Rep. Talerico clarifies: It’s Mike Cronk for District 6


Retiring Rep. Dave Talerico has repeated his endorsement for Mike Cronk for District 6, in response to false advertising appearing in the Interior Alaska district.

After a flyer for no-party candidate Elijah Verhagen made it appear that he had the endorsement of the very popular representative from Healy, voters in the Interior region were confused. The flyer also made it appear Verhagen has the endorsement of Sen. Dan Sullivan.

Both Sen. Sullivan and Rep. Talerico have endorsed Cronk, a retired middle school teacher from Tok.

 “I have exclusively endorsed Mike Cronk for the House District 6 seat. Any publications or notifications that are contrary to that are completely false,” Talerico said.

Sen. Lora Reinbold of Eagle River, also mentioned on the flyer, did endorse Verhagen and said she has never met Cronk. While Verhagen was a legislative aide, he worked for Reinbold. Must Read Alaska reached out to former Gov. Sean Parnell for comment and has not heard back.

Cronk also won the support of House Rep. Laddie Shaw, while Verhagen has the support of his brother, Josh Verhagen, the Republican mayor of Nenana, and Samantha Thompson, mayor of Anderson. Thompson, an undeclared voter, signed the recall petition against Gov. Mike Dunleavy in 2019.


  1. I only support Verhagen while I speed through Nenana at 70 mph. The Mormon Troopers in Nenana give me a pass every time, after I pull out my Verhagen bumper sticker and put it on the window. Soon as I leave the Nenana City limits I display my Cronk sign on the car.

    • Julie Hnilicka, reminds me of AOC.
      Cute, but on the dumb side. Alaska and especially District 6 does not need an AOC in the Legislature. Hnilicka has a lot of growing up to do. Apparently, she needs to find a steady place of employment for about 10 years then get her own house somewhere actually located IN District 6. Then she should take some harder classes in college, like Economics and Logic. After that, maybe read some of the writings of her heros Ruth Ginsberg, Barak Hussein Obama, Lenin and Karl Marx. Without relying on misrepresentations and lying of her past accomplishments, there is really not much to Julie except a cutesy AOC face. With her in Juneau, Alaska would be a laughing stock.
      Please vote for Mike Cronk and save our District 6 from ruination.

      • King learned from me, Flower. The difference is, I also carry my Communist Manifesto and my Commie beret just in case I bump into Julie Hnilicka on one of her roadside junkets. My buddy got her phone number after he displayed his Democrat registration to her. She’s already preparing for Juneau

        • Good tips! I actually enjoy Nenana and rarely speed but I know so many people who have gotten speeding tickets there that I drive through there on the verge of a stall.

  2. …..LOL. King of Uganda, good one! The little Communist babe, Julie Hnilicka, probably carries a Verhagen sticker too. LOL.

  3. Mormonism and Communism are not exactly what the voters of District 6 are
    gravitating towards. Verhagen and Hnilicka have to hide their predilictions through sophistry and dishonest campaign rhetoric. Neither can garner a majority. Both are from Nenana, and Hnilicka lives with her parents. The only mature candidate is Mike Cronk, a family guy with a stellar reputation and nothing to hide or cover-up. He alone is best for District 6.

  4. That mail piece is a so-called independent expenditure by a union group, presumably not coordinated with Elijah. It is a slimy, dishonest attempt to peel off support for Mike Cronk. If Elijah were running on his own in a Republican primary, he may be worthy of support–but he didn’t do that. He is a spoiler in this race–and that is not good. I have endorsed Mike Cronk–a man I have known for more than 30 years. He is the real deal.

    • I agree with Loren. Mike Cronk is our only choice. As a primary candidate for District 6, I ask all of you who voted for me to please vote for Mike Cronk. He has my full support.

      • Julie Morris is a true Patriot and a proud Republican. She stays with her party despite her loss in the primary. Outstanding lady!
        By contrast,John Coghill, who’s family was in politics for 60 years in Alaska, will be remembered by this: Sour grapes. A poor legacy for a family once known for their Republican loyalty.
        Mike Cronk to win for District 6!

      • Julie,
        You are the best. We love you.
        Hope Mike beats the stuffing out of that little child, Julia Hnilicka. What an egomaniac, with no credentials. A fake, through and through.

  5. Good on ya, Loren. We are so glad the former Lt. Governor is another person who wants to keep the socialist/Marxist Hnilicka off the state payroll. Go Mike Cronk.

  6. Thanks for the clarification Loren. I always know who NOT to vote for when I drive by the local union office buildings and of course Julie Hnilicka’s 4 x 8 sign is there. These “Independent” candidates are always on the left side of the political spectrum. They are just afraid to call themselves Democrats because of the socialist/marxist baggage associated with the Democrat platform.

    • Julie Hnilicka has no job. She ran errands for her dad’s business in Nenana. A snowflake. Left-wing and brainwashed by her professors at UAF. Immature. Perfect set-up by unions and the Democrats to fool the voters in District 6. Do not vote for Verhagen, the Mormon spoiler. Vote for MIKE CRONK.

  7. Samantha Thompson’s full time job is the State of Alaska District court clerk (Nenana), as a State employee she is in violation of Misuse of Official Position ( AS 39.52.120) as is the mayor of Eagle who is a DOT employee.

  8. Wow. A popular meme refers to Donald Trump as Jim Jones version 2.0. Way to go with your calm, sensible reasoning that allows one to dispell such a notion (*guffaw*). And you’re saying that the Alaska State Troopers are a part of this grand Mormon conspiracy (*chortle*)? So anyone driving up Brayton Drive will find three AST vehicles in the parking lot of the temple at all times (*snort*)? Anyway, thanks to all of you for confirming my wise decision to leave the Republican Party. I drink strong black coffee and Mountain Dew, not Kool-Aid.

    • Sean, calm down buddy. Put your Book of Mormon into the glove box. The Nenana Mormons have some smart law enforcement. The marked cars are used for standard patrol. The unmarked cars are for revenue production If everybody racing through Nenana knew the “secret handshake” Verhagan wouldn’t get any campaign contributions. And Julie Hnilicka wouldn’t get any attention with her illegal, roadside campaign parking stops. After the election, Verhagen should convert Hnilicka from Buddhism to the Mormon Church and grow the Nenana congregation.

      • ……or Julie Hnilicka could use her future roadside stops for recruiting and conversion purposes, and hand out the Books of Mormon on Verhagen’s behalf. Go MIKE!

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