Reactions: Haley drops, Biden welcomes her voters, and Alaska was top Trump state on Super Tuesday


Donald Trump’s win in Alaska’s GOP Presidential Preference Poll on Tuesday invigorated his supporters and infuriated his detractors.

Alaska Republicans had the most impressive result in the nation for Donald Trump on Tuesday, with 89% of those participating voting for him. That makes Alaska the top state for Trump among the 15 that participated in Super Tuesday.

Only Nevada, which held its Republican caucus on Feb. 19, has posted a higher percentage of support for Trump, at 99%. In the Nevada state-run primary, which does not count toward delegates, Nikki Haley had brought in 30% of the vote, while 63% voted for “none of these.” Trump was not on the official ballot in Nevada.

On Super Tuesday, Alabama followed Alaska with 83% voting for Trump in that state’s primary, where nearly 600,000 people took part. Oklahoma came in at 82%.

Kelly Tshibaka, Alaska director for the Trump campaign, gave credit to Alaskans for taking part in the democratic process:

“I want to express many thanks to those who came to vote and the many faithful volunteers that served at the polls. Republicans across the U.S. have shown overwhelming support for President Trump, and Alaska is no exception. I’m confident President Trump will continue to ride this wave of momentum to victory this November,” Tshibaka said.

Haley suspended her campaign on Wednesday morning in her home state of South Carolina but did not endorse Trump, an indication that she may work against a GOP victory in November.

“It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party and beyond it who did not support him,” Haley said. “And I hope he does that. At its best, politics is about bringing people into your cause, not turning them away.” 

President Joe Biden welcomed her supporters, saying, “Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I want to be clear: There is a place for them in my campaign.”

On Tuesday night, Biden had a dark vision of the future under Trump: “Are we going to keep moving forward or will we allow Donald Trump to drag us backwards into the chaos, division, and darkness that defined his term in office? If Donald Trump returns to the White House, all of this progress is at risk. He is driven by grievance and grift.”

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who supports Trump, had Alaska’s future on his mind: ““Alaskans are smart — they saw how well Alaska was treated by the Trump administration, and they’ve seen how our state is being treated by the Biden administration. I commend everyone for taking part to help make a change for Alaska. Regardless of who your choice was on Super Tuesday, thank you for being part of history in our great state. And thank you to all the volunteers who were so helpful to everyone who came through the doors of the presidential preference poll.”

The Republican National Committee congratulated Trump: “Congratulations to President Trump – the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States!”

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, endorsed Trump on Wednesday morning, saying, “It is abundantly clear that former President Trump has earned the requisite support of Republican voters to be our nominee for President of the United States. It should come as no surprise that, as nominee, he will have my support.”

McConnell said he and Trump had worked well together, and “I look forward to the opportunity of switching from playing defense against the terrible policies the Biden administration has pursued to a sustained offense geared towards making a real difference in improving the lives of the American people.”

View our extensive coverage of Alaska’s Super Tuesday events at this link:

Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, said Haley should support Trump as the presumptive nominee in this spicy interview, in which she told a BBC reporter to “f*** off” after the reporter called Trump supporters “conspiracy theorists” and asked her, “Why don’t you tell us about Jewish space lasers.” Watch here:


    • He posted on X the same bizarre selfie video about 30 times at least so far of himself diagnosing Trump: “TRUMP APPEARS TO HAVE ‘FLUENT APHASIA'” He is trying to make it trend. – sd

  1. The most telling and damning thing about Nikki is how easily she ignores commitments made when expedient. She’ll be a great Democrat.

    Maybe Grandpa Bloodstains will drop Kamala for Nikki.

    Trump, like it or not, is inevitable.

  2. Funny how Nikki doesn’t seem to realize Trump has overwhelming earned the votes of most of the GOP.

    Is she really that dense she didn’t know a large percentage of her voters where democrats?

