Recall group can collect signatures, high court says



Recall Dunleavy Committee can proceed with collecting signatures on the petition to recall the governor, even while the case is being argued before the Supreme Court. The ruling came on Friday afternoon.

The Supreme Court said that while the Superior Court judge considered the harm to Stand Tall With Mike, if the petitioners were allowed to proceed with their signature gathering, the Superior Court judge did not consider the harm to the recall committee.

“However, the superior court did not expressly consider the harm to Recall Dunleavy resulting from a stay, and as a result it appears to have applied an incorrect analysis,” the ruling states.

The ruling is a serious setback for the team defending Gov. Mike Dunleavy, represented by both the State Department of Law, in its capacity of defending the Division of Elections, and Stand Tall with Mike, an independent group.

The rapidity of the court schedule is what is most telling:

The briefs have to be filed in 11 days, and oral arguments are set for March 25. Even more telling is that the court has said it would rule on the same day.

The court appears to be ready to ramrod the matter through so the question can appear on special election, low-turnout ballot, in the middle of the summer.


    • If your statement is true then there is truly nothing to worry about. I can tell you I was a vote for Mike two November’s ago, I can also tell you if this recall happens I will be a vote for Meyers taking the reins. My vote for Dunleavy came out of loyalty to the R, but I’ve come to realize we’re not all one in the same in the way we want to see this State move forward.
      Two years ago I attended a few of the debates and walked away from each with very little confidence in the man we now call our governor. My hope was he would surround himself with competent people and the man I saw at the debates wouldn’t matter. That hasn’t happened. While I understand Meyer’s doesn’t fit the bill for the more conservative leaning R’s, but in my view (for what it’s worth) he is by far the most competent elected official with an office on the third floor.

  1. Wow! The court states it will rule on the same day before any oral arguments have even been made. What confidence! It reminds of Valentine’s day long ago when I gave my 2nd-grade crush a heart full of chocolates only to see she already had a larger heart of chocolates on her desk and was showing all her girlfriends a fancy Valentine’s card from her new boyfriend.
    My gift didn’t change anything. Susie’s ruling was already made.
    And she didn’t give it back either.
    I hate to say it, but the court may already be digging into the box of chocolates from the Recall folks.

  2. If he is popular, then he shouldn’t worry. The fact that all of SE and Coastal and Alaska is in crisis and he is currently the #9 least popular governor in the US (and falling according to Morning Consult) isn’t good news for him though.

    • The guy somehow thought he had a mandate to do anything he wanted because he promised $6k to everyone. And he has single-handedly ruined the State’s university and ferry system and thinks he can stall this off until oil prices get back to $100.
      The fact that the SC doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy is also not good news for him IMO.

      • Really Bill, “he has single-handedly ruined the State’s university and ferry system” so there were no problems with these institutions before he took office? Talk about tooth fairy…what a sad, sad joke that somebody would even write such nonsense let alone believe it.
        What do you advise we do Bill, tax all working Alaskans at 100% or more of their pay to pay for state government? An income tax as proposed by the Walker administration would have paid for maybe a week to 10 days worth of spending, that was a 2-3% income tax, do the math.
        Talk about the tooth fairy, our government spends too much that’s the reality of it. Recall Dunleavy all you want, it won’t change that fact.

        • Steve O,
          An income tax is not the silver bullet, but it is a good start.
          Support for all the mom & pop businesses in SE that use the ferry service to resupply their shelves and get their goods to market would also help a bunch.
          So would retaining good people instead of showing them the door especially based on political beliefs alone.
          As for the University System there is much duplication in positions just like the school districts accross the state.
          The big problem that I see is that this administration brought in outside minds to find solutions for problems inside our state…
          That did not work out very well in my opinion.

        • The fact is that Oil won’t pay our way anymore-how that is remedied remains to be seen. Another fact is that Dunleavy will be recalled-he knows it and so do you.

  3. Stand Tall Governor. More Troops are on the way. We will rid Alaska of the RINO Majority and put Alaska back on track. We need to replace most of the Senate most of the Rinos are up this election. We must get a large group of folks to stand with you and against the Tyranny that is SB26. It is not the precedent. Statutory law must be maintained without a vote of the people the special interest must not prevail.

