Pro-Hamas vandals shut down a Starbucks store in Seattle; three Palestinians shot in Vermont


The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle was left vandalized after what employees said were pro-Hamas protestors spray-painting and breaking glass at the location, which was subsequently closed for repairs. Employees who were in the building at the time escaped through the back door. The vandals scrawled, “Starbucks supports genocide” and “Enter if you support genocide” in front of the store.

Earlier this fall, Starbucks Workers Union put out a statement in support of Hamas.

The Friday vandalism incident leading to the Saturday closure at the Starbucks store followed a pro-Hamas group of several dozen protesters who occupied the traditional tree-lighting ceremony at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle on Friday. The protesters took over the stage and children and their parents who were there for the festivities felt threatened, as police did not arrest the disrupters of the sanctioned event.

On Thursday, pro-Hamas protestors glued themselves to the pavement during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

On Saturday night in Vermont, three men who were dressed in Palestinian-style scarves were shot by a man on foot. The three men, all college students, were on their way to a Thanksgiving Day dinner in Burlington. This violent crime has been labeled a hate crime by authorities, while the vandalism crime against the Starbucks and the fear caused at the Christmas tree ceremony in Seattle was not labeled a hate crime.

The Department of Justice has reported a strong uptick in threats against both Muslims and Jews since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, leading to a conflict that has become the deadliest war for Israel since the Yom Kippur War of 1973.


  1. Almost enough to make me want to buy something from Starbucks. Almost.

    Ironic as hell it happens in the People’s Republic of Washington.

    • In PRW and on Capitol Hill, the CHOP Zone! I will buy something from Starbuck’s today, because as “fast food joints” go, it’s pretty good. But, just one thing, only today and only as push back against the Commies.

  2. As of now, it appears the shooting in NH was a transient nut job trying to get into a hospital to cause mayhem.

    More will come out, but as of now it looks like those victims were more a matter of circumstance, not deliberate choice.

    Time will tell.

  3. In November 1938 it was called Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass. Those who support Hamas and terrorism have been breaking a lot of glass lately around the country and in many others, knowing exactly what the symbolism means just like the way the antisemites claim Israel is taking part in genocide against Palestinians, yet the media large remains silent just like they did in 1938.

    If the three individuals taking part in a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday (isn’t Thanksgiving on Thursday) were in fact shot because they are of Palestinian descent then that is unacceptable, I however would not be surprised if there is more to that story…Jessie Smollett style possibly or they might have been looking for trouble and found themselves in a 3 on 1 situation but didn’t plan on a firearm being the great equalizer? Certainly more to the story than what has been reported.

  4. Can I ask why Pro-Palestinians are labeled Pro-Hamas and the apartheid that Israel is inflicting on the Palestianians is okay?

    • You can ask your stupid, gotcha question, sure. But recognizing it as a stupid, gotcha question no one will bother engaging you. I’ve told you before: you’re out of you league here, and are nowhere as clever as you think.

      • “The Masked Avenger,”

        Tim’s question is NOT a “stupid” question, but should be asked. MOST of those protesting Israel’s murder of 20,000 Palestinians (mostly children), blowing up their homes with F-16s and US tax payer money are NOT pro-Hamas, but are PRO-human life — which sadly, many “Christians” right now who call themselves “pro-life” are not. Just like after 9/11.

        Mr. Masked Avenger, were you openly supporting our reverse-Christian regime-change wars after 9/11 out of vengeance, avenging?

        If so, have you ever admitted you were wrong, and apologized to those you misled?

        3,000 Americans die, and it’s okey to murder over 1 million Arabs, almost all who weren’t involved in 9/11 at all?

        Where is your justice and decency?

        The hijackers weren’t even from Afghanistan, and the University of Alaska proved that Building 7 did NOT come down by fire, so it had to be an INSIDE JOB, not done by overseas Arabs.

        Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, but we murdered 1 million there, and wounded and drove out of the country millions more, including many Christians.

        Jesus said: “Blessed are the *PEACEMAKERS* (not the warmongers), for they shall be called CHILDREN OF GOD.” (Mt. 5)

        Those who are led by the HOLY Spirit are the children of God – Romans 8:14.

