Mandatory vaccines are here


Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium is making it mandatory for all new employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination series. That includes new hires, contractors on location, and students/learners, such as those completing internships or practicums.

Also, those existing SEARHC workers who refuse the vaccine will lose access to break rooms, fitness centers, or gymnasiums at SEARHC locations. They will be required to wear N95 face masks at work, and will be required to participate in all meetings via phone or teleconference.

Those who are vaccinated for COVID-19 and who travel may return to work immediately upon receiving a negative COVID-19 test, while those who are unvaccinated will be required to quarantine for seven days and provide a negative test result. They will also need to use their own leave account of paid time off to complete their quarantine.

The new order was issued by SEARHC administration and is effective immediately. SEARHC has over 1,000 employees and serves 28 communities in Southeast Alaska, where it primarily serves the Alaska Natives living in the region.

Medical exemptions are being allowed on a case-by-case basis.


    • You watch, they’re going to play the sovereignty card to avoid state courts and force everybody to take it to the US supreme Court in the end.

      The State will let them get away with it, just like they do with all the illegal things that happen in Tribal Courts.

    • Well, they BETTER! Tell me, do people in the health profession, have they ever HAD to get vaccines before??? Cuz this Covid thing is just un-REAL! How many pandemics and bad flu seasons have we had over the years and never anything like what we saw this past year and forward. What the heck is Really going on??????

      • Actually we have it every year in the amount of abortions performed in the US and strangely how few flu deaths year, oh wait they are all chalked up as Covid now.

      • Just about 400’000+ and counting dead American.
        Maybe, the world should have just pass on the 9/11 crisis, it’s barely 1/100 of the deads.

      • People in healthcare are required to have vaccines and must prove so by getting blood work (titers) to show their antibody status. This is true in all Alaskan hospitals and the hospitals in the lower 48. So, yea, don’t blame healthcare workers for a flu outbreak is worldwide pandemic! Thanks so much!

      • For the past several years, SEARHC has required yearly flu vaccination for employees as well. This is nothing new.

  1. And so it begins. The phrase, “Oh, that will never happen here,” is becoming more prophetic than dismissal. We are still early when resistance is “easy.”
    But don’t resist. Say, “At least that silly mandate doesn’t affect me.” Believe that if you go along to get along despite the common nonsense of much of it, that all will be normal again one day. Remember, it’s “just a mask” and “don’t offend people.”
    And we will wake up one day and say, “It DID happen here!” And you will ask yourself, “What did I do when it was easy?

  2. Law suit to follow. No chance this holds up in court, unless they just rip up the Constitution like Pelosi ripped up the President’s state of the union speech.

  3. This won’t be the last of the … COMMAND & CONTROL measures to take place. Just wait, this type of mandate will likely be implemented throughout many industries. NOW, is a great time to pivot out of the W-2 world, into something else that doesn’t impede upon personal liberties and rights.
    Your choice … Choose wisely!!!

  4. This is against federal law:
    “…EUA law [Emergency Use Authorization] preventing mandates is so explicit that we found only one precedent case regarding an attempt to mandate an EUA vaccine, and the court held that the vaccine could not be mandated, even to people in the military. In Doe #1 v. Rumsfeld, 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 5573 (D.D.C. Apr. 6, 2005).
    In that case, six soldiers challenged the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), which at the time mandated EUA anthrax vaccines, often leading to what has been called Gulf War Syndrome. Six soldiers sued DOD to refuse vaccination and won. A federal court held that because the anthrax vaccine was an EUA product, the soldiers had the right to accept or refuse vaccination.”

    • And a few years later, the Supreme Court ruled that healthcare coverage in effect could be mandated. That flushing sound you hear are our liberties circling the drain. I ask you people, if not now – when?

  5. Some lawyers are gonna make a mint taking SERHC to the cleaners over this. Plus the lawsuits for discrimination, hiring discrimination, ect. If SERHC has a brain they backtrack quickly.

    More, curious how SERHC intends to explain this to the at risk people in SE who have to wait (and potentially die) while SERHC wastes vaccines on low risk people.

    Papers, please.

    This is what happens when people surrender freedom for the illusion of security

    • But will they in taking a lawsuit case against anyone. No one has against the airlines which have mandated mandatory wearing masks healthy exemption or not.

  6. It is not even a vaccine. If the people are dumb enough to fall for this they deserve any side effect or death that comes from being “vaccinated”. I will be sitting back watching many drop like flies over a short time. Find a job that is not communistic.

