Sporting goods stores closed



By order of the mayor of Anchorage, sporting goods stores around Anchorage were shuttered today for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. Municipal workers ordered Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop to close until further notice.

A survey of other shops that remain open showed that gun stores are remaining open, as are pawn shops, check-cashing shops, e-cigarette stores, liquor stores, and pot stores. Churches are closed, as are bars and sit-down restaurants.

Target remains open because it has a food department, but Cabela’s, which is next door, was shuttered today.

In other municipal news, as of April 8 at midnight, the People Mover will stop running until further notice.

AnchorRIDES will provide a limited number of trips to People Mover bus riders. Enrollment in this service is required and trips must be scheduled 1-7 days in advance. For details visit:…/…/Pages/COVID19TransitInformation.aspx


  1. Seems to me that we should shut down the liquor stores, pawn shops, etc…as well. They are certainly not “essential”.

    • Maybe not essential to you.
      Probably pretty essential to those employed there though.
      I think instead maybe we should just not be shutting anything down.
      If **** is about to hit the fan, I’m just glad they’re closing all of the gun, camping, survival stores.
      Wouldn’t want us running around all able to survive and stuff.

    • Liquor stores unfortunately are essential. As sad as it is, severe alcoholism is one of the few addictions for which quitting cold turkey can cause death.

  2. Obedience is what’s demanded by the mayor. Obey him or else!!
    Power has gone to his head…are The Brown Shirts next?

  3. People are poor, and need to pawn their wares and the family silverware passed down from grandma just to buy spam. I can see that. Booze may actually save lives. Keep folks from committing suicide from depression. Plus, bourbon is loaded with anti oxidants. Since the house majority stole our pfd money, we need all the help we can to stay healthy.

    • Wow another pissed PFD guy… you do realize he never had that money to give out in the first place don’t you. Amazing how many people voted based on that fat PFD….

      • The money is there …….. until it was stolen by the great Alaska criminal Bill Walker and his child sex abuser accomplice. Now, they are both in hiding. Get an education, Chucker.

  4. Lower 48 law suits have started over sporting goods stores closures. Anchorage mayor…. no can do because the store sells firearms and ammunition! Not even mentioning the fact of out and out discriminatory actions where liquor and pot stores are staying open and neither is specifically protected by the U.S. Constutition!!! Federal precedent was decided after Hurricane Katrina 2005. Federal Law state the public must have access to purchasing and acquiring firearms and ammunition! Either the municipality of Anchorage re-opens these stores or face a federal law suit forcing them to reopen!!! your choice mayor

  5. Our boy mayor certainly likes his emergency orders, doesn’t he?

    And the rationale for closing them other than because he thinks he can is what, precisely?

    Cheers –

    • “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Thus said Comrade Ethan’s idol, Rahm Emmanuel, several years ago and he recently repeated it. The last time I checked, the Mayor’s edict does not supersede either the US or Alaska constitutions. Comrade Ethan will lose this eventually, but it will take some time.

  6. All business is essential, its how we make living, feed our families, and grow our community. Its certainly more essential than a Progressive Mayor with a Napoleon complex.

  7. I thought the Governor named gun stores as essential businesses and that municipalities couldn’t close the gun stores.

  8. Morons leading sheep ……Stop closing any more businesses . Why are the airlines still flying people ????? Should have stopped long ago . Supply flights, I get it . Sporting good stores carry items people need in hard times … and disasters. What are we doing to our country and state ? Listening to the news and falling for all the cra cra BS panic. Turn off the news . Keep separated and take precautions yes . But all this taking away of lively hoods is ridiculous. Easy for people who are on the State and City payroll to support and not worry about money …..but people that don’t have that, certainly won’t get help financially from the City or State …..Voted down the Governor’s initiative to give Alaskans money they need, that belongs to them . What a joke Juneau is ….Criminals is more like it. We will get through this together ……sure we will . People will help each other. The State surely won’t and neither will the city …..

  9. Another thoughtless edict from the mayor of the largest city in the state who can’t bother to wear a tie at official proceedings/press events. That plus the man’s
    world view, pathetic. No clue, and no respect. Wake up people and remove him and all the others in this town from public office with this mindset.

  10. Don’t worry TSA still reported over 125,000 passengers took to the friendly skies accross the U.S. today.
    You can still get a direct flight from JFK to Mexico City (two C-19 hotspots in North America).
    Liquor stores are now requesting to provide “take out” and Burger King still pumps out Whoppers?
    There is a rapid reshaping of our American economy as small businesses across Seattle remove store front windows and replace them with boarded up planks?
    Is America getting ready for 30 percent unemployment in the 21st century?