        Also, few Americans know the true history of what the Israelis have been doing to the Palestinians since 1947, starting with the Nakba, because TalmudVision has never reported it. They have lied by omission. Their Talmud actually encourages them to lie and deceive, while the Bible encourages us to make sure we’re not being deceived.

        Most Americans have no clue of what Israel has done illegally and immorally since 1947, and many don’t want to know, sadly.

        • To get the proper and full story of that region you would need to consider history long before 1947. The first thing I would suggest is to determine the original and accurate definition of the words, “Palestine” and “Palestinian.” Start with the books, 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel.

          Moreover, as to scripture, please consider Matthew 24:6: “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.” The USA bombed hundreds of thousands of German, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese civilians (including babies) during WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Wars. Every culture in history has used violence to secure its existence. Remember, regardless of popular opinion, there are no innocent parties in war. Its why they call it war.

          Your freedom to sit at your keyboard was secured by American patriots shooting British soldiers right through their hearts on battlefields during our War of Independence beginning July 04, 1776. The blood of those British soldiers remains on our hands to this day by virtue of freedoms we enjoy. We cannot morally claim protection under our constitution without taking responsibility for how that protection was obtained.

          • Wayne Coogan,

            What happened after the Genesis flood in the Old Testament has nothing to do with this version of “Israel” murdering 20,000 Palestinians with F-16s in their fenced in area.

            God directed the children of Israel to kill all in the promised land because of the Nephilim, which happened before the Genesis flood, and “after that” (Genesis 6), resulting in the “giants.” This was a gene pool contamination problem for that specific circumstance that Chuck Missler has addressed.

            Jesus did not direct us to murder people in wars according to Matthew 24:6. He taught those who follow Him that they must be “peacemakers” to be “called children of God.” Paul said: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are *children of God*” (Romans 8:14).

            Ron Paul was booed by the religious right in the 2012 South Carolina Republican debate for saying we must walk according to the golden rule in our foreign policy, and not be warmongers. This was after we all should have known that all of our post 9/11 regime change wars were reverse Christian, which they never seem to acknowledge; though, we all know we’ll be judged someday for what we’ve done to others.

            The US did bomb hundreds of thousands of people in our earlier wars, but that doesn’t make it right or okay. Britain built heavy, four-engine, long range bombers for the specific purpose to bomb and firebomb German civilians in their homes, which was a war crime. 600,000 people, mostly women, children and old people were murdered, with many incinerated in infernos that reached almost 2,000°F. The Germans had no such planes to do the same to England, and hoped the British would stop, before they tried to retaliate with the smaller planes they had, which was immoral too, also a war crime. The US joined the Brits in the later bombing annihilations, including Dresden, which Britannica says up to 250,000 people may have died.

            As a Christian, I could not have bombed civilians, and would have refused such an order, even if it meant being court martialed. If I was a German, I couldn’t have even fought in their offensive wars, so would have been thrown in one of the camps. I must obey Christ. We’re not off the hook spiritually because our government tells us to do it.

            Regarding bombing nuking Japan twice. First, because Americans were reluctant to enter WWII, FDR carried out an 8-part plan to change their attitude. This has been proven by James Perloff and others.

            Then nuking Japanese city centers (the most Christian cities too) was not only immoral and massive war crime, but was also completely unnecessary to win the war:

            Gen. Dwight Eisenhower: “the Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

            Admiral William Leahy, Truman’s chief military advisor: “It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender….”

            Also, we now know that even our revolutionary war was reverse Christian and a violation of Romans 13:

            (video) James Perloff: Who Fired the Shots Heard Round the World? – REVOLUTIONARY WAR a FREEMASONRY FALSE FLAG • There were NO ONEROUS TAXES laid on Americans, nor other legitimate reasons to revolt …


            History was my least favorite subject in school. Now I know why. Much of what we were taught wasn’t true, because entire groups of facts were missing. All of the TV networks do the same, including Fox News, the war channel for evangelicals, which fired Tucker, who admits he was wrong by not questioning 9/11 and our subsequent wars.

            Our reverse-Christian warmongering may have destroyed our freedoms, by destroying people’s morality. America may almost be done now.

        • 1-it is a stupid question. Tim is a long standing troll with a long history of asking “beat your wife” questions.

