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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Case closed: Bar Association cancels annual meeting


The Alaska Bar Association has canceled its annual meeting, solving a problem it was having with its chosen keynote speaker, celebrity political lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Alaska’s celebrity political lawyer Scott Kendall had complained about Dershowitz because he has represented a great number of disreputable clients.

The annual convention was being held in Anchorage Oct. 28-30 at the Dena’ina Convention Center.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Well, I guess Dershowitz won’t be defending Kendall anytime soon.

  • It would have been simpler to just tell Kendall that he wasn’t invited, and that he should just stay home and pout…..

  • “Alaska’s celebrity political lawyer Scott Kendall had complained about Dershowitz because he has represented a great number of disreputable clients.” Does this sentence mean that Kendall has represented a great number of disreputable clients or Dershowitz has? Never mind, I already know the answer…Kendall shouldn’t throw stones, glass houses and whatnot.

  • Scott Kendall was worked for some of the most disreputable people and causes. He should know. What a whiner!

    • Yeah, like Bill Walker and his little (alleged) child molester Lt. Governor. Does Scott Kendall naturally gravitate towards corrupt people?

      • Look no further than the Fairbanks family he married into.

  • It is a truth in the legal field that everyone, even disreputable clients, deserve the best representation they can have.

    • Yep, and for every dollar that they own.

      • But for one lawyer to disrespect another lawyer for that is stupid. And one guy stopped the whole show. One. I have been to legal conventions in a few states and they know how to party.

        • Especially the Lefties and Marxist lawyers. Lots of alcoholics and dope users. Psychiatric offices are unusually busy after these legal conventions.

    • Yes, I worked as a legal secretary for a private attorney before later working in the Attorney General’s office. My first boss really taught me a lot and one of them was that principle. Sometimes a potential client would come in and the paralegal and I would sort of roll our eyes (not obviously, of course). But the attorney said EVERYBODY deserved to have legal representation. It was a good learning experience.

  • A friend who is a lawyer told me that it was Bill Walker who was behind this. Walker was so mad about Dershowitz speaking that he told the Alaska Bar leaders to cancel the convention. Of course, Walker doesn’t want to get his hands dirty so he had Kendall pull the trigger. How sad that a professional organization of attorneys in Alaska will go to such lengths just for a ultra liberal former governor. I won’t be surprised when Kendall takes over the Alaska Permanent Fund Board. On a related point, President Trump said people should wear a mask when necessary. Seems like Murkowski is whispering in his ear, which is very scary. When our President starts wearing a mask, the Communist Chinese (Ghynah) will declare victory. I hope President Trump can stay strong and keep resisting the mask.

    • Your friend is correct, Eric. Bill Walker is a completely broken man. He nearly drove this state over the cliff. A resolute liar and a corrupt, evil man. Like Barak Obama, he is seeing his political efforts and ends get erased before his very eyes. And for this, Walker, like Obama is retaliating at every opportunity, mostly behind the scenes, and using his old staff as frontmen and women to do his dirty work. What a coward!

      • When is Bill Walker going to face reality and come out of hiding? Does he use protection when out in the public?

  • Guess the anti-Semite won.

  • I like the “Dersh.” He has always spoken intelligently, thoughtful and precise. Even when he was talking about how bad the Democrats are in trying to get rid of Trump. That’s what this is all about … anybody who has taken the “Donald’s” side of things, has to be immediately put down like a rabid dog.
    It’s so clear to a person that the only thing the Democrats want is to get Trump out of office by any means possible, even if it means allowing their own to get hurt or worse, die. Take my word for it, the Democrats want the Feds to come in and shoot a “demonstrator” so they can rail against Trump like nobody’s business. And then say they “told you so!” It’s getting worse everyday … stupid Democrats and their followers … this includes Democrat lawyers. ‘Nuff said for now.

  • Bill Walker is a coward indeed! His favorite hiding place is behind his wife.

    • Mallott’s favorite hiding place was behind underage girls. Birds of a feather……… …….. Walker/Mallott.

      • Is there any truth to the unreported storyline that Byron Mallott committed suicide? This has been circulating for several weeks now. No one has come forward and publicly announced the official cause of death. Was it self-inflicted? What does the death certificate say?

        • Great question, Paul. Have not heard of this. Interesting that neither the media, nor Mallott’s family ever spoke about his death. It makes me wonder if Mallott buckled under the stress of alleged child sex abuse.

  • His eyes give him away.

    Friends with Epstein the child molester.

    Birds of a feather…

    • Byron Mallott and Epstein certainly had something in common. Maybe Bill Walker and Ghislaine both kept journals and secret videos too. Walker needs to be investigated.

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