COVID-19 update: Zero on Wednesday, 9 on Thursday


After a day without any COVID-19 cases being diagnosed in Alaska, the brief respite was broken with nine cases diagnosed on Thursday, according to the state report from the Department of Health and Social Services.

No new hospitalizations or deaths were reported. There are 101 known active cases of the coronavirus in Alaska at this time. Another 254 Alaskans have recovered from the illness, and nine have deceased from conditions associated with COVID-19. There are currently 25 Alaskans hospitalized who have the coronavirus.

Six of the latest cases were in Anchorage, two on the Kenai Peninsula, and one in the Fairbanks/North Star Borough area.

20,325 tests on Alaskans have been completed.


  1. Dunleavy said he would ensure that case counts would be documented to be dropping over a 14 day period and he said there would be greatly expanded testing, tracking and tracing, both metrics would be met before he ‘opened up the state’.

    He made those promises and then promptly broke those promises.

    Going forward, he needs to put in place the following:

    Expand testing capacity and make testing broadly available

    Strengthen public health surveillance to understand the spread of the disease and rapidly detect outbreaks

    Dramatically scale capacity for isolation, contact tracing, and quarantine

    Ensure the healthcare system can respond to potential surges

    Protect essential workers and at-risk populations

    Just rolling the dice isn’t good enough.

    • Your comment is comical. When it comes to COVID 19 there are no promises and no guarantees. If that is what you want and need to go forward in life, you will be out of luck. Suggest you “hunker down” and only come out when you think it is safe. Decision making under conditions of uncertainty is difficult. Decision making that involves balancing more than one outcome is difficult. Managing risk is difficult. Have a nice day.

        • No. It seems to me that since you have such high concern you should take the lead. Tough to be something more than a critic, isn’t it?

    • Holy Smokes Bill, 101 known active cases! 101 Dalmatians! In a State of over 700,000! Pandemic! Run! Flee! Hide! Better yet, shut down our healthcare system and send our health care workers home so we are prepared for the onslaught of Kung Flu cases! Make it difficult for the woman with an ovarian cyst to even schedule testing or an MRI much less an operation because of our laser focus on this killer pandemic. Don’t worry about the exponential rise in Domestic Violence in many parts of our State since this lock down began. To hell with the 70,000 bums tossed out of work due to the lock down orders. But by all means Bill, don’t miss the moment to make a political statement by trashing Dunleavy! after all it is an election year. Good thinking Bill!

      • Dunleavy said he would ensure that case counts would be documented to be dropping over a 14 day period and he said there would be greatly expanded testing, tracking and tracing, both metrics would be met before he ‘opened up the state’.

        If merely reminding you of Dunleavy’s promises is ‘trashing’ Dunleavy, perhaps he shouldn’t make promises.

        • Bill Tobin, whether Dunleavy made such statements or not isn’t the topic. The Topic, Billy, is the vortex of insanity that we find ourselves in.
          Suzanne has done a yoeman’s work in bringing to light the REAL state of medical care in Alaska since COVID 19. or rather the absense of care. Some 70,000 Alaskan’s out of work, Bill… socioeconomic problems galore are breaking open or soon will because 101 people in Alaska have the Corona. Never mind that 50,000 people die in the USA every week of Cancer, Heart trouble, High Blood Pressure, Car Wrecks and reading your comments! Honestly Bill, I cannot believe that you would spend time trashing the Gov for what many think are baby steps towards overturning this pandemic overreaction! All political leaders make promises Bill, your man Obama made a bunch as I recall. As for rolling the dice, I’ll take my chances at freedom, especially in light of the over blown issue Covid 19 has become.

          • Never once in 20 years was this greater-comparative-death-from-mundane-occurrences argument acceptable from the right wing powers that be when it came to terrorism. But for those same millionaires to save their investment portfolios, they then push out the comparative death argument and their adoring public starts repeating it.

  2. All this for a <1.7% rate of infection. (363÷20325).

    Suzanne; do you have the same data on the number of influenza cases?


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