Alaska transgender wo/man marathoner could compete in Olympics trials as female


A transgender female Alaskan, born male but with the help of drugs is living as a woman, may be the first transgender athlete to compete in the U.S. Olympic marathon trials in Atlanta this month, if he/she qualifies passes the ‘chemistry” test.

Megan Youngren, 29, qualified for the women’s marathon trials when he/she placed 40th in Sacramento at the California International Marathon on Dec. 8. The Olympic marathon trial in Atlanta is Feb. 29.

Youngren is from Soldotna. He/she began taking hormones in 2011 to suppress male qualities and enhance female qualities, and “came out” as transgender in 2012. He/she began running in 2013 to lose weight associated with the medications, and for health reasons, according to Sports Illustrated, which described Youngren as an Alaska Native.

U.S. Track and Field’s transgender policies include “certain medical benchmarks be achieved,” including not having testosterone over a certain level for the year leading up to the competition. The organization stops short of requiring surgery for men presenting as women; for women transitioned to appear male, there are no barricades to competing against men.

“The intent of this policy is to establish competitive eligibility and to help ensure fair competition. The policy also contains safeguards to protect the privacy of any athlete(s) making the request for eligibility.”

Youngren competed in the Fairbanks Equinox Marathon in 2016. In August of 2019 Youngren finished second overall in the Kenai Salmon Run, placing ahead of 10 men in that race. He/She also finished second in the Anchorage RunFest marathon among women, and third overall. In the Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon in 2019, Youngren came in second in the women’s division, behind former UAA skier and current assistant Nordic coach Marine Dusser, whose time of 3:05:49 beat Youngren by 22 seconds.

In Connecticut this week, the parents of three teen women filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girls sports.

Represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the three teen athletes are saying that those with male anatomy who are competing in their division are depriving from from track titles and scholarship opportunities.


  1. You cannot change basic DNA or anything other than superficial sex characteristics. Body mass, bone structure and muscle composition are still male. This entire debacle has been decimating to many women’s sports.

  2. OMG. I heard everything now. It’s fine if you want to be a he/she, but it’s a huge disadvantage to naturally born women. The men still have the skeleton of a man and strengthened ligaments and other advantages. One disadvantage would be the junk he she is still carrying and the added weight of a jockstrap.

  3. There are two genders. The males of the species have a penis and the females do not. Just saying you feel like a female does not give you the right to compete in female athletic contests.
    I have had a snootful of people demanding to be treated like a special being because they think they were given the wrong genitals at birth.

  4. I’m an avid runner and do not agree with the admission of trans athletes into their transitioned gender’s class. I believe that some trans-gender athletes have a biological advantage; some, but maybe not all, and because I’m not smart enough to figure out a good screening tool, I think we should leave a bright line in place for now. But, I take great offense to both Ms. Downing’s use of the he/she pronoun obfuscation and Ms. Zimmerman’s confused binary equation. We can hold reasonable societal lines without being insulting or ignorant. Ms. Downing’s approach is a passive aggressive shot at some individuals’ search for an adequate level of gender comfort, and she is no less than a bully in her approach. Ms. Zimmerman’s binary logic ignores the medical fact that some people are born with both male and female genitalia — so what does that make them? Inhuman? If you can accept that people born with both genitalia are either male or female, then you can’t escape that one of their genitalia is wrong. Using this logic, it stands to reason that folks can be born with genitalia that does not match their predominant physiological composition. I know I’m ignoring that argument that they may be both male and female, but I’m doing it for the sake of keeping things simple. How about we try not to be jerks about gender, but kindly set reasonable boundaries while part of our society deals with their gender issues?

    • B, could you also entertain that Ms. Downing WAS being sensitive to half of the world’s population (women) by not calling a person with a penis and ZERO experience going through what women go through (puberty, girl drama, periods, pregnancy, etc) a “she”?
      Do you see how avoiding insulting the many women could have been a chance she chose to take by possibly only offending this person (and you) by offering up both pronouns instead?
      Are women so dull and common and not unique that ANY man can become recognized as one given some determination? Apparently so, according to you and yes, a few other vocal folks. So many songs celebrating the unique virtues of being a woman need to be canceled, yes?
      I believe I share the belief with many that women are not easily duplicated with a knife, a conviction, or politically correct semantics.

      • Yes Scott, I can entertain it, and still don’t buy it. The women I know are strong enough not to need Ms. Downing to obfuscate pronouns on their behalf. But I’m sure Ms. Downing appreciates your advocacy.

        • Yes, B, most women are strong beyond pronouns, unlike some folks. Funny how some preach inclusivity for all but if you are inclusive with your pronoun useage, “he/she”, you’ll be damned, often on behalf of those we assume must not be strong enough. Kind of an unintentional insult to the he/she “victim.”