  7. Ahhh…liberal dictatorship rears its ugly head. What they are doing is not based on science, but fear.

  8. Is this not a violation of our constitutional rights? Open discrimination segregation towards those who do not wish to be vaccinated. How many people have gotten the flu vaccine and contracted the flu? Just because you chose to receive the vaccine does not 100% protect you from CORVID-19. Science is not always right.

  9. On the YK Delta the nonprofits such as Native Health know there’s no way in hell that 57 sovereign villages are ever going to organize for a one government Native voice. These nonprofits have used free State and Federal funds to become the ” government” for the Rural Native areas. Even though they have no official say, they control the Villages and Hub cities.

    Native health is by far the largest employer, pays the rent that runs Village clinics and village offices. Which in its self is not a bad thing. The bad thing is that every politician that seeks higher office, kowtows to the rural nonprofits Presidents. If they want the votes or at a minimum, no real interference in their campaign, then it’s do as we tell you.

    Our schools are at better than a 50% failure rate, vaccinated or not, you still have a 14day lockdown if you leave the village and come back on a plane, that requires tribal permission. Snogos and boats are forgiven for inter Village transgressions.

    All you need to do is look at your highest elected officials to figure out which ones are allowing unelected people to force their will on the people, to see who’s up for reelection or seeking higher office.

  10. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” as a basic principle? Seems this assumes people are hazardous to others right out of the gate. Sad also that the “solution” is not a proven prevention of exposure to the pathogen. The science shows that vaccinated people still may contract the disease – a vaccine is not a personal force-field. Not to mention that mandating a vaccine that is 90-95% effective for a pathogen that has a documented 99.98% survival rate seems, well, odd. By all means vaccinate if you wish, and for some it makes perfect sense. What’s next? Mandatory “vaccines” for obesity? Alcoholism? Texting while driving?

  11. A company had every right to determine its own rules, including making restrictions on those who refuse to get vaccinated. Especially if it’s a hospital setting.

    • Nobody working for me can have an abortion. That’s my own rule.
      I think that Providence, a hospital setting, would live to follow suit.

    • What if a company doesn’t want to bake a cake for a gay marriage? Or a store doesn’t want to let homeless people in? Or doesn’t want Muslims in their store?

    • Too bad you’re wrong about that. The EUA is explicit: this emergency use therapy CANNOT be mandated by ANYONE. It can, however, after it receives authorization from the FDA. I think the corporate push for mandatory vaccines is a precursor to placing political pressure on the FDA to approve this therapy regardless of whether it is proven efficacious and safe, according to their standards for “biologics” (already as low as can possibly be as it is). However, we are already aware of at least one prominent negative health impact (anaphylaxis), a lack if safety info for pregnancy/breastfeeding, over 300 deaths in the US attributed directly to the therapy, AND the WHO and Manufacturers are unanimous in admitting that it does not precent you from contracting or spreading the illness.

      So it’s not the panacea people are looking for. Why then are corporations so eager to force them on us? Put on your independent thinking cap and ponder for a while. It’ll be tough, I know… the answer won’t be given to you in a headline on CNN.

  12. Be interesting to see how high up the food chain this goes, I’m talking physicians, because as we know, they make their own rules in local hospitals.
    Flu shots are mandatory for staff in Anchorage hospitals, unless you’re a [private contractor] physician, and no one bothers them about it.
    On a side note, given every hospital employee’s wearing a mask now, why not refuse that mandatory flu shot, you could before this COVID mess, if you agreed to wear a mask during your shift.

  13. I guess a private business should be able to have any requirements they wish but an entity that operates on government funding should not be able to encroach on ones’ freedoms. This is a slippery slope that is getting steeper by the day.

  14. Scary, SEARHC today and if not stopped this will continue on down the line. You’ll need proof of vaccine to enter stores, fly on airlines, and enter a hospital.

  15. Both the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are still in the experimental stage. Why are we forcing people, especially those with underlying conditions, to be guinea pigs for a “vaccine” that’s still in clinical trials and emergency use? What’s the hurry?

    • It is not a vaccine but gene therapy! No thank you! Natural immunity is the better route and one of the pharmaceutical companies even said so.

  16. My issue with this is that SEARHC is not following the “science” that several docs on the ECHO Vaccine have pushed. That we don’t know for a fact that this vaccine will keep one from passing on the virus, even though the person has had the vaccine. This came up when I and others asked when we could burn our masks!

