Road warrior: Sen. Peter Micciche spotted in Nikiski measuring ruts in road


Sen. Peter Micciche was on South Miller Loop on his hands and knees measuring the ruts in the road on Wednesday morning after appearing on the Must Read Alaska Show. He’s going to make a case to the Department of Transportation to do some repairs on the road before winter. Nikiski, on the Kenai Peninsula, has a lot of bad roads, but those living in the South Miller Loop road area say it’s a “death trap.”

Micciche had received a complaint from someone in Nikiski, and so went out to see the problem with his own eyes — and took a measuring tape.

Last week, Micciche posted on Facebook that if DOT didn’t remove derelict cars from the side of the the Seward Highway he was going to go out there and haul them away himself. The cars were removed within 24 hours, and Micciche posted his profuse thanks to DOT on Facebook.

He’s not in campaign mode — Micciche is not running for reelection to the Alaska Senate.


  1. Our we going to have GOD say to us we were the gas for the fire or the fireman who ran towards the flames. WE ALL BEST GET TO SAVING OUR STATE. A simple vote is all we have it must be wise and cast for oath integrity. Sara Kelly welcome aboard ladies and goodbye Dan time is at hand also. Oath integrity needs the best of the best and the wise to stand ALL VOTE as one voice for our ladies of integrity. Kelly & Sara time.

  2. Peter, the biggest ruts in the road is in our wallets to pay for the repairs to our vehicles that a bigger PFD would have covered ! A little to late dude! We will all be riding our ATV’s down those roads soon because it would cost us less , like it does in the bush. Don’t you have a golf cart ?

  3. The spec’s that the DOT uses for asphalt were written by a pavement contractor to ensure job security. We will never have roads in our state that last more than a few years until somebody cleans shop at DOT.

    • No, those ruts are mainly if not exclusively the fault of studded tires, which tear into the asphalt in a way that non-studded tires simply cannot. It is not for no reason that most states long ago outlawed studded tires, and it is only the lazy and incompetent drivers who continue to use and advocate them.

  4. Hydro blast from the tires slamming rain water into the pavement is also a significant contributor. Note the ruts are usually not as bad on hills and curves where the water runs off faster.

  5. Thank you Peter!!!! And I do mean THANK YOU!!! Thant little section of road has been a hazard for years.

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