Reps. Zack Fields, Bryce Edgmon, Dan Ortiz, and Sen. Gary Stevens endorse Murkowski


Today, a coalition of left-leaning state legislators announced their support for Senator Lisa Murkowski’s re-election.

In making their endorsements, Sen. Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak), House Representatives Bryce Edgmon (N—Dillingham), Zack Fields (D- Anchorage) and Dan Ortiz (N—Ketchikan) all highlighted Murkowski’s strong record of tireless advocacy for Alaska.

“Lisa fills Ted Stevens’ shoes admirably in doing what’s right for Alaska. I’m proud to endorse her,” said Stevens.

“Lisa always delivers big wins for Alaska. Look no further than the federal infrastructure package, which will be huge for our state. Somewhere high above, Uncle Ted has to be smiling. I know I am. Thank you, Lisa,” said Edgmon.

“Sen. Murkowski’s work to protect Medicaid was crucial to protecting Alaska’s economy. With the bipartisan infrastructure bill, she delivered the most federal investment in the state since AN CSA,” said Fields.

“Senator Murkowski has been unwavering in her tenure as a U.S. Senator for Alaska with her compass being set by the U.S. Constitution. She has been a highly effective legislator acting in the best interests of all Alaskans and our democracy. I’m 100% in support of her re-election to the U.S. Senate,” said Ortiz.

Murkowski and her re-election campaign said they look forward to announcing additional endorsements as the race progresses.

She has been challenged on the right by Kelly Tshibaka, who has the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, but Murkowski no credible challenger from the Alaska Democratic Party and is expected to win the Democrats’ endorsement, now that it’s more evident that State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson is not in the running and it appears the Democrats cannot find a candidate they can back.

Earlier last year, the Alaska Democratic Party vowed to take on Murkowski, saying she had been a deep disappointment to them.


    • I disagree. Murkowski has been a very worthwhile advocate and asset for the Democrat party and their activists. EVERYTHING I needed to know about Lisa I learned in one photo of her backed against a wall by Dianne Feinstein. Lisa is crying as she is obviously threatened back into submission ahead of the Kavenaugh hearing. Warning for the wise: when Lisa starts talking good public policy, hold on tightly and get ready for a rough ride to protect your constitutional rights. The sooner Lisa is gone and replaced by a conservative, the better.

  1. Does this mean there won’t be a complete idiot like Elvi Jackson running then? Then maybe in a way this is good news. Not saying that we actually want Murkowski, but God only knows, we can do a lot worse!

    • The Democrats are setting up for ranked choice voting. They need to get as many democrats as possible to make Murkowski the second choice on the ballot. My guess is that with Murkowski voting for impeachment, she is to tied to Biden to win even with the new ballot which should favor squishes. No one saw Biden failing this badly.

  2. We are now seeing the inevitable end game challenge for the heart, soul and spirit of one of the most blessed places in the world, Alaska.

    In the mold left to us by the FDR Democrats who fashioned the state constitution, now Alaskan Marxists choose to keep Alaska from reaching its potential as the natural resource development champion of the free world.

    Make no mistake this is a war for the very future of our children.

    This is a time of choosing. Please choose wisely.

    • Well said Mike. Lisa exchanged independence and freedom (oil development) for taxes, slavery, and pork. She USED TO BE a good senator representing us.

      • Wrong! Lisa was always a Democrat and a Lefty. She was just waiting for her dad, who appointed her, to get old and become a dementia patient. That was in the early 2000’s.

    • General pandering to authoritarian, “woke”, nation-destroying self-serving politics of the lowest and basest possible level, for the good of the professional managerial class and nobody else. Thank you for your malicious and pernicious support of the corrupt and unprincipled political hack who is Princess Lisa.

  3. Was not going to vote for murky for a lot of reasons, you can add these boneheads to list of reasons she’s getting a big “NO” from a lot of us. Zack Fields?!?! Good luck.

  4. Leeza has always been the Democrats choice. And now, the Republican Woman’s Clubs have banned me from their luncheons for raising a quisling.
    Thanks loads, Frankie.

    • Well you were the one that told me to select her, Nancy. I had another Republican in mind, but you told me that the Republican Women’s group didn’t like him. Now, you’ve got them all pissed off at you.