          2-you are duller than I thought (not a achievement to be proud of) if you are unable to see that.

          3-you prove yourself duller still by being unwilling to see the difference between animalistic savagery and the unfortunate consequences of war.

          If I were younger I might spend the time showing you in toddler board book level the difference, but it would take more time than I have years left.

          But I’m old and I don’t waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

          4-why, oh why is it the posters here who insist of waving their Bible (not the Christian one, their special version) around and wrapping themselves in some faux piety have less than zero understanding of the concepts they yap about.

          Yes, “Jeff”, I’m looking dead at you. Dead at. I have no patience for Pharisees. Especially ones named Jeff.

          I’ve met lapsed Christians with far better understanding of the Christian faith than you may ever be capable of.

          It’s ironic how you claim me to have some anti Christian agenda -I’m still chuckling about that – while you do far more damage to the faith than Stalin ever could.

        • Oh, “Jeff”..,

          You wanted to know if I’ve ever been wrong and had the courage to admit/apologize.

          Unlike you, I often admit to being wrong and when necessary seek to redress wrongs.

          Let me do so now.

          Once I thought you were just a misguided fool who needs to study his Bible closer.

          Upon further review, I’ve reassessed you to be a 9-11 truther, a conspiracy nut job, and a detriment to anyone asking genuine questions regarding faith.

          A person not worth time or consideration any more than a rotting banana peel.

          If, in my mis assessment I caused anyone else to make the same mistake, I humbly apologize to them.

          Now go read your copy of Turner Diaries. Protocols of the Elders of Zion is above you at this point.

        • “MOST of those protesting Israel’s murder of 20,000 Palestinians (mostly children),”
          Got a source for that stat?
          Look, Israel is not a perfectly innocent victim here, but there is no way they murdered 20,000 children.
          If you are basing your entire argument on a faulty report, you are the problem.

          • The source is Hamas, he knew that when he posted it just like all the other terrorist sympathizer, antisemites, and leftists.

          • CBMTTek,

            I should have worded what I wrote differently to be clearer, but I did not say Israel murdered 20,000 children. I used the word “most” in this acceptable way:

            “Most is an adjective that is used to describe the majority of a group or a quantity that is greater than half. It is often used to indicate the largest amount or number of something.”

            The current death total is 13,000, but the ‘Guardian’ quote below says they have stopped counting. Also, these numbers are apparently based on the bodies recovered. A few weeks ago, they published all of the names of those found dead.

            I’ve read they expect 5,000 or 6,000 more to still be buried under the rubble, because so many tens of thousands of homes and buildings have been destroyed that much of the rubble hasn’t been carefully gone through.

            So that’s a realistic 20,000 total murdered, which the protestors are protesting, seeing the horrible carnage online, blown up by remote-control through F-16s.

            I said “mostly,” because children compose more than half of the population in Gaza, and are the largest group murdered.

            Here is a quote from the Guardian. They use the word “mostly,” but also include women:

            “At last report, at least 13,000 Palestinians – mostly women and children – in Gaza had been killed, according to the Palestinian health authority in Ramallah, West Bank…. Palestinian health authorities have stopped updating the death toll, saying they are no longer able to do so accurately.”


            Add to that the 5,000 or 6,000 still underneath the rubble, and we have roughly 20,000 people murdered by remote-control from F-16s.

            It’s hideous, but many Americans’ hearts are still calloused to justify their enthusiastic support for the hundreds of thousands we murdered unnecessarily through our reverse-Christian, post-9/11.

            So the pro-life evangelicals are less pro-life in this massacre than the protestors, of whom probably “most” are pro-abortion.

            Something is seriously wrong with American Christianity today, and the young people especially are turned off by it.

      • The Masked Avenger is a pro-Israel commenter who frequently argues with pro-Palestinian commenters. In the above thread, he accuses pro-Palestinians of being “dull” and “unwilling to see the difference between animalistic savagery and the unfortunate consequences of war.” He also claims that pro-Palestinians are “pro-Hamas” and that they “remain silent while Hamas kills women, children, and families.”

        The Masked Avenger’s comments are offensive and harmful. He is using dehumanizing language to describe pro-Palestinians, and he is making false generalizations about their beliefs and motivations. His comments are likely to make pro-Palestinians feel unwelcome and unsafe, and they could contribute to a climate of intolerance and hatred.

