Rep. Jordan, chair of Judiciary, subpoenas Education, FBI, Homeland Security over investigation of parents who protest critical race theory, gender ideology


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, representing Ohio’s 4th District, sent a warning shot over the bow of the Biden Administration on Friday, subpoenaing top officials to hand over documents to the committee relating to investigations of Americans who merely protest their local school board policies.

Subpoenas were sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, and others.

According to the subpoenas, the officials are “commanded” to produce documents to the Judiciary Committee by March 1. The subpoena comes as Jordan sent four letters to various officials Friday, calling for information and interviews the committee has been requesting, in a final warning shot before he sent the subpoena their way.

The subpoenas relate to a memo sent by Attorney General Garland, describing a “spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence” against school boards.

It’s a mission that Jordan has been on for months, after it was discovered that the National School Board Association was directing the actions of the White House, in order to criminalize parents who become school activists. In November, Jordan wrote to FBI Director Wray, saying that if the documents didn’t get turned over, there would likely be a subpoena during the 118th Congress, as control changed over to the Republicans.

“Over the past twenty-one months, we have made several requests for information and documents concerning the Biden Administration’s misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings. We reiterated and itemized these requests in our recent letter of October 17, 2022, which is enclosed for your convenience. To date, you have ignored these requests. Please be aware that if our requests remain outstanding at the beginning of the 118th Congress, the Committee may be forced to resort to compulsory process to obtain the material we require,” Jordan wrote in November.

In January, the Biden Administration told Jordan he would have to resubmit all of his requests for documents, now that he was going to be in the Republican majority in January. The Feb. 3 subpoena is the answer to the White House’s digging in of its heels.

In 2021, citing an increase in what it called harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school board members, teachers and workers in public schools, Attorney General Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices to begin meeting with federal, state, Tribal, territorial and local law enforcement leaders to discuss strategies for addressing what it saw as a trend that may require the heavy hand of federal authorities.

“Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values,” wrote Garland. “Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety.”

The White House and the National School Board Association were, that year, coordinating with federal officials to criminalize parents who have started to pay attention to what their local school boards are promulgating with critical race theory and gender ideology.

A report to the House Judiciary committee last year said that the FBI was artificially inflating statistics about domestic violent extremism in the nation. 

“Whistleblowers have described how FBI leadership is pressuring line agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism even if the matter does not meet the criteria. They also explained how the FBI is misrepresenting the scale of domestic violent extremism nationwide by categorizing January 6th-related investigations as organic cases stemming from local field offices, instead of all related to one single incident. In both ways, the FBI is fueling the Biden Administration’s narrative that domestic violent extremism is the biggest threat to our nation,” the report said.

“The FBI is abusing its counterterrorism authorities to investigate parents who spoke at school board meetings. Whistleblowers disclosed how, shortly after the National School Boards Association urged President Biden to use the Patriot Act against American parents, the FBI Counterterrorism Division set up a special “threat tag” to track school board-related cases. Whistleblowers provided evidence of how the FBI opened investigations into one mom for allegedly telling a local school board ‘we are coming for you’ and a dad simply because he ‘rails against the government’ and ‘has a lot of guns,'” the report said.

Read the Department of Justice memo on its investigations into threats against school officials.

Read the House Judiciary report on the politicization of the FBI’s investigation.


  1. Hooray for Jim Jordan!
    His investigations will probably go nowhere, and have no significant effect, but at least he is calling out the hypocrisies and lies of the usurper Biden cabal, and the gross partisan politicization of the USA’s so-called intelligence agencies.

    • My advice to the people he’s calling would be to just ignore the subpoenas, continuing the trend set by the (now happily defunct) Trump administration.

      Have you ever seen an angrier, more hostile man than Jordan? What a wretched human being.

  2. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party is infinite. Jim Jordan demands cooperation from others but he was too pig headed to comply with a subpoena from the committee investigating the the Trump supported attack on the capital and the constitutionally mandated peaceful transfer of power.

    I understand why honest patriotic Reagan republicans are switching to the independent ticket.

    • Lucinda/ Maureen, do you Sybil twins please stop commenting. Your lame af comments really do not represent the conversation at hand.

      The problem with the unelected rulers seem to not understand that they are the employees of we the people, the tax payer. We as citizens who fund this circus must demand action from our elected public employees/ politicians, to reign in the ruling in the form of regulation. Let the house not raise the debt ceiling and like Regan with the air traffic controllers, start releasing non essential employees, in a un rehireable condition.

        • Denali-As was Jordan by his example in not honoring the sunpoena he was given when he was not in power.

          • Maureen, that was simply because the farcical star-chamber January 6th committee was an illegitimate and unconstitutional political witch hunt from the get-go, and you know it, and everyone else knows it, too.