    • And after that, not knowing either of us, you don’t deserve a response. Maybe a Biology 101 class would help though.

  5. All the real girls have to do is boycott all female athletic events until this nonsense is put to rest.
    Sure, it’s the nuclear option, but the politically correct, but stupid promoters won’t listen to anything less.
    LGBTQ got to where there at by being loud, demanding, and obnoxious. They got extraordinary rights just to shut them up. Well, play their game back to them.

    • Ya it’s the nuclear option but it would leave them all there to just…play with themselves! Sounds as wrong as it is!

      • The event sponsors, the advertisers, and everyone profiting from women’s sporting events would howl to the moon if the girls cut off their cash cow.
        The girls would show up, salute the audience, hold up a “NO/T’s” sign, and walk off.The audience would most likely support them, and demand their money back at the ticket-gate.
        It would need to happen just once. The ‘T’s would sue, and lose. End of BS!
        We’re talking about the best female athletes America has to offer. You think America would allow these girls to be shut out, like Regan did to the air-traffic controllers? Then replace them with the scrubs? It would take years to raise another batch of talent.

  6. No, who’s on first. “What is the name of the town next to Which?” “Yes. “Costello: Now I throw the ball to first base, whoever it is drops the ball, so the guy runs to second. Who picks up the ball and throws it to What. What throws it to I Don’t Know. I Don’t Know throws it back to Tomorrow—a triple play.
    Abbott: Yeah, it could be.
    Costello: Another guy gets up and it’s a long fly ball to Because. Why? I don’t know. He’s on third, and I don’t give a darn!
    Abbott: What was that?
    Costello: I said, I DON’T GIVE A DARN!
    Abbott: Oh, that’s our shortstop!

  7. How is it possible that everybody agrees that Rachel Dolezal isn’t black but we can’t agree what a man or woman is? I won’t argue the point that this guy thinks he’s a she, to each their own, but just because you think you are something does not make it so. I think I am a great singer, but as it turns out I am not. I think I am blessed with immense strength, but as it turns out I am not. I think I am a good looking guy, but as it turns out I am not.
    If Megan Youngren wants to run in marathons then good for him/her/they or whatever pronoun is politically correct, but men compete against men in feats of strength and endurance and women compete against women in feats of strength and endurance. If he/she/they want to compete in feats of strength and endurance with people like themselves then by all means do so, if the Olympic committee doesn’t allow a he/she/they category then work to change that.

    • Why not the Trans Olympics? In all seriousness, I bet it would draw a huge fan base. Since there wouldn’t be that many, they wouldn’t “get lost on a crowd”. They would stand out!
      I can see the product endorsements and all that! Advertisers would be falling all over themselves.

  8. I agree with JosephDJ. Real girls and women should come together and boycott events where boys/men are allowed to compete as women. This lunacy needs to be nipped in the bud.

  9. I just love this insanity. Its coming full circle and I’m ecstatic that naturally born women have to deal with a minority of their gender forcing this crap upon society. Y’all made the bed, now sleep in it. Oh, and here’s the truth: There are only two genders. Always have been, always will be. ?

    • If just one of these fake “women” had to actually have periods and bloating and give birth and and and and….. the things that are also part of being female, it would kill them.

      • Yes, being a real woman is so difficult, especially in the West. Let’s see…. ultimate choice of life or not and if life is chosen, forced payments from the baby daddy. If death is chosen, baby daddy has no recourse. Priority hire and college admissions thanks to Affirmative Action, to name a couple. Generally held less accountable as they get lesser sentencing from the courts and favors from cops, as leniency in citations.

        All of that for cramps, bloating, periods and giving birth. I’d trade in a heartbeat. No wonder dudes are transforming into “women”.

        The really cool part – I’m still a dude but now have female privilege. What’s there not to love about 2020?

  10. My crotch is just fine thank you. The fact that I aggressively defend my opinion on here is not up for your debate. People can call me out that’s fine that’s what this site is for for intelligent educated keyword there educated people to voice their opinion. That’s something that I will always do before I let snowflakes and socialist and extreme liberals tear this country apart. So bring it on.

  11. I realize that there are some whom are born physically gender ambiguous. It doesn’t seem fair, and I wouldn’t have wanted to have to deal with that sort of issue.
    I also realize that some are born mentally, and emotionally gender ambiguous. Boys who prefer playing with dolls, and girls who prefer playing with toy trucks. I get it!
    I get it, that someone who was born male, waited until they became an adult, wherein they decided to switch to their preferred gender. They have that right to do so.
    What I don’t get is that they know that all the hormone treatment in the world can’t undo their first 20 years or so, of being a man. Yet they think it reasonable for them to compete in female sporting events, against women who never had the physical development of a man for their first 20 years.
    Even if hormone treatment effectually neutralizes their physical strength and endurance, not giving them any unfair advantage, it still doesn’t seem right. They would still have the bone and tendon/muscle structure, with the narrow hips of a man.
    Then there’s the psychological advantage, of the women losing their confidence, in having to compete against what they still consider to be a man. They would automatically believe that they can’t win, which would become an self-fulfilling prophecy.
    It just strikes me as very self-centered, with a total lack of empathy. IMO, a real trans would have a sense of fair play, and refrain from competing in women’s sports.

