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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Rep. Pruitt to Dunleavy: Release PFDs early


House Minority Rep. Lance Pruitt is asking Gov. Mike Dunleavy to direct the Alaska Department of Revenue to distribute this year’s Permanent Fund dividend payments as soon as legally possible.

“The law gives the Governor and Commissioner of Revenue wide latitude as far as payment of the Permanent Fund Dividend,” Pruitt said. “Rather than wait until the traditional October date, releasing the funds as early as he legally can after the July 1 effective date, would give immediate critical financial assistance to Alaskan families and also infuse our state’s economy with cash it desperately needs during this difficult time.”

In a letter to the governor, Pruitt encouraged Dunleavy to notify the Permanent Fund Corporation of his intentions as soon as possible so investments can be liquidated without significant loss. It would also enable the state to get cash into the hands of Alaskans quickly, several weeks after the federal stimulus payments are delivered.

“Alaskans need assistance and our state is well-equipped to provide it,” added Rep. Pruitt. “While many of our members are dissatisfied with the amount of assistance the Legislature chose to provide, every dollar will help Alaskan families during this critical time, and I hope the Governor is receptive to our request.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • No…Veto the turd that the house and senate passed and let them try again. We’re not going to accept crumbs and set a precedent to losing our full PFDs to these crooks!!

    • Mr. Williams: Keep spewing. When you get that out of the way, try and concentrate on getting something done.

  • Lance,why start following the law now when the legislature didn’t give a damn about Alaskan families….. The horse has already left the barn..

  • “While many of our members are dissatisfied with the amount of assistance the Legislature chose to provide, ………….

    That pretty much spells it out right there. Worthless as tits on a boar hog my grandpa used to say.

    • Well, I’ve been enjoying your comments for quite awhile, Mr. Forkner. When I saw that your Grandpa said the same thing mine used to say, I knew we had something in common. Your comment made my day!

      • That makes me happy.

      • Can’t take Kansas out of the boy.

        • In my case, it was Minnesota. I’m an old farm girl.

    • Your grandpa was so right. If you feel that way why didn’t you support Eastman? The Governor needs to veto and sign an executive order allowing them to to vote a paper notarized ballot. They don’t need to be in Juneau collecting per diems and we have plenty of thieves here as it is.

  • The Legislature and all the House don’t suffer the way we people who work, when work is available do, they become millionaires in their first year in office, their families have it made, the PFD was not theirs to begin with, now they want the whole bag. And all that is……is greed, give our PFD back

  • I agree with Pruitt. And make sure that Dunleavy gets credit for helping those Alaskans during this time in need.

  • Give us our PFD!! WE need it desperately at this time. Dunleavy, do the right thing!!

  • No. Veto the budget, then call a special session in Wasilla to force those lawbreaking thieves to face their constituents. Releasing the October PFD early without requiring payback of stolen PFD funds is tacit acceptance of a legislature out of touch with the challenges Alaskans face in this unprecedented time of crisis.

  • Lots of Socialists wanting their handout from the government now.

    • Not socialists, but stakeholders. We own the natural resources in this state. Just asking for what is rightfully ours comrade.

  • Every 3 days they were in session they received more in per diem that they are giving us back of “our money”. Rep. Edgmon is talking about them holding another session. More money for them! Go figure!

    • He may be in deep dodo. Fishing season in jeopardy in his district. Boards he resides on don’t like lost money.

    • He may be in deep dodo. Fishing season in jeopardy in his district. Boards he resides on don’t like lost money. The house majority is running out of time to fix this. It’s squarely on their shoulders.

  • Good idea from Lance. Does the Governor have an ability to allow teleconferencing for floor votes and committee hearings so we can get them back to work and our ability to put the pressure on them as to the PFD, Constitutional Amendments stuck in the Senate (passed out of Judiciary). I know there was a bill, think it was Mike Shower to do the teleconferencing, Cathy blocked.

    • Mike Shower is outstanding. Yes pass the teleconferencing bill. No more per diems. People outside Juneau handle your business and make sure they know how you feel.

  • The chance to do that was last Saturday night when a majority in both houses decided to vote yes on the concurrence stripping the extra $1000 economic relief payment from the ERA. It’s a little late. And not fair to put it on the shoulders of the governor after failing to take the right stand when it mattered.

  • We’re all getting a big entitlement check soon from the Feds. I would guess most of us on this thread don’t need it yet. And, we’re greedy to milk the Permanent Fund for more, which wasn’t enshrined in the Alaska constitution to file out perpetual entitlements (especially when our State is running off the fiscal cliff).
    If anything figure out a way to use State funds to help small businesses or unemployed families who need the temporary assistance. Don’t send out massive checks to everyone.
    Many of these comments illustrate the entitlement mentality described by great conservative thinkers like Hayek and Friedman. The entitlement mentality knows no political boundaries. Everybody loves something for nothing and it’s hard to let go and do the right thing.

    • Then El, turn the money back to the State and for sure the Feds. Obviously you don’t need the extra and no desire to help the economy by spending it. Me and us conservatives will do with that money as we wish as free Americans/Alaskans.

    • Yes, please feel free to return your money to the Federal and State governments and you can therefore feel like you did your part. However giving the PFD and the stimulus money (which by the way doesn’t go to those who make millions of dollars) will help those people pay their bills, feed their families, pay for their housing, and essentially survive during this time. Furthermore, the PFD was established for the people of Alaska and Governor Hammond NEVER intended for it to be an account for State government to raid and spend willy nilly. That is why the provisions were set in place that prohibited them from touching the reserve funds. Now they want to be crooks and steal what isn’t theirs rather than trimming government and the State budget.

  • Lawlesslators doing anything to help Alaskans who are not part of the political elite?

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • Where are all the folks who claimed the PF was a rainy day fund? Looked around lately, if the PF was a rainy day fund then now is the time to disperse the dividend to the people.

    • Steve-O,
      The plan may be to hang onto it and when the state is literally in ashes, use the PF to rebuild. There will be no Phoenix here coming from the ashes because we had no self sustaining government in the first place. Just a bunch of slugs and leeches in Juneau who leave a slime line when the move about.

  • Agreed!!!!

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