Republicans name new party attorney: Miranda Strong


Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary has named Miranda Strong of Lane Powell as the attorney for the party, upon the resignation of Stacey Stone Semmler, who has served as party attorney for the past four years.

Semmler had announced during the last State Central Committee that her workload at her day job at Weddle Barcott & Holmes was getting busier due to all the businesses she is helping due to the economic fallout from the COVID-19 virus.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank outgoing counsel Stacey Stone Semmler of Holmes Weddle & Barcott. She has worked hard to assist the Alaska Republican Party for the past four years. I have enjoyed working with her and expect to watch her continued success in future years,” Clary said.

“Many of you will remember that Lane Powell represented “StandTall With Mike.” Miranda has practiced in the area of administrative and regulatory law, with a focus on compliance,” said Clary.

Strong has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with emphasis in legal studies and an master’s degree in public administration. She earned a JD from the University of Washington School of Law in 2012. She has served as an assistant Attorney General and special assistant to the Attorney General in the Alaska Department of Law – Opinions, Appeals, and Ethics Section. 


  1. Good Maybe she can advise the GOP party that accountability starts at home! Move to make all those that take an Oath of / in office of government to be SELF BONDED for a start!

    Get legislative language drafted to do so & put it in the GOP Blanks of the Parties Agenda! Then and Only then can we expect & receive an Accountable Government ! Then maybe the Republican Party will have a chance of survival in the future!

  2. When is she filing suit against the unconstitutional mask actions against the municipality of anchorage and the Fairbanks North Star Borough?

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