  11. All businesses should have the option to close or remain open themselves. If one must close or is able to stay open, they all should. The favoritism being displayed is disgraceful. Liquor stores, pot stores, pawn shops are essential? Essential to what? Staying drunk, high and pawning your stuff to maintain that “essential” euphoria? How many businesses will never open again after the forced closures bankrupt them? I certainly think safety precautions should be observed by all. Not only by the disfavored ones that are forced to close, many for good, and on who’s say so? Little ethan? Not good enough. All for one, one for all? Is that a fairy tale? Sure seems to be in the current atmosphere. Just like the PFD money. Most Alaskans will have little or none. Liberal democrats, cronies and accompanying sycophants will be receiving the lions share of all Alaskans’ much needed PFD’s. Alaskans will receive nothing or very little. The entire ‘virus’ thing is starting to seem like some huge, intricate scam allowing leftists to propagate their agenda and everyone else to suffer. Next thing you know, a war will “break out” and be blamed on the virus as a convenient cover. Think I’m kidding? All the signs are there to see if one looks. I almost wish I hadn’t. I trust our President implicitly. I don’t trust all those surrounding him. Same for our Governor.

  12. Was just in the Sportsman Warehouse at Fairbanks location. 5pm on Friday. Only 50 shoppers at a time allowed. I counted about 10. A huge sale was advertised in the paper for this weekend.

  13. But pot stores are “essential”? And they are just now stopping the bus? That’s negligent as hell.

  14. Liquor stores are essential. If you are an alcoholic they are more essential than most can imagine ! It gets real –quick !

  15. If we were honest about what is “essential” the list would be much much smaller.
    What do you need to live? Not what do you “need” to go to work and pay the bills, or what you “need” to send your kids to school. But what do you need to make it through a cold winter like the one we are still getting through? Do you need weed? Do you need alcohol? Do you need clothes? Do you need a gun? Do you need electricity? Do you need firewood? Do you need gas? Do you need food?
    Want and need are very different things. Need is what is essential.

  16. What are you people thinking? Look at what’s going on everywhere……..and you all balk at these measures to protect us ?

  17. Oh believe me if Spendowitz could get away with it all the gun and ammo stores would be closed. He has already issued a stay home order for the city right? What more do you need? Oh yeah and he asked the criminals real nice like to take a break from stealing and stuff.

  18. All these closures are just getting most everyone used to ordering on-line. When the closures are lifted, there may be a lot less shopping local, and a lot more small business bankruptcies.
    I’m needing a micro wood stove and a small gas generator so I can camp out in my 10ft toy hauler. I was wanting to buy local but now I’m ordering on-line.
    By the way, has anyone wondered about whose friends and families own the pawn shops, liquor stores and pot shops?

    • Andrew Halco for one, is in the pot business. You know it…anything that is left “essential” is somehow connected to Berky and his cronies.

  19. Essential = Taxes

    The Muni gets tax revenue from these “essential” businesses for each sale. Am I correct?

  20. Have to keep the liquor stores open because if the alcohol tax goes into affect after the election in a few days, he wants to be ready to suck the funds. I can hear the sucking sounds now! God, I hope that doesn’t pass. If it doesn’t, he will probably close them.

  21. What is the claimed source for the authority to force businesses closures? At an absolute minimum, I don’t want my property taxes to fund the legal defense of an action with dubious legal basis.

    • I was stating right before the virus was still not spreading wide enough and I said Shut down the airport like 3 month ago and minimizes the risk that way it easier to take care. Now we are over 300k cases and now people are panic attacks. Weeds, pot, alcohol and tobacco are not essential items and you don’t need those to keep you alive, but you want them.

  22. Pretty sure SW sold beef jerkey and other food items as well as SHTF supplies that are certainly needed. They must have not been on the down low pay line.

  23. Cabela’s and Bass pro were shut down a week before Sportsman’s, started with them moved to Mountain View and boondocks and then other stores, finishing with Sportsman’s. No logic in picking, guess Berky must have brand loyalty. Beyond being essential to hunting and fishing, they all supply goods for slope workers, first responders, home protection. I feel bad for fish and game, for all the bear permits there about to get hit with. Can’t get them anywhere else now.

  24. What we have going on is what state politicians can most screw up their state and keep the people under lock down. One big ego contest is all

  25. Physical distance (6’ minimum), no sitting, wash hands, sanitize hand touchable surfaces, everybody stay home if sick and call your Doctor for instructions.
    If Private Businesses can comply with the above, it’s their choice to open or close. Customers and Owners will determine what is best for their situation.
    The Mayor has control over Public Services and can order them to do whatever he deems necessary for Public and Employee Safety, including the Homeless.
    Most all of us want to be safe and stay healthy, especially during this COVID Pandemic.

  26. The gun stores are still open just not big sporting goods stores. And the pawn shops are open, too. Read the article.

  27. Given the choice of being able to buy a gun or avoid a ventilator and a possibly agonizing death, I’ll choose the latter, thanks. Get with the program folks and put aside your dangerous Libertarian/Conservative ideologies, at least for a while. The life saved might be yours, or one of those that you love. Oh, and by the way, I’m a gun owner.


    • No I don’t want to be like you or your values. I want to know what makes these stores any more at risk than the pot shops and car wash and city employees and lowes and taxis and well hopefully you might get the point but not likely as you cannot see the sun from your view.

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