  3. I wish the Jews did have space lasers. They could cut Hamas out of humanity like the cancer it is.

  4. The only violence, division, and darkness that will come after Trump’s victory would be from the Democrats and their goons going unhinged. They barely held it together during Trump’s first four years. Imagine them seeing him win another four years. I think they can’t accept what they never accepted. When President Lincoln was elected the Southern Democrats didn’t even acknowledge his victory and then seceded from the Union. Todays Democrats will go unhinged. And we already seen what violence they a capable of doing through Antifa, BLM, and local state political tryanny. A second Trump victory will bring more disorder, division, violence From the Democrats than before.

    • Got that 100% correct.
      I am old enough to remember the violence and destruction that happened in DC on Jan 21, 2017.
      Because when toddlers do not get their way, they throw a tantrum.

      • I remember the ‘68 Chicago riots, the Weather Underground, and the Puerto Rico separatist attack on Congress. Ever since JFK, every time the left does get what they want, they turn violent.

        Much as I don’t want it to, I won’t be surprised if there are blue city riots if Trump wins.

      • A perfect description of Trump and his supporters after the 2020 election and on January 6th, 2021. They/he also couldn’t accept what they never accepted. They still don’t.

            • DC?
              Certainly you are not talking about Jan 6th?
              That so-called “insurrection?”
              Get real. Seriously, a bunch of people being allowed into the Capital by the Capital police? Perhaps you missed it, but there is a LOT of video that tells a very different story than the 45 seconds of video the Jan 6th witchhunt… errr.. I mean committee kept showing.
              A handful of bad actors, compared to a massive DC wide riot on Jan 21, 2017? Yeah… proof that Trump supporters are the violent and dangerous ones.
              Get real, read more than the headlines, turn off MSNBC, and stop believing every line of BS that comes from the leftists.

            • How is questioning the questionable things that went on election night equate to violence?
              What dictionary are you reading?

  5. A convicted rapist who cheated on his wife, grabs ussy, increased the national debt by 8 trillion, has been charged with 91 counts of breaking the law and believes Presidents have complete immunity
    And Alaska Republicans love him
    Sad very sad for Alaska

    • You’re not smart enough to understand this, but a win in civil court is far easier and has a much lower bar than criminal court. E Jean tried that claim and lost, because facts mattered over feelings.

      Additionally, most of those 91 charges are stupid, without merit, and politically motivated. Not to mention he has nor been convicted of anything. Not a fan of rule of law?

    • And liberal morons support biological men to compete in women’s sports, illegals being allowed to enter this country at record rates with many of them being terrorists and prone to murdering Americans, higher taxes, the bs push for electric vehicles that don’t perform especially up here, and on and on. And all bs charges against Trump are just that. Look at your hero Fanni. A lying, manipulating, perjuring, thief.

  6. Democrats are done for come November, Joe Biden isn’t fit to bag groceries nevermind get a 2nd term as POTUS. That Tweet with MTG was awesome, that twit reporter stepped right into it too!

  7. TRUMP, pulling 89% in AK907 … Excellent News!
    I’m wondering:
    … if this resonates with Daddy’s Little Princess?
    … if she would entertain coming on over to the Conservative Party?
    … “when” and/or “if” she will want to honestly – effectively represent the AKGOP?
    … if Frank & Nancy need to intervene, call a Time-Out, and have a Fire Side Chat?

  8. I will not vote for Donald Trump. He has no conservative principles and probably no principles at all.

    • Wonderful. You’re on record stating this repeatedly. Your reasons change daily.

      If you’re waiting for a principled politician that suits you, you should run.

      • Actually, the reasons do not change – they are simply too many to list every time. Unless and until Americans demand character and excellence in our leaders, we will continue to have leaders that are incompetent, dishonest or both. Have a nice day.

        • I must add, while listening to the inherently nasty “Grandpa Bloodstains” tonight and the State of the Union, I might be persuaded to change my mind but not for any good reason in support of Trump.