    So, will the SEARHC require all workers to wear masks and continue “social distancing” until a person can be determined to have the IGA antibody?
    From what I am getting as well, will those that have had the virus, which has a much higher IGA antibody then be allowed to go back to “normal”, no mask and normal work? Will SEARHC pay for the antigen testing either volunteery or mandate?

  17. The vaccination requirement is probably a dumb idea. However, employees are always free to leave and work for someone else if they are unhappy with their employer’s rules. That’s how it’s supposed to work in a free economy.

    • That’s only an option when jobs are available. But when you have municipalities mandating and placing more compliance restrictions on small and large businesses alike, job availability goes the way of the dodo.

  18. First of all, it is not a vaccine. It does not prevent COVID. It is a gene replacement therapy experiment. Please stop calling it a vaccine.

    • Isn’t it just an excuse to place a chip into unsuspecting folks? Heheh! Man is the stooopid ever strong on here.

    • No doubt some form of communism and might even have something to do with those Jewish lasers that tend to start forest fires in CA. Heheh!

  19. You know what I hate is residents coming up to me encouraging me, ‘i can go over to ANTHC since they are giving out Free vaccines that I can get a free vaccine.’ What!!? They think all Natives want everything Free? They are showing their predjudice and ignorance and their colonialism that Natives cant take care of themselves.

  20. Immunity for Big Pharma for this experimental ” not a vax”, billions of profits for the same folks that brought you the opiod epidemic, what could possibly go wrong?

  21. Totally unconstitutional and a violation of individual rights! This requires an immediate class action lawsuit not only because they are violating the rights of their employees but mandating an unproven experimental drug that even the experts have said does not prevent Covid-19. American’s as a whole have been sold a sour pill. With a 99% recovery rate and very effective drugs to knock it out, Covid-19 is no more dangerous than the Flu. Masks have been proven ineffective as they do not stop a virus particle but will concentrate the harmful air particles around your nose and mouth giving you a higher concentration of the harmful contaminants. Americans need to stop being sheep and go one the offensive.

    • It’s FDA approved for emergency use. It’s been very safe. We are approaching half a million deaths from a disease for which there is an effective vaccine. There are reports of people dying from Covid while denying it exists.
      This is a no-brainer. Of course no one should be forced to take the vaccine, but if you are one of them, there will be consequences. There is no Constitutional right to infect other people.

      • Getting a vaccine doesn’t make you immune to COVID. Just like any flu shot it doesn’t prevent you from contracting the disease and spreading it. It is just a false attempt to make people believe that they are now “safe” after being vaccinated when in fact they are no more safe than they were before getting vaccinated.

          • Probably the same place that you did. Do some research – a vaccine doesn’t prevent anyone from getting a virus or spreading it – it just decreases your chances.

          • Jeez-Louiz Anne, you just make this stuff up as you go along? You say folks are “no more safe” after the vaccine and then say that it decreases your chances of getting virus after the vaccine. Which is it that you believe-I know you like changing horses in middle of the stream when you’ve been caught lying on here, but you need to try harder. Tough noogies to a BSer Anne.

      • But if your vaccine really truly does work, then me not being vaccinated shouldn’t affect you, because you are vaccinated against me. Or does your vaccine really not work?

        • Zip, both vaccines work at approximately 95% and even you know that it’s not 100%. The folks that do know do not use the term “truly does work.” Only the uninformed do.
          Get my drift? Heheh!

          • Oh….so it’s kinda like how those face masks don’t truly work either. Two non-effective face masks is better than one non-effective face mask. “ 1+1=5 “

          • Yessir Zip, you are starting to get the idea. It’s a percentage thing that works for society if society participates. I’ve already mentioned that nobody uses the term “truly work” but you still insist on using it. You’ll have to define your term then if you insist on it. I suspect it’s just a ruse to avoid thinking of the actual problem and solution-usully done by low-watt bulbs wanting to muddy the water. Tough noogies to you Zip.

      • Greg R, I agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence, which surely also makes the case for not being ” injected” too. As for consequence, what unintended consequences might a new ” gene therpy” yet yield within one’s body in years to come? Just wondering, how do you know it’s safe? Because of your Geo- Political world view?

