Free Palestine Friday in Fairbanks: Four attend in the far north


Along Airport Way in Fairbanks on Friday, four people held signs and shouted anti-Israel slogans, such as “Free Palestine,” a phrase also used by pro-Hamas terrorist supporters. such as Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

It wasn’t a big crowd, even though the temperate was balmy, but it was probably the farthest north and one of the smallest anti-Israel demonstrations in the nation.

The Free Palestine Movement is a Palestinian Syrian armed and violent movement led by businessman Yasser Qashlaq, who wants to send Jews, who he describes as “the dregs of European garbage,” from Israel “back” to Europe, even though nearly all Jews in Israel were born there, rather than in Europe. The movement calls for the establishment of a State of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, with the eradication of the State of Israel and its people.

One participant wore a hat reminiscent of the Socialist Soviet Union, complete with a red insignia surrounded by gold.


    • The ones by the library in the photo were high schoolers, undoubtedly egged on by a teacher too cowardly to show up. There was a group of 8 in front of the federal building on 12th, and another group at Geist & University. I gave them all a thumbs down sign. The federal building group wanted to talk and accused me of being a fascist… I told gthem I’d love to see peace too, but it was the Palestinians who were acting like fascists – to which the reply was “true”!

      • You gave them the thumbs down sign? Oh boy, I’m sure that really showed them. What a courageous hero you are Rich.

        And you say “the Palestinians” are acting like fascists? Really? I thought it was Hamas. Are you saying they are one in the same? Now who is the ignorant one?

  1. These so-called “wars” are nothing more than mercenary conflicts, (usually between corporations) enriching the war profiteers. If these were real wars, they would not be allowed to kill thousands of civilians, women, children and babies. As soon as they start talking about their opponents killing babies, it’s a set-up to control people’s emotions to get another conflict going. All they want is someone else’s lands and resources, just like they did to the American Indians. Even the so-called “Civil War” was not an actual war.

    • Okay, I’ll fall for the bait. How Ms. Smyth, does your so-called Civil War was not an actual war? Getting rather Zen aren’t ya? I love your term “Real War”, please explain to us old vets what a “Real war” is?

      • Don’t bother!
        It appears that Mrs. Smyth is a drive-by troll, who will post the most outrageous claims and then run instead of defending her statement with either facts or well thought out arguments.
        Honestly give me cman, WTD, 3rdGen, Jeff Fenske, Frank Rast or Greg Forkner to name a few any day. While I do not agree with them most of the time, at least they defend their position and I greatly respect that….and that is the American way after all, a debate with all points of view.

  2. I just cant believe the fallout the Jews are getting for fighting back……what did you expect them to do, just let it happen again and again? What would we do if we got invaded with the atrocities these barbarians did with the innocent women and children. Shame on you for supporting terrorists that rape women and behead innocent children.

  3. I’ll give each one of them a one-way ticket to Gaza, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt, Afghanistan… their choice. None of them has a clue about living in a Muslim country. OBTW, I did time in Southwest Asia as a member of the USAF.

    • If they spent some real time in Gaza it will educate them. Too bad a Palestinian family can’t host them for one year

      • Many Christians have visited Gaza, and their hearts were so touched while there that they’re now outraged by what the Palestinians they met are now going through, or did go through, because they may be no more, or are crippled for life.

        We talk about our homeless problem in Anchorage. Here, Israelis are bombing and bulldozing thousands of peoples’ homes with the people often inside, and many evangelicals here don’t care!

        Almost 10,000 people have been murdered by Israel. Almost 4,000 are children. It’s hideous, and is being justified by an Israeli false flag stand-down, which has multiple objectives, which I explain below.

        • That’s not true. If you hadn’t heard of Amir Tsarfati. You must start following him on Facebook, YouTube, and Telegram. Its Telegram where Amir- Behold Isreal- can post without censorship what Really is happening from the eye witnesses and Israelies themselves.

          The only thing you are correct on is the average joe Palestinian is very very sorry HAMAs is in charge over the land, resources, including any humanitarian aid coming for Palestinians however is used to feed HAMAs. They own Palestine, they control it including the Palestinian. Even if the Palestinian peoples can keep its two-state position, looking at them, they too dumb too illiterate not to elect HAMAs all over again to represent them, if peace returns.

        • ……and they need to continue to irradicate the PLO. In this country, many are worried about what color of panties to wear to the front. Stalin said it best…..It takes a brave soldier to be a coward in the soviet army. Officers shot cowards in the back.

        • So what’s your solution Jeff?

          Continue to let Hamas butcher Israelis? Or better still, help Hamas round them up?

          After all, they are only non combatant Jews. What’s the largest mass atrocity on Jews since the holocaust between “friends”.

          It’s funny to see you ranting religion. Your meeting with God will be brief and far warmer than you expect.

          You are either a mentally ill man or a borderline psychopath. One with zero understanding of the New Testament.