    • You didn’t like peace in the Middle East?
      You didn’t like a controlled border?
      You didn’t like red tape reduced?
      You didn’t like low inflation?
      You didn’t like low interest rates?
      You didn’t like lowest unemployment?
      You didn’t like trillions in US capital flowing back into The U.S.?
      You didn’t like growth in US manufacturing?
      You didn’t like historically low minority unemployment?
      You didn’t like Europe paying its NATO share?
      You didn’t like Putin behaving himself?
      You didn’t like China behaving itself?
      You didn’t like North Korea playin nicely in the sand box?
      You didn’t like affordable gasoline?
      You didn’t like American energy independence?
      You didn’t like Europe buying US rather than Russian natural gas?
      You didn’t like peace in Ukraine?
      You didn’t like Mexico helping out with the Migrant Flood to our south?
      You didn’t like supply chains that worked?
      Etc. Etc. Etc. ? ? ?

      Jeepers, JMARK, we’re voting for a chief executive not a saint. If your looking for perfection, keep Jesus Christ in your life. If your looking for the best man currently available for the job, vote for Mr. Donald Trump. His wife is.

      • I could respond to most, if not all of the points listed. Attributing them to Donald Trump is childish. Trump has demonstrated that he lacks the skill set to get things done, to bring about lasting change. He has no legislative skills. Trump’s first presidency was continuous chaos; his next will be worse. As noted his principles, to the extent he has any, are highly elastic and he will destroy the conservative moment for a generation. His obsession with personal grievance is nauseating. He does not tell the truth. He is old. The “mob-boss” demeanor is disgusting.

        I could go on. I will not vote for him – or Biden. Have a nice day.

  9. So Trump, the coward, refused to debate his opponents. Trump, the coward, dodged the draft while his country was at war. Trump was a registered Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton. Trump allowed the US to increase our debt by $8 trillion.

    Just what the F about this guy is conservative?

    The single biggest threat to our nation is the open Border the traitor Biden has allowed. The second biggest threat is the ruinous debt Republicans and Democrats have allowed. This debt is now so large that just the interest payments are running close to $800 billion per year. In the near future the massive debt will cause inflation much, much worse than Biden triggered by his reckless spending. The US dollar will devalue massively and this will devastate the US economy.

    It is very, very clear Republicans don’t care about any of this as they went with a two time popular vote loser who massively grew the US debt in his time in office.

    • Wowsers. Two name calling events, one each in you opening sentences. You must be very proud.

      Reagan was a registered democrat and came around. Appears Trump did the same thing, dragging the entire party along with him. Not a bad job.

      Remember that every single one of Dementia Hitler’s first 100 or so EOs reversed something Trump was doing correctly, starting with his successful control of the border.

      We are fast approaching the time where the national debt is a meaningless number. The yearly deficit is the important one.

      Popular vote winner is meaningless as long as you win the Electoral Vote, unless you want to repeal that part of the Constitution which would put one party states like Cali and NY in charge of everything. Remarkably short sighted, that. Cheers –

    • And your “point” is? Would you rather have Nikki? Or Christie?
      I’m curious if you served in the military. Since personal bravery is so important to you, I assume you walked your talk.

      What is very, very clear is you are unwilling or unable to see the reality of the world. Trump or Grandpa Bloodstains are the choices we have. That’s how the system works. You can sit and pout, or vote for the best candidate left. Your choice.

      Regarding conservatism. Secure borders, energy independence, a robust economy, and not getting us into another war we’re not ready for is very conservative. Among other positions Trump held. Did you know Reagan was a long time democrat and a union president before coming to his senses? Was Reagan not conservative enough for you?

      Lastly, since Political Science escapes you, popular vote is immaterial. Civics 101 teaches the race is won/lost via the Electoral College. The Founders (conservative enough for you?) were very aware of the mob rule of straight democracy and created the Electoral College to counterbalance it. THAT is the game we play. Trump won once, came close a second time. And currently is on track to win it again. Would you have preferred Hilary over Trump?

      • MA. I did much more than serve my country in the military. I’ve served my country, my state, and my community- the latter two for no pay. So forgive me when I take a dim view of draft dodgers like Trump and Biden. Once a puss, always a puss.