  22. Be grateful that the vaccines exist and that you have access to them. Nothing but faux Libertarians here, each one trying to outdo each other. Oh, yes, and all of them are desperate for the vaccine in spite of their protestations. Such hypocrisy.

  23. Communists Biden BS ! We should not be forced to vaccinate for something that is 99.6% survivable. Wake up Alaska do not give up your freedom of choice. This is America! We are a republic not a socialist state!

  24. “So far, Qantas is the first airline to firmly state that proof of vaccination is necessary for international flights. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce called the vaccine a “necessity” once they become widely available during a November 2020 CNN interview. Statements from other airlines, including Korean Air and Delta Air Lines, indicate a vaccine will ultimately be a prerequisite.”

    “The variety of approaches means a single unified system is unlikely to emerge in the U.S. Instead, people will probably need multiple proofs on their phone — perhaps one credential for an airline, a Wallet pass to show school, and a different app to attend a sports game.” Not to say that any PROOF of vaccination can be easily faked/forged/photoshopped.

  25. I personally know two people who have gotten this experimental shot.
    One of them got so ill after a few hours of getting their first shot with fever, dizzy, weakness, and at one point her heart was beating so wildly, she thought she was going to die. After she survived it all, she was convinced that it helped her get the virus out of her system. Kid you not, she’s looking forward to getting her booster shot.
    The second person, a male, who had no reaction with his first shot, had a severe reaction the evening of receiving his booster shot. He said it was the sickest he had ever been in his whole life with severe chills, dizziness, fever, vomiting, etc. The doctor said this was normal after getting the shot, and it meant that it was good for him.
    What the heck is wrong with people, I can’t believe I know people who are buying this BS….

    • Not to mention that scientists have found that the lab animals they tested the vaccine on are dying at a rate as much as 50% when they later contract the virus. They found that after being vaccinated and contracting COVID the vaccine caused the animal’s body to fight against itself by attacking the liver, heart, lungs, etc. and essentially killing off the organs. No thank you. I will take my chance with a flu virus that well over 98% of people are surviving.

      • Again Anne, where did you get your Med degree that you think we are talking about a flu virus here. And while your at it how about giving us a heads up on those animals that are dying after getting the vaccine? Literature doesn’t seem to have anything of sort listed. You make this up as you go?

        • What, you mean the mainstream media isn’t reporting the problems with the vaccine? Wow, color me shocked. Try reading more than just the mainstream fake news media and you might actually get educated on stuff that is happening with the vaccine, etc. Here is just one of many articles and videos out there that talk about the issues with the vaccine, and not being written or reported on by any of the big mainstream fake news media: theepochtimes . com/deaths-of-elderly-who-recovered-from-covid-19-but-died-after-vaccine-raise-questions_3692259.html?utm_source=share-btn-copylink

          • My concern with your post had to do with animals dying after being vaccinated and you come back with some garbage about elderly people after getting vaccine. You just bounce around from one thing to another but you article says nothing about the vaccine causing the death-lots of elderly people die all the time and certainly you would expect some getting a vaccine might just die. Shocking, I know, but you will stoop to incredible lows to try to prove what?? Heheh! Tough noogies again to you Anne.

  26. You don’t need to accept the job if you don’t like the conditions of employment, which in SEARHC include a vaccine.

  27. Hopefully, the 1000 employees will do their own research and not comply. It is better than being dead.

    More medical professionals need to do their own objective research and stop blindly listening to marketing, ensure full disclosures and truly informed consents before administering an investigative vaccine to innocent people, and refuse to compromise medical ethics.

    These employees still have strength in numbers, good science, including the FDA stating that the vaccines are experimental, the law, and U.S. Constitution behind them. This is still the USA, at least for a little while longer.

  28. I guess they think by getting the vaccine that it somehow makes them immune from COVID. Newsflash, it doesn’t. A person can still get COVID and spread it. As my friend said, this should be a legal fight that should be won by anyone challenging it. If the Democrats and the courts believe it is a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion because it is her body and she has the right to decide what she wants to do with it, then the same principle should apply to anyone who chooses not to get a vaccine. It is our body and we have the right to decide what we want to do.

    • And your friend is a legal authority because of what law degree? Boy Anne you are just full of yourself on here about abortion, vaccines and freedoms. Keep em coming as we are all rolling on the floor.

      • Okay, we can all see that you’ve got some sort of twisted hots for Anne. Time for you to go sit in front of the TV so the grown-ups can have an adult conversation here.

