Speak only when spoken to, kids: Youth Advisory Commission is takeover target for Anchorage Assembly


It’s not enough to pass an ordinance — AO 2022-60 — that will give the Assembly a path to impeach a duly elected mayor. That controversial ordinance will be revisited by the Assembly on July 12 after much hue and cry from the public and a strategic decision on Tuesday by the Assembly to wait until they can seat another liberal member on the body for downtown Anchorage.

Now, the Assembly leadership has an ordinance that will give it the power to appoint the Youth Advisory Commission, taking that power away from the youth commission, who last year changed their procedures to vote as a body to appoint their representative to the Assembly.

The current youth member of the Assembly is conservative and outspoken. Sarah Price, who was voted by the commission in January, but not seated by the Assembly until May, has only been to three meetings. But she has challenged Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance on her and the majority’s attempt to create an impeachment process for the mayor, and sided with the conservative adult members of the Assembly.

Thus, on Tuesday night, AO No. 2022-69, was offered by LaFrance, proposing to seize the power of the Youth Advisory Commission to appoint their representative and award that power to LaFrance, who would appoint someone who agrees with her.

Price excoriated LaFrance during the meeting on Tuesday during a traditional “moment of personal privilege.” Price pointed out that it had taken the Assembly five months to seat her as the youth representative after she had been elected by her peers, and that the ordinance to remove the power and voice of the youth commission had not even been shown to the members of the YAC before it was introduced as a last-minute agenda item on Tuesday.

Price called the move “devious,” and said that the role for the youth representative on the Assembly is not meant to be just a token seat-filler who would be both nominated and approved by the Assembly.

Later, LaFrance prevented Price from being able to speak on the topic, since she had already spoken.

Several young people who attended the meeting also objected to the takeover of the Youth Advisory Council by the Assembly and said so on the record during the public comment period.

The Youth Advisory Commission has a unique ability in code to nominate two youth commissioners to the Assembly — one regular, and one alternate. In the past, during the administration of liberal Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, the member was chosen by the mayor and was a leftist, who resigned from the youth commission when Dave Bronson became mayor, declaring the administration “homophobic.”

Since the group has been meeting, it established a new method for picking its ambassador to the Assembly, something that could come to an end with AO 2022-69.

As Price was using her time at the end of the meeting to ask the Assembly to not overrule the will of the Youth Advisory Commission, her microphone was cut off, something that has happened before with conservative speakers.

The crowd jeered and pointed out that other microphones were live still, as LaFrance attempted to blame the cut mic on a technical issue.


  1. The is assembly is so power hungry they even want the power to appoint a member who doesn’t have power to vote simply because they don’t like the “wrong speak” the current youth member espouses because youth aren’t supposed to be conservative

  2. The current assembly majority seems bent on turbocharging the EAGLEXIT movement. Alaskans seeking a good life will not tolerate domination by such clumsy attempts at tyranny.

  3. The “assembly” just want to get back to communist garden days where the residents were dutifully tucked into their homes, not going to work, faces swaddled with masks while the assembly wallowed in lonely vain glory deciding who was essential and who was not. They will never leave this possession of dreamland power. Never. They will each have to be massively voted out. Never again can CDC, NATO, WHO be given our sovereignty as Joe Biden is planning to do again right now just to be a nice globalist. No loyalty to his nation or the republic. Thanks Dems.

  4. As I have commented previously, at some point decent people will have to declare that they have had quite enough of Assemblymembers LaFrance and Constant (with Mr. Dunbar quietly speaking in their ears).

    What a snake pit. I am ashamed to admit that I am subject to actions of this group.

  5. Just how much of this communist dictatorship are you going to “tolerate” Anchorage?

  6. Proud of yourselves, Anchorage? You keep re-electing these Bolsheviks.

    Girl will be lucky if the don’t send her to a reeducation camp.

  7. She need to be a city council member, board
    & commission member, or public official. She’s ready. I am sure she knows other young men and women that they, too, are ready for being more
    involved than training wheels youth leaderships. Time to take the training wheels off and go forward.

  8. Worst group (mostly) of assembly people EVER!! So sad to see anchorage turn into such a crap show at the hands of power hungry fools. It may never recover from their devastating choices. Pure evil.

  9. I hope Ms. Price’s vim and vigor are representative of her generation. If so, we got nothing to worry about once this current crop Stalinists flushes through the system. This young woman thoroughly reveals Le France for what she is.

  10. When I arrived in Anchorage in 1979 I went to an Assembly meeting, an Assembly member, who is still in Anchorage today, walked by me and gave me a big smile. I thought my skin was going to crawl off my body, never been back!

  11. We should have a vote to eliminate the power of the assembly. Turn all matters of local government to the executive. The assembly no longer represents their constituents and instead votes as a team to push their own agenda, and now wishes to eliminate anyone who states a contrary opinion. They need to be stripped of power before it is too late. Power corrupts.

    • It’s already there. It’s called elections.
      But Anchorage is too lazy to vote.

      You do it to yourselves every election.