        It is important to remember that not all pro-Israelis or pro-Palestinians are like The Masked Avenger. There are many people on both sides who are able to have respectful and productive conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, The Masked Avenger’s comments are a reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of building understanding and tolerance between the two sides.

    • Because Hamas was elected by the Palestinians. Hamas runs “Palestine”. Israel isn’t inflicting apartheid, they are defending themselves against terrorists. People have been trying to wipe out the tribe of Israel for 5000 years. Sorry to break it to you but you will fail just like all those who tried before you.

      • Hamas was elected, but only 44% of Gaza voted for them.
        There were several parties involved in that election & Hamas had the most votes at 44%.
        No 50% threshold.
        So most (66%) didn’t want them & now that number would be higher, perhaps only 10-20% want these dirtbags at this point.
        They are like the Mafia or a Cartel, most want nothing to do w/ them either, but because of violence, they are stuck w/ them.

      • Curt Gaza and the West Bank have Israel standing at the gate beforeanything is let in or out. The Palestininas are prisoners of Israel. They can’t and heven’t beable to have their own airport since 1967. Why? Please tell me why they can’t have a means ot get out if they want or be able to delgate what comes in or goes out?

        • Tim,
          Why do the Arabian countries that border Gaza and the West Bank not allow Palestinians free travel into their countries? Why have the Arabian countries blockaded their fellow Arabians? Why would you demand that Israel allow a people bent upon the annihilation of Israel in their country, but you don’t give a damn about why Arabians won’t allow fellow Arabians free passage? That’s kinda telling, you demand Israel do something you aren’t demanding any other country the world do.

    • What apartheid?
      And, the palestinians are labeled pro-hamas because they remain silent while hamas kills women, children, and families. They also allow themselves to be used as human shields and props by hamas. If you are a palastinian (whatever that means) you are also supportive of hamas.
      Prove me wrong.

      • Only 44% of Gaza voted for these scum in 2006.
        Most don’t want them.
        If you speak out against them or don’t cooperate they will hurt/kill you & your family.
        Think Mafia here, it is a similar situation.
        I am very pro-Israel and do not believe the situation is apartheid, but Israel defending itself.
        But the avg Gazan is stuck w/ these violent, cartel, a-holes (who the IDF should wipe out)

        • Well, if the 56% that did not want them in control choose to do nothing, I am going to say, they really do want them in control. Or, at a minimum, they support what hamass is doing.
          Interestingly, having grown up in the Metro NYC area when John Gotti was still a free man, I can assure you the mafia does not torture or kill innocent people who just want to be left alone. These barbarians running Gaza are WAY worse than the mafia ever could be. They have no respect for the law, or simple human decency.

    • Trash reporting results in a muddy understanding and we’ve all been subjected to too much of it. For example, some say that 1200 jews have been killed and several jewish women killed. Supposedly there have been 1800 palestinians killed as well but the focus has been on the rape of jewish women.

      A more analytical mind might ask which is worse, to be raped or to be killed?

      A more analytical mind might ask why the outcry seems focussed on the poor mistreated jews whom have killed 50% more people than their opponents have?

      A more analytical mind might ask a number of questions that all lead to the same conclusion which is that religious nutbars with several centuries experience spreading hate and discontent are unlikely to be consoled by anything but add’l tax dollars that might allow them to spread more of their hate and discontent.

      And it sounds like Seattle could use a couple more Vermonters in the mix. That, or anyone else sporting a full pair.

  5. Bout time Starbucks got a taste of their own medicine…..remember when the punk kids working there were spitting in cops coffee or writing pig on their cup?
    No quarter, no mercy. Starbys can burn.

  6. In the meantime Hamas is congratulating itself for bringing this chaos to our country. Think about it, it’s dividing this country in two, similar to the civil war, it’s called propaganda. And to top it off, we all fell for it, This country needs a leader about now, not some butt kissing old fart that doesn’t even know whats going on due to mental issues that come with aging. This country needs a leader, one that wont cower to the others but he’s busy defending himself for doing what was right to begin with. Taking care of America, first and not giving our money to countries that hate us because of our freedom. by the way, lets stack the deck for the democrats by letting illegal aliens in for future voters and foot the bill for them as well……

    • Biden apparently apologized to Muslims for not believing Hamas, he said “I’m sorry. I’m disappointed in myself,” because he previously said “I have no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed,” He apologized for questioning terrorists who are known for lying. This is the state of our “leadership” is it any wonder why we are where we are with this?