        • Ruth, when Anne decides to stop with her BS, I’ll stop pestering her for some truth to her misinformation. She obviously believes her own stuff and maybe you do too, but kindly stick to the issues rather than make up garbage to help you with your own fantasies.
          Your turn.

          • I just reread her comments and your responses. Everything she said is easily verifiable if you dare to look. I think the problem here is with your low reading comprehension and inability to follow a written conversation. You highly overestimate your intelligence and add nothing to the conversation.

          • Ruth, there are specific issues with being able to mandate these vaccines-namely since they are only emergency vaccines they can’t be mandated and consequently about 1/3 of our military has opted out. This will likely change as soon as these vaccines are approved for general use.
            Of course your thinking “I’ve got some twisted hots for Anne contributes what to the conversation. You don’t like my posts I suggest you just skip them OK? Tough noogies to you.

    • It’s about time folks start seeing the double standard here, Anne. Thank you. But it isn’t the same.
      With Covid or the vaccine, there’s way less than a 1% chance a heartbeat stops.
      With abortion, there is a 99% chance a heartbeat stops.
      Ironic with all this “if it saves just one life, it’s all worth it” mantra, you’d think “they” would see the dichotomy. Yet, they still are pushing for lockdowns, masks, and vaccines with no personal choice.

  29. The US Code, the Helsinki Agreement and the Nuremburg Code protect citizens from forced vaccination by codifying the right to consent to or refuse vaccination when experimental vaccines like COVID-19 are being employed. 

    Stand up for your rights or they will continue to chip away at them.


  30. What good is our Bill of Rights and the Constitution if Government and it’s agencies won’t enforce our rights and freedoms?

    My health has s solely my business. HIPAA

  31. mRNA animal tests done previously showed a 100% kill rate when the animals were subsequently exposed to viruses. They all died of Hyper Inflammatory Immune Responses when their immune systems attacked the animals own cells. In the next 6-18 months you will see all those who take the “vaccine” will die, but they will call it a mutated Coronavirus to trick the rest of us into taking another “vaccine” kill shot. Mark my words.

  32. Never underestimate the gullibility of the General Public most still on Facebook Twitter and all their other goofy media, watch Network TV and believe it and who will go along to get along. Do greatly appreciate the passion of those commenting on this particular subject here however how many of you are actually active in local politics, finding and supporting candidates who reflect your views, etc? If you’re not doing that it’s just lip service and all for nothing. Bloviate away it feels good but is USELESS other than to stroke one’s ego. By the way how many of the folks commenting Above This entry have donated money to must read Alaska? We have. Have you?

  33. I have several times and will continue.
    Probably legal for them to require but this is just the beginning of our loss of freedoms and liberties. On a Federal level, if we don’t get control of the House in 2 years….you ain’t seen nuthin yet

  34. If we continue to allow politicians to break the law because of a crisis, politicians will continue to invent a crisis in order to continue to break the law. Feels like an evil “Plan” has been exposed. Time for critical thinking by all. Follow the money! Ask yourself who(m) has benefited by the pandemic and who(m) has suffered? Why are so many being censored including physicians, scientists and conservative journalists-which violates our 1st Amendment Rights? Why is there no transparency on COVID vaccine safety? What about conflicts of interest on safety testing? Why are certain groups not allowed to have peaceful protests, while other groups are allowed to riot? Why are certain businesses allowed to stay open without very much interruption or control, while other businesses are being forced to close? Why is social media allowed to influence politics? Did you read the “Time” article about saving the election? No group can legally do this. Why are certain politicians being cancelled while others are being idolized by the media-even when what they did was hideous? How do “We the People” collectively hold ALL politicians accountable for their actions which in certain circumstances have become unconstitutional, unethical, government overreach, and in certain circumstances outright immoral? No politician should be allowed to answer to special interest groups, lobbyists or even foreign influence. Full accountability and ethical leadership must be the cornerstone of Public Service, which must be based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights as they currently exist. Any revisions to the 1st and 2nd Amendments should be considered unconstitutional and even treason as these Amendments have stood the test of time. ALL politicians, please note; We The People know what some of you did and, We The People will do our best to hold you accountable.

  35. Why wait, start recall campaigns on every politician that has gone along with these evil plans? Message needs to ring loud and clear, We the People will hold you accountable for your actions or inactions. Censure of a politician means nothing! This country will be destroyed in two years if we don’t act now. They will continue to cancel us!

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