    • And they are trying to give themselves absolute power.
      Id vote to eliminate the Assembly, it no longer supports our community.
      Thank you Trig.

  12. Funny how technical problems always seem to happen when the leftists majority is forced to hear things they do not want to hear.
    What are the odds…
    One point, critique not criticism. Sarah Price should try to avoid direct accusations. This Assembly does not believe in… is a bad choice of words. The actions of this Assembly demonstrate a lack of belief in… is much better.
    The first one will engage a leftist in a debate about their beliefs, and that is a losing debate.
    The second one will prompt a discussion about whether the policies and ordinances the Assembly is pushing for are in line with the word and intent of the US Constitution, democracy, or public governance. And, Sarah Price can win the argument.

  13. Just checked into it.
    The Youth Advisory Commission is under the Mayor’s office. It is officially a part of the Executive Branch of the Muni Government.
    Under what bizarre logic does the Assembly think they should be appointing the Chair of that commission?

  14. Nothing will ever change on the Assembly until Alaska has a Governor with enough spine to enact a comprehensive forensic audit of election security in Alaska which would include a review of Dominion Voting systems, mail in ballots, ballot harvesting and vote counting observer irregularities. A handful of states are doing just that and have found significant fraud. The documentary “2000 Mules” should be required viewing by state election authorities.

  15. What is noticeable here is that the same misanthropes that foam at the mouth at anyone normal want to use the most normal meeting procedural processes to silence the normal. Then the unbelievable hypocrites of a demented OZ will spout “But what is normal” ???

  16. Probably more to the point, especially in context with current events and Assembly makeup, Anchorage’s Assembly members, all of them, simply want the equivalent of a Youth Grooming Commission.
    Of course we include Assembly members formerly known as conservatives who apparently lacked character to vote against “Pride Month”.
    Why? Because they’ll look even weaker, more useless, if they support Pride but not Youth Grooming.
    If they don’t support Youth Grooming. Boy Constant’ll get mad at them and they can’t handle that, which is arguably why they voted for Pride Month in the first place, no?
    Mayor B., why let Sarah flounder in the Assemby cesspool, why not offer Sarah a job as, say, Youth Advisor to the Mayor with authority to speak about youth issues on behalf of the Mayor’s office, at Assembly meetings?
    On a cautionary note, Madam Editor, may we respectfully remind that Peoples Assembly Chair LaFrance is also an Alaska Municipal League Director (https://www.akml.org/about/board-of-directors/).
    The prime directive of Alaska Municipal League is “To safeguard the interests, rights and privileges of Alaskan municipalities as they may be affected by Federal and State governmental actions” (https://www.akml.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2019-AML-Bylaws.pdf)
    …”municipalities”, not us. That’s real power.
    Peoples Director LaFrance’s Alaska Municipal League controls $446,488,182.43 (https://amlip.org/)
    …our tax money, but theirs to use for anything they want.
    For these reasons we may not want to risk annoying Peoples Director LaFrance because she is very nice and Alaska Municipal League has a lot of money and we’d really like to get some of it.

  17. “Oh, what a gift He’d gi’e us; to see oursel’s as ithers see us”. Irish Proverb.

  18. Just like in the universities and in the media, they make arenas they are managing insufferable for anyone that opposes their shallow minded hive mind and they only use intellect to justify their preconceived self righteous flaky beliefs and their double standards, but most of the time they don’t even do that. They just plow ahead and roll their eyes at all of the “incompassionate” or “uneducated” public that stand in their way of controlling all that they have anointed themselves to control. They don’t feel a need to make compelling arguments that stand tallest by using facts, logic, principles, and integrity. They just do and take because their numbers are large and that’s enough for them to ignore how they embrace mob rule.

    Conservatives and true independents need to start remaining instead of fleeing the conversations, professional fields, the regions, and the industries that liberals have made insufferable. The only way we can get back to civil discourse is by engaging with love and strength and not allow us to take the path of least resistance that they have created for us which is isolation, which we happen to handle far better and actually enjoy more than they do because we are strong and independent and ultimately just want freedom and liberty for everyone. We can find more immediate liberty and freedom in isolation but that won’t last.

    Eaglexit is something Eagle River deserves, but it’s also running away from a problem that will eventually make Eagle River and the valley like the isolated places in California that become radical and extreme in their hatred towards liberals.

    Anyway. Miss Price has the right idea and is very honorable but it’s up to all of us to inform the rest of what’s going on and stop being satisfied with preaching only to the choir. We all know what the mainstream media likes to do and we have to combat that by engaging with strength and wisdom that persuades those that can still listen or are in the dark.

    Even many on the left want to restore civil discourse between the spectrums and Price is absolutely right. This is only going to bring more unrest. Rational people on either side should be able to see that if they just simply know what’s going on.

    This assembly needs a complete overhaul.

    Stay strong Anchorage. Use this. Don’t let it throw up your hands.

  19. Since mob rule seems to have been taken over by the Assembly, WHEN/What are the state regulations of any outside Anchorage governing official(s) going to step in and take over and correct this situation, since they seem to think they have overruling powers of the mayor.

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