Rep. Chris Tuck drops out of House District 13 race


After over a decade of serving a south-central portion of Anchorage in the Legislature, Rep. Chris Tuck is leaving office.

Redistricting put him into the same district as Rep. Andy Josephson. Both are Democrats, but Tuck was the House Majority leader during the past two years and is seen as a moderate Democrat, while Josephson is considered hardline left.

That leaves Josephson to run against Republican Kathy Henslee and Alaskan Independence Party candidate Timothy Huit.

Tuck, who has served in the Legislature since winning a House seat in 2008, is said to have a lot of work in the private sector right now. He is a business representative with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 and works as an electrician.

Henslee, a realtor, ran for Assembly and lost to Meg Zaletel earlier this year but is now a well-known name in the district. Josephson is also a well-known name, as he is pro-tax, pro-abortion, and considered a foe of a full Permanent Fund dividend.


  1. There is no such thing as a “moderate” democrat these days. The party is so left now that there is no compromising on issues with democrats without totally abandoning one’s conservative principles. [See Anchorage Assembly as a prime example of leftist lunacy]. So now in this election we have a certifiable leftist in Josephson running against a Republican candidate and an Alaska Independent Party candidate (how many fellow AIP members are in the legislature?). Josephson must be smiling about the two conservative candidates splitting the vote. Perhaps the R and AIP candidates can compete for the consolation prize of who is the MOST conservative. That would be very reassuring to the prize winner.

    • Same exact thing can be said about “moderate” republicans. You better not call yourself a republican and not believe in Jesus, you better not call yourself a republican and be okay with limited abortion. At this point, you either need to align with one of two parties, and accept every single piece of propaganda, associated with them.

      Wanna be a democrat? You better accept science except when it comes to gender and therefore gender equality. You better accept the fact that if you are white and heterosexual, you need to keep your mouth shut in all social welfare discussions.

      Wanna be a republican? You better accept Jesus and not only that, you better insist that everyone around you is forced to conform to laws and regulations based on Christianity’s teachings and morals. You simply must believe that any and every time a republican loses an election, it can only be due to cheating.

      Republicans want to take the world back to the dark ages, democrats want to take the world to Mars. They both suck.

  2. Why would any elected official in this State NOT VOTE TO RETURN OUR PFD BACK TO WHERE IT WAS SUCCESSFUL AND SERVED THE CITIZENS AS PROMISED FOR 40 years? DO TJE VOTING RIGHTS OF CITIZENS STAND FOR NOTHING? What will legislators decide to take from the citizens next? If one crooked thief- WALKER- decides he wants to totally change our entire constitution do we stand by because our elected officials will not listen to our wants, needs, wishes and what royalties are legally ours?
    The people in this state have no power, no one to represent them, no options! My grandparents and parents and thousands of Alaskan citizens voted in good faith to protect the PFD from scumbags and thieves! They knew and feared that the oil companies would buy politicians to control how much they have to pay to get our

  3. The proponents of rank voting claimed it would bring more moderate representation, this flies in the face of that. In other places where rank voting has been used people on the same side of the political aisle run together to try and get more people out to vote with the message of ranking them 1 and 2, it’s interesting to see that thus far the Democrats seem to be more in favor of abandoning this method and more in favor of restricting the choice of voters. In this race is it more likely that a Henslee or Huit voter would rank one or the other as number 2 or Josephson? Maybe the Democrats are hoping voters won’t rank a second choice?

  4. Hopefully the middle leaning voters don’t split Henslee vote because ‘I don’t vote for democrats and republicans, i am independent. That the dems won’t split Josephson’s vote with an independent.

  5. So…. Chris Tuck was still a Business Representative for IBEW while also a member of the legislature during all those special sessions the last few years? Talk about burning the candle on both ends! No wonder he’s “burned” out.

  6. Tuck is approachable and nice. He stood against the national id and for its delays. He was on the wrong side of covid mandates since they are all ultra vires – outside any delegated Constitutional authority. Democrats seem to be misdirected by globalist agendas which are all destructive of this nation as we shall continue to see unfortunately.


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