • Robbins believes EOs should be obeyed over the Constitution (he also seems to think EOs are laws which they aren’t). What’s going to stop him from dictating EOs if his attitude is that they should be obeyed without question? He’s no different than any other politician.

  10. Alaska GOP has to get organized and support one candidate. Alaska has a Republican majority, there is no good reason why we can’t have any conservative candidate we choose elected to any position they choose. Some of us may not get the conservative candidate we want in office, but we definitely need someone who has our conservative values elected. I thing it would be well worth it to swallow our pride to achieve a common goal, especially now,

  11. Dave Bronson is the only true Conservative Mayoral Candidate. Dave Bronson will Honor his Oath of Office, is not beholden to any Special Interest Group and His Personal Agenda is to work for and represent ALL Citizens of the Municipality of Anchorage.
    Conservatives, support Dave Bronson for Mayor with a Donation and your Vote. Avoid a Run Off, get out an overwhelming VOTE.

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