          • What? The supena to the J6 show trial which produced propaganda? Where are the 14,000 cctv hours from that day. You know the ones that showed the capital police beating Rosalind Boyle to death? The hours showing the agitators/ alphabet soup agents leading the charge? Why would anyone in their right mind show up to support such rubbish?

    • The subpoenas came from an illegal committee. This is the same game your liberal friends started so sit back and watch.

    • Don’t worry it’s your sides turn to be questioned but the world already knows your liberal friends are nothing but liars.

      • Mark, Issues get investigated by congress. Illegal acts get investigated by congress. What you describe is antithema to governing.

  3. I am not holding my breath. Nothing will happen except spend money and the media will lap it up. People should be on trial and in jail for things they have done but it won’t happen. Look how long it took for the law to figure out Alec Baldwin is guilty and watch him get a pat on the hand. The politicians talk big but you can measure results with an inch ruler. The politicians both side have sold this country down the river for money and power. Lots of hot air in DC right now.

  4. There’s way too many Government Agencies with too much un-checked power, in some cases these agencies have un-checked policing powers. There is very little efficiency and/or utility in many of these Agencies, as well as, rife with bureaucracy and political malcontent. It’s long past due to trim the waste and cut the fat, completely eliminate the many non-essential, and return to more means-tested and balanced Government structure.

  5. Glad to see Lucinda is still eating hand fulls of pot edibles like her beloved Kamala Harris is, the Laughter from Lucinda’s latest comment can be heard from Alaska to Washington DC, boy we sure do have a mental Illness problem in this Country, aswell well as a serious Drug problem. Pretty pathetic!

  6. Rep. Jordan is extradaordinary in this day and age for securing and defending US Constitutional rights of all current legal residents of the US. As such a proponent of the US Constitution he would be considered an “actual disturbance” at Anchorage publicly noticed/invited public Assembly meetings and his rights usurped and he diverted to the Anchorage jail as have other local articulate conservatives who have attended at great legal risk to themselves to state their political rights to speech to their good for nothing as regards the US Constitution elected public servants.

  7. The “liberals” always go to sex. “Oh, conservative so-n-so has accusation of sex around him!”. The liberals sex proponants turn immediately to sex accusations at first conservative, oppositional public political speech. It’s just the way they are wired evidently. They always accuse accordingly. ALWAYS.

  8. Speaking of investigations, rumor has it that the DOJ is sniffing around Bronson and his funny business with WEKA.

    You heard it here first.

  9. I think it’s rather unfair and UNAlaskan for folks to gang up and tell others they shouldn’t comment JUST BECAUSE a different point of view is less provincial and unegalitarian. But, that’s beside the point. Which is commentary on Mr Jordan and his chance to potentially ‘score points’ with the political base that elected someone with questions of immoral behavior in the public schools, and his petty demagoguery over demanding reviews of school board meetings by law enforcement. We all know this particular conflagration began over public mandates for decreasing transmission of COVID-19, and now that that heat of the moment has past, a lot of nasty things were said and done in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ and disgraceful display of fisticuffs at school board meetings all over the country. If, indeed, an investigation CAN POSSIBLY be held that provides fair and just coverage of what went on where, I’d be betting that the perpetrators of the dog and pony show in Congress will be eating crow. (So to speak– I have nothing against crows, Steller jays, or any members of the raven family).

    • Next time you take a long walk wondering about the elected leader of Israel, ponder your public education.

      As bad as it must have been, surely they attempted to teach you about the use of things called paragraphs.

  10. Consider the difficulty in devising and editing paragraphs on a SmartPhone let alone, attempts to dispel efforts of an insistent spell-check. As most sentences began with capitalization and seemingly correct and appropriate punctuation marks, one might presume the whole screed was composed as a single thought … .
    Anyway, thanks for reading.

    As you can tell, the business of showboating, among other activities (e.g. stepping out to the restroom at inopportune moments, or bringing up bizarre initiatives such as ‘denouncing socialism’ by duly elected representatives) it is rather tiresome –us having to constantly make excuses for them. But again that is beside the point. And, I think I’d rather be skiing.

    By the way, to promote lifelong learning, the Israeli style of running elections makes for interesting reading.

    • Since I don’t obsess on what Israel does, I focus on topics more important to America life. Like our electoral system.

      I also have zero problem with Jews ac a whole, so I’m not driven by that, either.

  11. I’m curious about something. For all the attacks on Jordan, few attackers have commented on his topic.

    The DOJ, certainly under Biden, perhaps longer, appears to be actively investigating parents over their opposition to policies supported by the current administration.

    That should bother everyone. But somehow it doesn’t appear to.

    The day will come when the political left is not ascendent. Probably soon. Then this whole process can swing in the other direction. Like a President Jordan having the DOJ go after parental supporters of CRT and trans issues.

    I would have thought after Harry Reid handed the Supreme Court to the right, the left would have figured this out. The tool you use today will be used on you tomorrow.

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