      The Hamas terrorists claimed there were 500 killed at Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital because of Israel, the media ran with it without checking their sources…turns out it was Palestinian Islamic Jihad launching rockets at Israel and they hit a parking lot next to the hospital and it was far fewer than 500 killed. The Al-Shifa Hospital is another in the long list of antisemitic propaganda lies that the media is complicit with. Al-Shifa has been a long time Hamas stronghold and it has been known far and wide that Hamas uses hospitals, schools, mosques, as well as innocent women and children to hide behind. There is video proof of Hamas terrorists bringing hostages taken from Israel into the hospital, there are numerous hospitals closer to where these hostages were taken…they weren’t brought to Al-Shifa for humanitarian reasons by the terrorists who kidnapped them.

  7. I am really confused?? ..not surprisingly…I thought a couple of weeks ago, Starbucks WAS SUPPORTING the Hamas.. why should Hamas supporters be shooting their “own kind”

  8. The DOJ has reported an uptick in threats to both Muslims and Jewish since Oct 7. Really? They didn’t think this would happen?

    • I’m impressed they were able to stop covering for the Biden’s or attempting to railroad Donald Trump to find the time.

  9. We get labeled pro genocide for wanting Israel to win against Hamas. Does the pro Palestine crowd get labeled pro rape, pro abduction of innocent people, pro beheading of babies?

    I get it, we all want peace. There will never be peace with groups like Hamas running free.

    • I disagree. The hard left doesn’t want peace. Quite the opposite. Violence, turmoil, and intimidation are their go to tactics.

      We want peace. They want blood. That’s why they can’t be appeased.

    • I am seeing the same thing. Support Israel, or support Jews in any form, and you are equivalent to a terrorist. But, do not ever mention the atrocities that hamas committed. Those were perfectly OK because of Israel’s attempted genocide (not sure I saw that in the news…).
      One thing I am totally in agreement with is your last statement. We all want peace.
      However, for the muslims, peace is when islam has subjugated the entire world. It is not a religion, it is a political system disguised as a religion. And, it is one of oppression, control, and dominance.
      It is impossible to be at peace with a culture that wants to kill you, convert you, or enslave you as a matter of faith.

  10. Ever wondered why the Arab world has steadfastly refused to take in refugees from Gaza?

    Simple. Nobody trusts them. They cause social disruption everywhere they go. Look across the western world. Everywhere they are in an numbers there is rioting, chaos, and violence.

  11. They must had read the little title mentioning Starbucks corp is suing the union who are supporting HAMAS because Starbucks corporate don’t want their name associated with HAMAS nor Palestine/Isreal conflict. They just want to make their coffee. It’s never wise of business owners to show where they stand on politics, religion, or social issues cause the owner will end alienating one group over the one they showed support and favor toward. Even though I never was a patronage of Starbucks. My neighborhood has one hung a pride flag in its window. Now I refuse to go in to the store cause it made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe just like Kobuk. That what I am saying business owners can’t afford to alienate even one customer even a customer who could become a regular. That’s loss of revenue. So when comes to politics, religion, and social cause the best practice for business owners is a zipped up lip where a business owner and employees don’t talk about politics, religion, and social causes during work and around customers. Its personal. Starbucks corporate make right choice to sue its union.

  12. If one insists on naming anyone who is pro- Palestine as “pro- Hamas”, should we also begin naming anyone who is pro – Israel as pro – Jewish Zionist?