          • To the Masked *Avenger*,

            It’s bad enough that you hide behind a pen-name as you ad hominem attack Alaskans. “Masked” is appropriate.

            But you also call yourself the *Avenger*, which the Bible says is only for God alone, which I told you before: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay.”

            Since you brought up the New Testament, we are commanded to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves, including our enemies.

            We can only see clearly if we have LOVE for everyone, including after 9/11, and including for the Palestinians now.

            If we have a “root of bitterness” in our hearts, thinking we can avenge, we “fall short of the grace of God,” and lose our inheritance. Without holiness, not one will see the Lord. (Heb. 12:14-17)

            If we have hatred in our hearts we cannot go to heaven (Gal. 5:19-25, 6:7-8).

            Which Galatians 5 list are you in, “Masked Avenger?”

        • Jeff, I get that the Palestinians are being portrayed as the hapless victims in the middle here. However, since the creation of the Jewish state, there have been thousands of rocket attacks, suicide bombers, bombings and assassinations against Israel and its people from Gaza and Palestinian territory. Terrorists have blown up cafes, birthday parties and busses etc. Thousands have died.
          The Palestinian people have for decades voted for and tolerated Hamas leadership and supplied the troops to sustain these terror acts. Children are raised to hate Jews.
          Furthermore I also recall in 2005 Israel returning territory in Gaza and removing Jewish settlers from 21 settlements in the Disengagement Plan implementation. What was their thanks? More rockets…
          Hamas continued fighting and hate clearly is not a winning strategy for peace. If you want to live in peace, you must quit lobbing rockets and bombs at your neighbor. In my opinion a great deal of the Palestinian suffering is self-inflicted.
          Is Israel blameless, no, but in the decades since it at least has made an effort to negotiate and settle this issue, only to get attacked again and again.
          Remember the IRA terrorists? The hate and death they left in their wake and Britain’s sometimes overzealous response? What did it take to stop that? Normal people, secretaries, mothers, catholic and protestant stood up and said “no more”. Palestinians have that same opportunity, but they continue to support Hamas terrorists because they grew up believing that Israel is the boogie man and with Israel gone their life would be better (whether that is actually true is doubtful). I look at Mrs. Tlaib and instead of being an example for her people and advocate using her position to negotiate for peace, she is one of the fiercest warmongers with a bully pulpit.

  4. Pretty disgusting to have to live around college idiots that understand NOTHING of what is going on. Grow up children and stop blindly following stupid causes you do not belong to!

  5. Well. if Non Arab Americans in those big cities such as NYC and Europeans don’t wake up the same thing will happens to us non Arabs non Muslims while that’s not much protection as Pakistan is deporting 1,3 million Afghanistan refugees back and a Pakistani border police officer beat another Muslim boy with the butt of his gun for trying to carry sugar back with his family. In Europe and Canada it already started a 30 year old Jewish woman was stabbed to death in her Paris apartment over the weekend with a swadtika spray painted over her front door while a Canada school girl was beating up a Jewish classmate girl which lucky for her were compassionate classmates pulling the attacker off her and keeping her from continuing the protecting students had to sit on the attacker.

    The good about Alaska despite how other dark issues is those Alaskans who are racist and or anti semitic are in small proportion here. So if Americans Don’t wake up and cities like NYC are seeing the same attacks starting in Europe, Alaskans (Christians, Jews, Muslims) likely be still living peacefully around one another evenwhile big city neighbors are beating one another up.

    • Jen, who created most of the 1.3 million Afghanistan refugees you’re referring to?

      We did, in our reverse-Christian warmongering response to 9/11. None of the hijackers were even from Afghanistan, and Iraq didn’t so 9/11 either, which we also regime changed, murdering almost 1 million, and created millions of refugees, many of whom are now in Europe.

      We also covertly regime-changed Libya, which resulted in many refugees now in Europe, some in the US.

      And then the CIA and MOSSAD tried to regime change Syria through ISIS; though, Russia stopped it, because they have a port in Syria. But we’re still illegally there, having taken Syria’s oil field area away from them, and we have a base there.

      If evangelicals would actually follow the HOLY Spirit instead of FOX News, we’d have a country that wouldn’t be on the verge of complete collapse and takeover, the main threat is being nuked and EMPd by Russia and China.

      Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian Bible smuggler years ago, had dreams about Russia and China nuking us, but before that would happen, we’ll have serious civil unrest in America, which we have allowed to happen on our watch by so few “Christians” actually abiding in Christ so they were salt and light, that would have preserved our nation.

      It’s too late to stop what’s coming now. Most “Christian” men (even pastors) have let themselves be lust addicted, because of the false doctrines of “once saved only saved” and “only believe,” taught almost everywhere now.

      We need to live in the truth, and have clear consciences with all people and God, like Paul always practiced (Acts 24:16), but pastors won’t even teach this, let alone practice it.

      We need to focus on Jesus’ prayer in John 17 being fulfilled in Anchorage, and God’s goal in Ephesians 4:11-16. Then we’ll be filled with the JOY of the Lord and “the world will know,” Jesus said.