        Reagan stopped being a Democrat in 1962. Democrats back then were nothing like the whacked out lunatics of today. By today’s standards JFK would be a Republican.

        I’d have taken a rational, fiscal conservative like Haley over Trump for two reasons. One, she fought for less regulations and taxes as governor. Two, she could have won the general election. You Trump cultists just don’t comprehend that in the general your draft dodging “hero” is likely to lose again. Many Republicans and independents are going to vote against Trump. The country is not getting more conservative, its shifting left. That’s the reality. Worse, Biden may drop out or drop dead before November and the D’s will put up someone much more electable.

        You are not going to get a secure economy. Sorry, the deficits do matter, and those massive annual interest payments are ruinous. Maybe you run your life by having massive credit card debt. That’s just as foolish as pretending the massive deficits Republicans and Democrats have created don’t matter. Face it, Trump is a fiscal disaster.

  10. Awesome And my brother conservatives it’s past time you draw a line in the sand and tell these Marxist/ dems that are trying to ruin our country to pound sand.

  11. It’s a long time until November. Will Biden actually continue running or will he be forced out for a younger, more believable candidate? Beware the democrat bag of tricks and all of those democrat voters they let in via the southern border. We thought 2020 was going to be a big red tidal wave, but it turned out to be a bare splash. As Yogi said a long time ago, it ain’t over until it’s over.

    • As I understand the system, the only way they can change the candidate at present is if Grandpa Bloodstains chooses to step down. There is no evidence he’s gonna (or Jill will allow it).

      But we’re deep into uncharted territory, so who knows at this point.

  12. lol …. less than 10% of registered Rs voted … such a landslide! So much sadness when Trump loses in November again, who will eventually be convicted on multiple felony convictions.

    • Which felony convictions are you dreaming about? They are falling apart like the Little Pigs stick house. And even if he is convicted of something, the appeals process kicks in and poof. Back to square one.

      Public school graduate?

    • Many more people would have voted had not the AK GOP and local republican parties botched this preference polling by planning so poorly for the large crowds that turned out. People could not find parking, there were long lines, the weather was cold and windy. Keep laughing Earth_1. At the Primary and General, your tears of laughter of going to turn into tears of sadness.

  13. What has been missed by the media is the turnout! I had to vote out of my district while stuck in Anchortown on medical business, but I must say the election was well-organized and administered. Most impressive is the intensity of feelings of all the 500+ people I observed waiting 45 minutes for their chance to make a statement rejecting the political left. If Anchorage can keep that momentum, the communist assembly is finished. We’re disgusted by the lies, disrespect, and policies of the left. The spin the msm put on the election was nothing short of voter suppression.

  14. There were many in Wasilla who turned away and some who left the line. My friend and I, both seniors, sat in the car for 45 minutes hoping the long line outside would get shorter. Since we were unable physically to stand in line we left. It shouldn’t be this way, we wanted to vote!

    • Karin, I agree! The planning here in the valley was very poorly done and could have turned into a dangerous situation at the Wasilla polling place given the lack of traffic control and inept facility capacity. We will all get our chance at the Primary and the General. Since Trump easily won this preferential polling, we’ll be seeing him on the ticket! Until then…Trump 2024.

    • Meh. Sounds like a broken record to me. Civil war? The Red Wave? Lots of lousy proclamations with zero weight. The deciding factor of this upcoming presidency will depend on who goes out to vote. And if the democrats win, it will be because they voted. No complaining, no “stolen election” whimpers, just people voting. Look at is this way, Alaska has est. 150k registered Republican voters & est. 70k Democrat, only 8k came out for the primaries. The last election, in Alaska, was close. Estimate 190k to 154K. Threatening a civil war is just lame & worthless.

    • Oh please. Quit being so dramatic. There are people on both sides of the political fence that think this is the end of the country, which is ridiculous.

    • Ahh. my comment was filtered by the right-winged media (or is it left-winged) yet again.
      Media censorship at its finest.

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