Alaska Attorney General signs letter to Biden: Stop mandating unlawful transgender policies for schools


More than half of the state attorneys general in the country, including Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor, have asked the Biden Administration to reverse new federal rules that require school districts to allow boys to compete on girls athletic competitions, use their locker rooms and gender-specific bathrooms or lose federal food dollars.

Last month the Department of Agriculture said it will include gender identity and sexual orientation on its list of protections under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination in schools based on gender.

Twenty-six out of the 27 Republican attorneys general signed the letter saying that “vastly expanding the concept of ‘discrimination on the basis of sex’ to include gender identity and sexual orientation, the Guidance does much more than offer direction. It imposes new—and unlawful—regulatory measures on state agencies and operators receiving federal financial assistance from the USDA. And the inevitable result is regulatory chaos that would threaten the effective provision of essential nutritional services to some of our most vulnerable citizens.”

The attorneys said in that the change in the interpretation is a wholesale change in the law, which is outside the legal authority of the department.

“We have long had a productive relationship with the federal government, managing various food and nutrition programs guided by the principles of cooperative federalism. We would like to continue this cooperative relationship. But the Guidance flouts the rule of law, relies on patently incorrect legal analysis that is currently under scrutiny in the federal courts, and was issued without giving the States the requisite opportunity to be heard. While we are always open to working with your Administration to resolve these matters, under the present circumstances we are constrained to ask that you direct Secretary Vilsack and the Department of Agriculture to rescind this Guidance,” the attorneys general wrote.

The entire letter is at this link.


  1. Thank you, Treg, but isn’t it really time for the states to take on the federal government with zest, vigor and courage. No where in the US constitution are such enabling authorities to which the federal government has claimed. The US Constitution has been of stretching beyond reason, prudence and logic to serve a collective hegemony and will continue until enough of the states say no more. The federal government has crushed individual rights and states sovereignty in the name of constitutional variation. The progressive movement has destroyed all of this.

    If after the November election, the red wave truly occurs, it may be time to put SCOTUS to work to change the past 125 years of case law and right the ship.

    I know I am delusional, but it really was the states that created the federal government and now the created has usurped the power, control and authority of the creator.

    It’s time!

  2. The things Biden has been doing lately have to cause one to wonder if he has a clue, not only of just how bad things have become but what has been done, but the zealots that control his every move and activity, He has had almost 50 years of wondering around not being held responsible for his words and actions in Congress and as the nations VP but now when he could actually do something for the folks he has lost his ability to think for himself in any meaningful way.

  3. Remember the democrat outcry, when the Reagan administration declared ketchup a vegetable…..ah the good old days when USDA school lunch programs actually focused on food. There is really only one way to respond to blackmail of this nature, either ignore it or exit the program. Having had some experience with the USDA school lunch program, I find the rules are oppressive and the end product generally something that leaves much to be desired. You can not fight hunger and obesity in the same meal and truly one size fits no one. It has always been my belief that a withdrawal from this program would give the local school district control over their offerings and tailor their menu to the student population, utilize more local and seasonal ingredients and create partnerships with local producers. To alleviate the loss of funding for students, it could be conceivable that food stamp recipients with school age children can ask to have funds directly deposited into their students lunch account.

  4. Sending a letter is fine. Growing a spine and refusing to comply, taking the federal government to court for over reach is prime!!

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