    • You can call me pro-Israel & pro-Zionist.
      The Muslim claim that Jerusalem is a Holy site for them is pure bs, always has been.
      Their Holy Land is Saudi Arabia …. Mecca & Medina, NOT Jerusalem.
      Jerusalem is the Holy Land of Jews & Christians.
      Jews were there 2800 yrs ago, Christians 2000 yrs ago, the Muslims showed up 600 years ago.
      That golden ‘Dome of the Rock’ in Jerusalem (a mosque) is bs.
      The West should ‘throw down” imo and burn that dome to the ground (it’s made of wood!)
      Then we should use all our technology & strength to fight the entire Arab world & BEAT them once & for all.
      Unfortunately the West is too weak now & the oligarchs that own politicians won’t allow the oil flow to be interrupted.
      I am a Christian and a proud Zionist. Screw the sheiks & the mullahs.

    • You didn’t really think that one through very well, did you?

      If you are pro Hamas then you are by definition antisemitic.

      I personally do not think all Palestinians are pro Hamas, clearly a vast majority of them are. When one of the Israeli hostages they took escaped and was found by Palestinians, the first thing they did was turn him over to Hamas.

      If you think anyone who supports Israel against the genocidal beliefs and actions such as the rape, tourture, mutilation, beheading, burning alive, and kidnapping of women, children, and elderly) that terrorists like Hamas and those who support the annihilation of Jews is “pro – Jewish Zionist” well that’s up to you…just don’t get upset when you are called out for what you are and what you support.

      • A simple, inconvenient truth.

        Israel left Gaza (against better judgment) almost 20 years ago. The residents then voted Hamas into power.

        I’ll accept a premise the election wasn’t all that up and up, but facts are facts regardless.

        The people of Gaza voted for an entity who expressed advocates for the destruction of Israel.

        It is very hard to disconnect the savagery of Hamas from the will of the people writ large.

      • Steve -O – you are certainly a dullard. Zionism is a Jewish Nationalist movement that was founded in the 1800’s by secular European Jews. Judaism is a world major religion that predates Christianity. To call all Jews who don’t support Zionism as antisemitic is just as stupid as calling all Christians who fought against Nazi Germany ( a Christian nation ) as anti-Christian! Millions of Jews do not support Netanyahoo or his Gaza war policies, in fact, some of the strongest pushback is coming from Jewish intellectuals who are organizing massive pro-Palestine rallies around the World. You are entitled to express your own ignorant opinions, but you are not entitled to make up your own facts.

        • I know I’m the dullard, but you’re going to have to explain who it is that you think is calling all Jews who don’t support Zionism antisemitic and what any of your this has to do with Germany being a Christian nation under the Nazi’s.

          Please inform this ignorant dullard.

          • Steve-O – It’s not surprising to me that you cannot follow your own twisted logic. I certainly can’t!

          • Fishing,
            How is what you wrote my logic? You seem confused as to what is written in black and white right up there^.

            You are the only one here saying anything about how all Jews who don’t support Zionism are antisemitic. You are the only one saying Germany under the Nazi’s is a Christian nation so fighting Nazi’s is somehow anti-Christian.

            Please do inform this ignorant Bullard what on the world you are talking about.

    • You may call me whatever you wish.

      At the end of the day I’m on the side of the people doing their best to protect Gazans from Hamas.

      Funny thing to seek moral equivalence between Hamas, who shoot their own people and behead babies, and Israel who is doing their damnedest to to protect the lives of people who support the butchers.

      • The Masked dark-side Avenger,

        For the record, I DO NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING HAMAS DID, but Hamas WAS ALLOWED TO DO WHAT THEY DID on purpose, which 20 points demonstrate (a stand-down, advanced knowledge, weapons and troops removed), in order for the pro-war-and-hate Americans (not really pro-life, and haven’t admitted they were wrong in supporting our reverse-Christian, immoral post-9/11 wars where we murdered 1 million, and maimed and/or displaced millions more) to fund and support their goal of eliminating Gaza.

        Netanyahu has supported Hamas, because he didn’t want a two-state solution, which he knew Hamas would keep from happening.

        The “beheaded babies” claim has been debunked, It’s a lie. But you still use it to attack Alaskans who tell the truth, so Talmudic Israel can continue to blow thousands of babies and children up by remote-control.

        • And, GW Bush was behind 9/11, with just as many… totally unsubstantiated and unsupportable “pieces” of evidence.
          Not buying it. Especially since the majority of the things used to claim Israel wanted this attack are easily explainable for simpler and definitely non-malicious reasons. The entire premise fails Hanlon’s Razor big time.

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