Right-on-right ‘RINO Safari’ group gets fined by APOC


The Alaska Public Offices Commission has filed a complaint against Anchorage political operative Michael Chambers for failing to file reports in support of 2020 House and Senate candidates.

As reported first by KINY radio’s News of the North, the commission informed Chambers of a fine amounting to $50 per day because of his support for candidates via the RINO Safari website he operates.

According to APOC, Chambers owed $1,250 as of April 29. The commission stated that the accruals will end if Chambers registers with the group.

rinosafari.com targets House and Senate Republicans that Chambers and others in a conservative alliance associated with Republicanism and Libertarianism, view as too liberal. The site provides links to various candidates’ campaign pages and “donate” buttons.

In an interview with News of the North on April 29, Chambers said he did not feel he was violating the law and that he would “continue to operate” his site.

Details of the complaint are at this link:


  1. Now that’s stupid. APOC laws apply to groups (specifically defined) not individuals. APOC has done illegal stuff like this before, hope he can beat them.

  2. Right on Michael ?.

    If APOC wants to nit pic, they should get a copy of one of last weeks” Coffee in the morning” shows that played after all three daily newscasts on KYUK public radio in Bethel.

    They gave their princess, Rep Tiffany Zolkowski 15 minutes to campaign. She did a brief disclaimer stating she was talking from her position as spokesperson for YKHC, Native health.

    Hells bells, YKHC uses our money to pay a professional lobbiest. Tiffany’s job description is to promote YKHC’s agenda. She should be a lobbyist, not a state representative.

    KYUK public radio has been a Democratic propoganda machine for all the 30 plus years I’ve listened to it.

    Old timers on the YK Delta refer to KYUK as radio HOFFMAN.

    Okay APOC, here’s three violators, do equal justice.

    By the way, go away Lisa.

    I’m proud to be a RINO Hunter.

  3. This is anti-1st Amendment, as this man has free speech rights. The State is on all out assault of the Bill of Rights. First closing churches and now attempting to shut down political speech.

  4. Seems as if “The Last Frontier” has become the last frontier of free speech. Michael Chambers does outstanding work outing so-called Rs and conservatives. They fear him–as they should. Also where does Citizens United fit into this APOC scheme? Thanks for everything you do, Michael Chambers. Many are called, yet few are chosen. You are the one!

  5. Wait- let me get this straight.. you’re telling me a government agency, is playing favorites?? And that they are letting liberal groups get away with things but fining conservative ones for the same, apparently made up offenses?

    This cannot be true. I’ve just never heard of such a thing happening at APOC, or.. the IRS… or.. the CIA, or FISA courts.. or… the DOJ.. or FBI…

  6. This APOC complaint and fake fine is nothing more than the garbage actions of APOC as handmaiden for the deep state and the RINOS themselves. Thank you Michael! This is a badge of honor for you and take it as an indication that you have hit a bullseye in this battle for the people of Alaska. When you are taking flack, you are right over the target.

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