Former chief equity officer settles with Anchorage


Clifford Armstrong, the former chief equity officer for the Mayor’s Office, has agreed to resolve all pending claims in the case involving his dismissal from the municipality. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed by either party.

“The outcome of this case was the result of good faith negotiations between both parties,” the Mayor’s Office said.

Armstrong was hired by the unelected acting mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson in April, immediately before Mayor Dave Bronson won the run-off election in May against Quinn-Davidson’s pick, Forrest Dunbar.

Bronson released Armstrong from employment and hired a new chief equity officer. The leftist Assembly objected to Armstrong losing his job, and said that the Assembly must agree to any firing of a person who holds this particular position. The Mayor’s Office sasserted that was a violation of the separation of powers, and the matter was headed to court.

Mayor Dave Bronson and Clifford Armstrong issued the following statements:

“Unfortunately, I became entangled in a larger political and legal dispute related to the Chief Equity Officer position,” said Armstrong. “I am happy with this settlement as it removes me from that dispute. I wish the MOA and the new Chief Equity Officer good luck going forward.”

“I wish Mr. Armstrong all the best in his future endeavors,” said Mayor Dave Bronson in a statement.

After he was fired, Armstrong published a cartoon that depicted the administration as the Ku Klux Klan.


  1. So the taxpayers get to pay a person for not working! And we are the ones who pay when the Assembly buts its nose into the Administration’s responsibilities. I’m not happy that I have to pay for the Assembly’s wrongdoings.

    • This is a two way street. May just be that no one wants to pay for the MOA missteps. “Butting” goes both ways just depends on where you stand on the issues.

    • Please try to pay attention. It was not the Assembly which fired Mr. Armstrong. It was the mayor. And now we taxpayers get to pay an undisclosed settlement due to the mayor’s incompetence.

      • Lol, pretty sure your liberal left cronies abused their powers to hire the guy in the first place. Give it a rest!

      • So which was worse, a one time payout or, a multi year 110k plus the cushy MOA retirement and health care package, with zero services rendered. You want to blame a mayor, look towards the in elected one that started this whole fiasco.

        • And is the new equity officer hired by Mayor Bronson working for free, or is he collecting a salary plus cushy MOA retirement and health care package? What services has he rendered? What savings have the taxpayers realized?

          • Go take a look at all of the 6 figure MOA positions the Anchorage taxpayers fork out taxes to support. You might be quite shocked. That is just their salary, then look into how that salary can nearly double between the 100% paid health care and retirement. I take it you are a MOA employee and probably are deflecting from the facts that the MOA property tax payers are being ripped off by a large group of people who migrated to the MOA, due to the fact that they were unable to make it in the Private Sector.

            the Tacoma guys lawyer blabbed that the post equity guy received 125k from the MOA for his departure. I find that to be a savings vs what he may have received from a court case.

    • I agree. The Muni property taxpayers should not have to pay a penny for Austin Quinn-Davidson’s last minute overreach that was, by all accounts, a very selfish and self-serving decision.

      At the time I am paying much more than ever in Muni property taxes, I’d like to know how much Quinn-Davidson’s screw up cost us.

      • Hey! Austin Quinn-Davidson decided the taxes payers would foot the $50,000 lawyers fee for this!

  2. Good riddance. Now the mayor should come up with a gun rights activist position that the assembly has to work with and cannot fire even if the person is not doing much of anything and not even in the state most of the time and still collecting a pay check.

    • Unfortunately, with their consistent and ever-present hypocrisy, what is sauce for the non-radical-leftist goose is somehow never sauce for the radical-leftist gander.

  3. Not even the 1st 2nd or 3rd time the city has paid off on things like this. Sad. But Hey… if you don’t pay your property taxes to support this garbage …men with guns will come and remove you from your house. Think about it.

  4. Whatever they paid to get rid of the guy was probably a bargain. All the left wants is more ways to divide us. Sounds like this guy would have been taking tax payer dollars AND sowing division. Better to have the one and not the other, or worse, both.

  5. Looks like Chris Constant is all of a sudden without a pawn to beat the mayor over the head with. While I find Mr. Armstrong’s attitude and cartoon despicable, I applaud his good sense of getting “the hell out of Dodge”.

  6. Settlement. Meaning he caved and realized the mayor does have the power to fire him. Otherwise, why would he settle?


    • TAXPAYER MONEY, your question reveals how little you know of our corrupt judicial system. The reason 95% of all civil cases settle is that everyone knows going to trial is a ghastly and foreboding prospect that should be avoided at all cost. Its so bad even the winner loses.

  7. Adn has an article by Chris Constant. I guess it’s fine by him for someone not to show up to work and get paid. As a taxpayer I don’t agree with funds going to hand outs. If he showed up to work and got displaced that would be something else.

  8. Equality has always meant (constitutionally) to assure everyone has equal opportunities as an American; it is a rightful concern of our government. Obviously, we may inherit more or less opportunities from our parents… which is not a rightful concern of our government.
    Equity, on the other hand, is the concept of assuring everyone ends up with the same outcome regardless of how diligently they individually pursue opportunities. Equity is a communist concept that is not provided for in our constitution. Accordingly, no governmental entity in America should have anything called an “Equity Officer.” Alternatively, we could rightfully have “Opportunity Officers.” However, careful thought tells us that all elected officials, judges, game wardens, police, government officials of any type, should all be viewed as “Opportunity Officers.” Therefore, there should be no need for an officer exclusively described in this vague manner.

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