      • Don’t piss off the queen, Frankie. You are revealing closely-held secrets that may embarrass the crown. You could get stripped of your military combat medals. And if you aren’t careful she may banish you from the castle and you’ll be bunking with me.

  5. I might have missed it, but are these the first individuals Lisa has announced are supporting her? This is the vanguard?

  6. I might have missed it, but are these the first individuals Lisa has announced are supporting her? This is the vanguard, her most worthy supporters?

  7. Someone remind me… who was it that voted to confirm Deb Haaland, Biden’s pick for Interior Secretary? Oh that’s right, it was Lisa. What, exactly were Haaland’s credentials for the job? a) female and b) indigenous.
    As soon as she hit office she started working to shut down oil exploration in Alaska. You know, the industry that pays for over 90% of the state budget.
    Pretty soon we’ll have to practice asking “You want fries with that?” if we want to stay off welfare. Thanks a LOT, Lisa.

  8. The radical left has operatives all over the state with one of their missions, to keep LM in place. It’s the best they’ll be able to do in this state and maybe even better than having some miserable wretch in a dem party that is imploding anyway.

  9. You know the old saying about judging a person by the character of their friends and enemies.
    With friends like these, who needs enemies
    Unless this whole thing is a chaos effort to clear the road for someone else.

  10. Take the abilities to earn our own keep as a state with her wretched endorsements and then stand there with your hand out for welfare i.e. infrastructure in name only bill.
    Think there will be a new road built in AK ? OR lay down some tracks?

  11. Is she actually going to run as a Democrat? Or is she going to declare she is independent, otherwise known as “caucusing with the Democrats?”
    Either way, at least she is not pretending to be conservative any more.
    Just popped over and donated a few more $ to Kelly.

  12. A vote for Lease-A is a vote for Biden’s policies that are costing you triple the price of meat when compared to a year ago. A vote for Lease-A is a vote to shut down all resource-based businesses in Alaska. Can you really afford to vote for Lease-A? If so, then it’s time for you to move to California.

  13. Oh Yes, our esteemed and darling Senator!
    Well, I would like to express a sincere “Thanks” for whatever you do, whatever you’ve done, whatever you think you you’ve done, whatever the political elites think you’ve done, and finally wish you the best of luck in your personal endeavors “post” public service.
    In reality, Alaska and Alaskans deserve better, and that doesn’t look like another 6-years of Daddy’s Little Princess! Rather, that’s looking a lot like Kelly Tshibaka.

  14. Seems reasonable to expect Alaska’s Dominion-controlled, ranked-choice voting scheme plus the endorsement of Alaska’s top Leftists will assure the Senator’s re-election as often as the Senator wishes
    …and will assure the money flow to Important Alaskans continues uninterrupted.
    What more could voters want?

  15. The comments of the far right fringe readers who frequent this blog don’t reflect the views of most Alaskans. Murkowski will defeat Tsibaka in a landslide. Won’t even be close.

    • Bring on the absentee, mail-in, harvested and fraudulent votes.
      And don’t forget to keep the Dominion ballot counting machines plugged-in to the internet.

  16. Why the sheeple didn’t riot when frank the bank appointed his “what-ever-she-is” is beyond me….

  17. It made no sense to work against President Trump when he is so solidly for the 1776 liberties and rights of the US Constitution for Americans. Also he is firmly interested in Alaskan economic issues. He welcomed working with Alaskan Republicans. There was no reason not to work with him. Very bad results now for AK. Senator Kelly Tshibaka will display principles in line with Alaskan interests. Make Alaska Great for Once.

      • President Trump had familial connections with this state before many others got here. Alaska is a part of his history also. And, he likes it. Our elected representatives should not clam up when working with him.

  18. In a sane world having the endorsement of these four culls would be the kiss of death for any politician, but in a world of Dominion voting systems, ranked choice voting & mail in ballots anything is possible! I mean just look at the most popular President in history – Beijing Biden!

  19. Okay, is it just me, but ANYONE Mr. Fields endorses, should automatically be avoided. The same goes for Bryce Edgmon, who has lorded it over regular Alaskans for years. Having not been a fan of Lisa for some years, these endorsements simply confirm that she is not on Alaska’s side and we can do better.

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