    • Of course this isn’t right but you miss the point – a man or a woman are able to choose to transition to the opposite gender and when they do, they also demand to have all rights and privileges that the gender provides. It’s all or nothing. Can’t cherry pick what someone who is legally recognized as whatever gender they choose as to what they can/can’t do as that gender.

      • Laws in America allow any man to declare themselves as a woman, but if they then compete in women’s sports, they have such a huge advantage that they’re cheating real women out of scholarships and stuff. They’re changing women’s sports beyond recognition.
        The real girls have the right to compete on a level playing field. They were born as girls, no choice there.
        Any violation of fair play can get a participant booted out of the event. T’s, competing against real girls, are inherently a violation of the spirit of fair play. It completely disrupts the results, skews the stats, and will cost in attendance. Who’s going to attend when you already know who’s going to win? A T’s victory will be hollow, and they will be hated for even participating.
        When players began kneeling during the National Anthem, it cost big time at the ticket box, and cost a sizeable number of fans forever.
        I haven’t watched a football game ever since, and I won’t ever go back.
        If T’s compete in the women’s Olympic events, I won’t bother to watch, and I won’t be alone in that.
        No amount of clever PC arguments will ever clean this up.

      • And since we pursue to legalize with the full force of the law someone’s gender choice, Jeff, we should not be surprised when that man who chooses to be a woman demands that you pay for his choice that he/she now wants some surgery…paid for by you. It’s “all or nothing., right?” It sounds like you’ll choose “all” and we’ll provide it. We are already opening our wallets providing additional bathrooms, medical procedures for inmates and those too poor to pay for their own transition. Well, it’s fair…or is it cherry-picked welfare picked by the trans person?
        You would laugh at me if I told you as a white guy I want to be black and be treated as such, including some medical hair implants paid for by you since I am too poor or in prison. But of course, you’d laugh because that’s getting a little extreme, unlike gender stuff.
        “All or nothing,” Jeff? Be careful what you wish for in the arena of tolerance and equality.

        • I won’t be paying….. the 1% will. If you identify as a black dude by all means, get with the program. Reminds me of a blind Dave Chapelle who thought he was a white clansman.

          • Those darn 1% rich folks. Hope they stick around when we stick it to them for being rich and pay for the surgeries, etc! Apparently, Jeff, they are the only ones who pay the “fair” share according to you. Strange that the mantra is to say they don’t. But you got me this time! Glad you won’t be paying. Maybe I’ll arrange my finances in such a way I don’t have to pay for services I disagree with too.

      • And since we pursue to legalize with the full force of the law someone’s gender choice, Jeff, we should not be surprised when that man who chooses to be a woman demands that you also pay for his choice to now have some surgery…paid for by you. It’s “all or nothing, right?” It sounds like you’ll choose “all” and we’ll provide it. We are already opening our wallets providing additional bathrooms, medical procedures for inmates and those too poor to pay for their own transition. Well, it’s fair…or is it cherry-picked welfare picked by the trans person?
        You would laugh at me if I told you as a white guy I always felt black and wanted to be treated as such, including some medical hair implants paid for by you since I am too poor or in prison. But of course, you’d laugh because that’s getting a little extreme, unlike gender stuff.
        “All or nothing,” Jeff? Be careful what you wish for in the arena of tolerance and equality. It’s OK to draw some lines in the face of a screeching minority.

  12. No man can be a female. Transgenderism is a sickness and deemed by the medical community as a form of mental illness. This is not a female. This is a confused male taking drugs to make him appear as a female. This person has not had surgery to make this real, so in my opinion it is no more than a man acting and dressing as a woman. Competing in the Olympics as a female, when they are a man still with their genitals intact? They have no business competing anywhere as a woman. I’m sick of this mental disease being pushed onto us. Why this craziness is being allowed is beyond me…

    • How about women who transition to men? Are they as mentally ill? Is she a confused woman taking drugs to appear as a man? I say “he” can compete as a male now.

  13. A slap in the face to all the women who have trained so hard for this race. Tantamount to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

    • Ever watch a transgendered bodybuilding contest? Men trying to be women who are trying to be men. It doesn’t get much more eff’ed up than that.

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