Quannah Chasinghorse-Potts makes National Geographic cover


Quannah Chasinghorse-Potts of Fairbanks is featured on the cover of the July Issue of National Geographic which will focus on Native sovereignty.

“Quannah has been using her new platform to advocate and raise awareness for Indigenous rights, including the protection of our lands and ways of life. We are so proud to see Alaska Native representation at this level,” Tanana Chiefs wrote.

The Alaskan model and environmental activist burst onto the modeling scene with a runway appearance at Fashion Week in Paris and on the cover of Vogue Mexico. She was also featured on the cover of Elle magazine, which printed a feature on the first Indigenous woman to walk for certain luxury brands.


  1. Umm… so why is she pictured in the red rock SouthWest when she’s repping the 907 first people’s of the Arctic? Seems disingenuous.

  2. So glad to see that she rebounded onto a productive path, after being groomed and prepped by that no-good Byron Mallot. 2018. Bill Walker’s soul-mate, 74-year old Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot was chasing her down while she was an underaged teen living with her mom, another one of Byron Mallott’s prey. Good for you, Quannah. You are a survivor.

    • Mallott would have messed her up, just like he did the mom. And Bill Walker messed-up everyone.
      Grooming and pedophilia ruin lives.

      • Yep, according to suppressed news reports brought to you by supporters of Bill Walker. Why don’t you ask Bill Walker what really happened to make Byron Mallott resign with no prior notice and for Bill Walker to suddenly pull his candidacy. It’s called PEDOPHILIA and it’s a crime. Walker knows!

        • It was a full court cover-up through the governor’s office. The engineer of the cover up was………Scott Kendall……then serving as the governor’s chief of staff. They all knew that one hot mess was on their hands. Rather than Bill Walker having to try and explain it to voters and take a loss in 2018, Walker just announced his withdrawal. The recall of Dunleavy, ranked choice voting, and all of the other pet projects by radical Democrats during the last four years were fashioned by Bill Walker and put into action by Scott Kendall. This is the price they all paid in an effort to cover-up and bury the pedophilia of the Lt. Governor and his enabler in chief, Bill Walker. Pretty disgusting stuff. Now, Walker thinks the dust has settled and everyone has forgotten the past. Well guess what? We haven’t forgotten.

  3. She’s not nearly as native as Elizabeth Warren. I think AOC recently claimed indigenous status. Just democrat things, laying claim to what isn’t really theirs.

  4. Yes, we are here! And congress as the receipt records showing how much financial assistance we taken. Somewhere in I.H.S records tell how many native babies were aborted through indian health clinics providers scheduling an abortion allowing the indian mother patient kill a portion of her indigenous family lineage. Talk
    about that. Kill your babies to don’t even have any children. Eventually there be less of our own people to inherit our grandparents legacy.

  5. I applaud her very careful moves. QuannahChasinghorse Potts has very stable and serious management. She will represent Alaska well. I do hope she eats a couple cheeseburgers now and then.

    • “…….I do hope she eats a couple cheeseburgers now and then.”
      A smile now and then might also help. Her ethnic warrior spirit precludes that possibility, though. She’s all scowl.

  6. Reclaiming lands and ways of life by modeling for Gucci. Hmmm… It’s as if those sending out this messaging want people to roll their eyes so they can point to them and say “see what these people are up against. What a warrior.”

  7. I remember when her Mom, Jody was a small child, years fly by. It’s sad to see the youth performing for liberal, insufferable whites. We are not “indigenuous” like some animal species that bleeding heart, ignorant, down states and Anchorage people need try to “protect”. Jody’s parents knew how to hunt, trap and fish, but not sure how her daughter’s fashion show modeling has anything to do with protecting our heritage. The languages are disappearing because they are not relevant to living under the thumb of grant writers. social workers and incompetent teachers. Yes our grandparents were forced to not speak the ancient languages, but it’s the generational institutionalizing youth that has destroyed most Alaska Native cultures. It’s pathetic how the corporations and non profits like TCC, Kawerak, etc., do nothing to end the discrimination of our young men locked up and used by the so called justice system here in Alaska. Or the wholsale rape of children and young women, while the Troopers ignore what is happening. All this “indigenous” rights talk is nonsense, we have actual and meaningful natural rights granted by God, which are being surrendered for fake “human” rights granted by the state which have no value. The fashion show crowd like the illusion of what they think some politically correct version of what Natives should be, a short term trend, after which they will get bored and move on. We were warned not to be influenced by outside Natives.

  8. Horses were imported to America. Her name “ chasing horse” is cultural appropriation. Indigenous First Nations native first peoples stewards of the land didn’t have horses.

  9. Every time Quannah’s photo appears on a magazine cover Bill Walker has a major panic attack. She is the quintessential reminder to Alaskans why Bill Walker had to quit his governor’s campaign in 2018. Pedophilia enabling is immoral on its face. And that, haunts Bill Walker to his core.

  10. I’m not native and probably do not check the boxes of liberal socialite, youth empowering such ‘n such but I do applaud this young woman whose father is a member of the Lakota tribes and mom Alaskan Native. We Americans need to see-hear every American represented in our and their culture; and we are greatly bereft of those who embody a true spirit of courage, individuality and Americanism today.

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