    The PFD topped over 68 Billion Wednesday…and earnings is not the problem. It is how earnings is accounted for by the legislature and the fact that they want to hold on to 50% of our private sector generated earnings for general slush (Spend on anything) fund and then make our 50% of the earnings be a competitive budget football only releasing what they feel we can afford under the umbrella of a POMV or special interest money grab. REPEAL SB26 and the dividend will follow the Private sector. The private sector earnings will follow our investments in Natural Resources. SB26 is bad if not worse than SB91 was for Crime.

  4. No. Just means that they can gather signatures. There is still the issue regarding the legal basis for the recall. The ASC has yet to hear that issue. It is separate from the gathering of signatures. Mid summer of this year, no. All the Dunleavy crew has to do is to make it into year 4, in which case the court will not duplicate the reelection election, the recall would be moot.

  5. The people who scream the loudest that Trump is destroying “democracy” (which would include free elections) have started working to de-legitimize election results if their candidate didn’t win. That ought to be a clue to anyone paying attention. Apparently, no one on the left is, or (and more likely), they don’t care. Because the tactic of the left now is – if your side didn’t win, just undo the election results by any means possible.

  6. Although he has a better team of advisers in Stevens, MacKinnon, and Huber the damage was done by policies pushed by Donna and Tuckerman. Although the backpedaling has helped it hasn’t been far or fast enough. The last straw for me is proposing a lottery rather than a broad-based tax of some sort. A great complement to marijuana legalization, another gimmick that conservatives supported because they thought it would keep money in their pockets.

    So let’s just increase the social dysfunction all the more by introducing a lottery! It will be great for pawn shop entrepreneurs and alarm salesmen (as Montanans who lived there through the 1990s will tell you). Alaska is becoming such a great place to raise a family!! Not.

    Even though I supported Dunleavy in the general election I will be proudly voting him out during the recall and hoping for a thoughtful conservative on the next ballot.

  7. I hear a lot of wishful thinking on the part of leftists on these comments who “supposedly” voted for Dunleavy last time.. I highly doubt it. It doesn’t jive with my real world experience. Much like with Trump, I know too many people who didn’t vote last time, or who voted against him, who say they will vote against the recall, in essence FOR Dunleavy.. to believe that that is the prevailing opinion. The only shot this has to fly is by holding it when very few people will turn out-which is why the Alaska “High” Court is setting up to do just that, and collude with the recallers to try and sneak this thru. I don’t think that will happen, but it tells you a lot that they absolutely do not want this election to happen in November, let alone at the next scheduled election for Governor; because leftists don’t trust the people to decide for themselves. That’s what the PFD is about, that’s what the recall is about, and the impeachment and Russia Hoax before that. The left hates the will of the voter, or rather, the left hates it must sometimes acknowledge that will. If they could get rid of elections they would.

    • Just love it Lawrence, your bit about sneaking this through after AG craps all over himself in an outrageous stall on this signature gathering.
      This is a constitutional remedy for just such an occurrence-A gov. who has run amock. It should already have been a done deal IMO.

    • There’s also a lot of delusional thinking by pseudo-conservatives. You know, those who pay NO state tax, receive the highest federal subsidies in the USA on a per capita basis, and receive massive State entitlements (eg. PFDs and a range of public services) – all the while complaining about the”leftists” who want everyone to pay their fair share, reduce entitlements, and uphold the intent of voters who passed the 1976 Constitutional Amendment to create the Permanent Fund. In most states this is a conservative position, only in Alaska can one argue for greater entitlements and less individual responsibility and claim to be a conservative. It’s delusional.

  8. Well I did vote for him and I will vote him out. What he has done to the ferry system is ridiculous we didn’t have to go down this path. As far as taxes put a sales tax in place and remove oil tax credits.

  9. That’s a grown up position; no cuts ever. Just find someone else to pay for what you want. With that mindset you’ll get the government you deserve alright, unfortunately you’ll hurt a lot of hard working people in the process.

    On second thought, maybe you should run? You would fit right in with the house and senate leadership..

  10. The Ferry system needs to pay for itself like the Alaskan Railroad. It needs to stop being so subsidized by the Government. Before you say the road system does not pay for itself it sure does have more dollars from the actual users than the Ferry System called a Gas Tax.

  11. Steve,
    The railroad absolutely receives government subsidies, very interested in where that info came from.

    • Look on the ARRC website. They are run like a private corporation and must sustain themselves and the ARRC employees are not state employees. I have done a research project on Transportation assets in the State that is where I get my information.

  12. Steve,
    The railroad does receive federal funds and while their employees may not be considered “State employees” they are all public employees. While this information may not be on their website it is factual.

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