Schroder, US Attorney investigating Pebble, may keep job under Biden


It’s unclear if Bryan Schroder, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska, is among the 55 U.S. Attorneys who will be dismissed by President Joe Biden. Schroder was appointed by former President Donald Trump four years ago.

Last week, Schroder’s office issued a grand jury subpoena to the developer of the proposed Pebble mine.

Pebble is one of the main targets of Democrats, and it’s the kind of investigation that probe could indemnify him with the anti-Pebble forces now in control of the government..

Pebble Limited Partnership, a subsidiary of Northern Dynasty Minerals, and former Pebble CEO Tom Collier were served with the subpoenas relating to recorded phone conversations that were made public by environmental operatives known as the Environmental Investigation Agency. The conversations were damning of Pebble’s publicly stated intentions for the proposed mining project in Western Alaska.

Read the statement from Northern Dynasty Minerals.

Schroder, who is a veteran federal prosecutor in Alaska, replaced Karen Loeffler, who was removed by Trump in 2017.

Based on Department of Justice leaks, news organizations are reporting that nearly all U.S. Attorneys are being replaced. However, two are known to be staying for now; they are the ones overseeing tax probes involving Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.


  1. I once was of the view that it isn’t fair to judge an entire organization based on the conduct of a few over-reaching employees. That has changed in the past few years with the criminal misconduct and unprofessional actions of the FBI and the DOJ in multiple areas. Unfortunately, I now view these actions of a few as indicators of a much more deeply flawed culture in these agencies. The bad behavior occurred and has been allowed to continue because many in the rank-and-file knew about it, accepted it and looked the other way. Thus, for me, I could care less about the status of the US Attorney here in Alaska. They are probably all bad.

    • That’s not entirely true. While there are bad lawyers, and this year’s class of bar examinees inclusive because they got to take a online written test to pass the bar, I know many attorneys that are employed by the state as prosecutors that are honorable hard-working attorneys. You can’t lump them into the same class as an ambulance chaser. These folks are working under the rule of law trying to put bad guys away so that you can sleep sound at night.

      • Apparently, the point was missed that the comments related to the FBI and the USDOJ, two agencies of the federal government. It’s different.

  2. But don’t forget,………….Trump was the one who killed Pebble. Yet, the Enviromentalists still hate Trump.

    • Find the documents that Trump endorsed, which would “ kill Pebble”. Last I heard, he fully promoted Pebble Mine. Trump stated that Pebble Copper is needed worldwide. Yes, Don Trump Jr. was against drilling in Pebble Mine. A group of 30- 40 age somethings wanted to “ save Alaska” for their hunting trips.

  3. JMark. Good point. I think our founding Father’s would find a National Police force to be anathema to Liberty and Limited Federal power. What you have mentioned isn’t really new, one just has to bone up on the “old FBI” , lead by one J. Edgar Hoover.

    • It wasn’t so much a national police force with Hoover as it was job security for him. He had dirt on every politician everywhere and had fixes in place that if he was ever taken out all hell would break loose. That’s why nobody touched him and he had such a long life in the game. He even knew that Martin Luther King Jr was a racist and referred to Jackie Onassis Kennedy as a w****. J Edgar had the room bugged and knew that him and Jesse Jackson had hookers up in there the night before the assassination. That’s what happens when you put somebody on a pedestal, and when the truth comes out you have to try to change history and erase it away.

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