Republicans endorse challenger Kevin McCabe for District 8 House seat


Kevin McCabe, who has filed for House District 8 against incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Neuman, has received the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party.

The endorsement came after a process that started in the winter with an endorsement from the local District, and then moved up to the entire State Central Committee for a vote. It allows the party to spend money to help McCabe in his quest to unseat Mark Neuman, who first took office in 2005.

Neuman has had health challenges the past two years that have prevented him from traveling to Juneau a times and he has missed critical votes, particularly in 2019.

Neuman, when he has been in Juneau, is a reliable conservative vote and once served as the co-chair of the House Finance Committee.

The endorsement doesn’t mean that Neuman cannot also be endorsed by Republicans, but the process has to start at the District level and work its way up to the State Central Committee. Time is short, with just two months until the primary election.

McCabe is a commercial cargo pilot and has been active in Republican politics. The District 8 area encompasses Big Lake, and parts of Knik-Fairview and Point Mackenzie in the MatSu Valley.


  1. I know nothing of this guy, however, I do know Mark Neuman, and know Mark to have the well being of our community and state at heart. I will be voting for Mark Neuman again.

  2. The first criteria to serving, is to be physically able to serve. What good is an absent Representative?

  3. I know Kevin and he would be an outspoken conservative and will not be bullied into following the current Liberals we have in Juneau.

  4. This man is my brother. As a liberal, I can tell you we agree on almost no political issues. What I can tell you is that he is a person of absolute integrity. One of the hardest workers I have ever met, who would proactively work for the interests of the people in Big Lake and surrounding.
    You folks will be proud of the way he represents you.

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