Bloomberg on rise in Alaska?



The betting markets are one way to get a gauge on what voters really think. Increasingly, they think Bloomberg is making inroads in the Democrat Party in Alaska and across the country.

The latest charts show that while Bernie Sanders is still No. 1 with Alaska Democrats, Michael Bloomberg is all of a sudden worth placing a bet on.

On Jan. 25, the top betting pools were for Bernie Sanders – 68 cents, Joe Biden 27 cents, and Elizabeth Warren, 12 cents. At the bottom were Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar.

Snapshot of the Jan. 25 bets on the Alaska Democrat primary winner. Michael Bloomberg was not even on the list.

Since Jan. 25, the mood has shifted. Now, Bernie Sanders contracts are selling for 73 cents, but Michael Bloomberg came out of nowhere and is in second place, at 18 cents for the Alaska Democrat Primary.

After the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primaries, the Democrats and the mainstream media are looking for who they can back as the person who will beat Donald Trump, and they’re nervous about the strength of Sanders.

The gamblers give them reason to take a look at Bloomberg . While Sanders is still far ahead of the pack and Bloomberg was not even on the list of wagered candidates in January, now, the national bets put Bloomberg far ahead of Biden and Buttigieg, while Elizabeth Warren is hardly registering for bets.

In Alaska, Sanders is still strong, followed by Bloomberg, who is clearly on the rise and who has been endorsed by Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz:

On Feb. 14, Bernie Sanders is rising, but all of a sudden, Michael Bloomberg is showing up on the charts in Alaska Democrat Primary betting.

Bloomberg is spending heavily on his campaign. NBC News reports that the billionaire spent more than $1 million a day on average during the past two weeks on Facebook and Instagram ads.

The Nevada Democrat Caucus is held on Feb. 22, and early voting starts on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Polling from the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows Sanders is leading for the first time in the 2020 election cycle in Nevada.

According to the the poll, 25 percent of respondents picked Sanders, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist. The next highest preference is Biden at 18 percent.


    • Bernie is the Socialist! Are you for Trump? If you are not, and you don’t want a Socialist in the Presidency, then YOU should be for Mike Bloomberg!!

  1. “After the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primaries, the Democrats and the mainstream media are looking for who they can back as the person who will beat Donald Trump, and they’re nervous about the strength of Sanders.”
    Actually they are nervous that Sanders might be our next president…and that the wealthy will be taxed a fair share on their income.
    Luckily for U.S. citizens we do not let the media and Democratic party decide our next president…although they each will try real hard to sway our opinions left or right in the next few months.

    • Steve, Please explain to me how rich people will somehow be taxed more. Congress, from both sides of the aisle, has created a gigantic IRS tax code that the rich are able to exploit. It certainly doesn’t help when Congress, from both sides of the aisle, keeps shoveling out Corporate Welfare (tax breaks, subsidizes, bailouts, et al).
      There’s also a pesky problem of even trying to figure out how “rich” someone actually is. Rich people own a lot of art, cars, and other commodities that don’t really have value, per se. How does the IRS man/woman try to determine how much a sculpture is worth? Or that antique BMW? And the rich also have a lot of money tied up in stocks, which fluctuate and can also be hidden.
      Until Congress either quits spending on Corporate Welfare or totally restructuring our current tax code, the rich people won’t be paying more in taxes. I, and other middle- and lower-class people, will be the ones paying the tax bills.

    • Ya know, its interesting that you say “the wealthy will be taxed a fair share on their income”. Okay, I’ll play. Just what is “wealthy” in your view? We’ll say this “wealthy” segment started to pay their “fair share”. Do you think it’d be enough to pay for all of what the Colonel wants to “give” to the “middle class”? Here’s the truth: With the exception of those that make less than the national poverty level, we will ALL pay dearly for his crazy ass plans.

      Look, I’m not jealous or mad at the 1%. I don’t find that I need to spend energy on trying to figure out hoe to make them pay. I use my time and energy bettering my own life. Ya know, the American way.

    • Steve, it would appear you think the President has the authorization to set tax policy. The President does not have that ability.

      Congress establishes tax policy…and it is really confusing.

    • You should support Mike Bloomberg. He’s the moderate candidate with a great record and strong progressive stands on everything from racial progress to combatting climate change to health care, to improving our infrastructure, and he has the brains, the know-how and the resources to beat Donald Trump. Go to

  2. The party that vilifies rich, old, white guys is getting, more and more, behind a rich, old, white guy. Hilarious.

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