      Then and only then will we be ready for the really tough times ahead, which I believe will be our best days spiritually — life in the Son — “one” with each other.

      These two texts are very important, and should be what every pastor and Christian is focusing on doing and being.

      We need to make sure we’re heaven and tough times ready, being like Paul:

      “..I also practice always having a conscience void of offense toward God and men.” (Acts 24:16)

  6. They are so absorbed in making a social media presence that they fail to think for themselves. They think they be famous now.

    • This is spot on. I’m on the internet. I’m famous. I’m “influencing”. Even though I have no idea what I’m doing. My professor indoctrinated me so it must be correct.

  7. If these people want Palestine to be free they should be protesting Hamas and their fellow Palestinians for what they have done and what they are doing.

    Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.” Hamas is keeping Palestinians in their “open air prison”, Hamas is the warden. They welcome self sacrifice and the sacrifice of their children, it is a religious calling.

    Hamad said that Israel’s existence is “illogical” and that it must be wiped off all “Palestinian lands,” When asked whether this meant the complete annihilation of Israel, Hamad replied: “Yes, of course.” Speaking of the October 7th massacre Hamad said “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do it twice and three times. The Al-Aqsa Deluge [the name Hamas gave its October 7 onslaught] is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth,”

    Hamad now says he wants a cease fire “So I think we are ready now to have complete compromise, complete a deal, in order to receive all the hostages, either military or civilians.” When asked how he could be calling for a cease-fire while also pledging to keep attacking Israel, Hamad replied: “What do you want us to do? To stop?”

  8. These four young people are STANDING UP to the mass murder of Palestinian civilians by Israel made possible and carried out with F-16s and American taxpayer money. About 10,000 Palestinians have already been murdered from above, almost 4,000 being children, with the death toll continually rising.

    Gaza is a an open air prison camp for many, resulting from ISRAEL’S 1948 EXTREME TERROR CAMPAIGN in which they raped, murdered, burned alive, etc. Palestinians, creating so much fear that 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes to become refugees. 70% of those in Gaza are families of refugees created by Israel’s 1948 NAKBA, which most Americans don’t know about because TalmudVision and our schools never mention a word about what really happened.

    Israel’s 1967 WAR was also illegal and immoral, which is why they tried to destroy the USS Liberty with unmarked planes and torpedo boats, our ship that was eavesdropping on what was really going on. Most Americans don’t know about that either. LBJ was in on it, and was also involved in the JFK assassination. 24 crew members were murdered and 171 wounded from the machine gun fire, Napalm and the torpedo that almost sunk the ship.

    Most of the religious Israelis are NOT Abrahamic, but Talmudic. The Talmud teaches them they’re racially superior to all other races, and when their ‘messiah’ comes they’re destined to rule over all others in the coming NWO. Those who won’t take the mark will lose their heads.

    PAUL WARNS US in the Bible in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the Beast will rule from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, which many evangelicals are enthusiastically supporting. It will be an abomination, because Jesus is our sacrifice. Old covenant sacrifices are done away with. Now we can go directly to God ourselves through Jesus. The veil of the temple was rent when Jesus died, so we can access the God ourselves, instead of the priests being the go-betweens, now that Christians have the Holy Spirit in them, given on Pentecost, after Jesus died.

    Their Talmud also allows abortion up to the point of birth, which is why Alaska lawyer Scott K. claims that abortion is a First Amendment right (Must Read has an article on this), because Orthodox (Talmudic) Judaism says it’s okay.

    The Talmud also condones pedophilia and lying to Gentiles, as long as they don’t get caught. Regarding lying, Israel was heavily involved with our CIA and Saudi Arabia in doing 9/11, which Netanyahu admitted was good for them. The goal was to insight Americans to support regime change wars of Israel’s enemies, overt and covert — which worked! Americans were furious, and followed FOX News, the war channel with fervor, ignoring the HOLY Spirit — and didn’t even want to know what really happened on 9/11.

    The UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA, Fairbanks proved that 9/11 had to be in part an inside job, because Building 7 did NOT come down by fire, as the US government’s report by NIST claimed. Fox News and all major news never mentioned UAF’s 4 year, PEER REVIEWED study one time, nor did they present any of the facts that told what really happened on 9/11. And anyone who questioned the official story, Bill O’Reilly called a “pinhead.”

    It’s like how only the THEORY OF EVOLUTION is taught in our public schools to all ages, with wild ideas being taught as fact, such as accelerated equilibrium to explain why we have no intermediate/transitional species in the fossil record. They claim that the peppered moths turning from white to black proves evolution; though, they were still moths.

    It’s like how our media all were in lockstep telling LIES ABOUT COVID, never telling us to this day that face masks and lockdowns didn’t work, and that the jabs also did more harm than good. High enough vitamin D levels were the solution, peer reviewed studies proved, which they never mentioned once!

    That’s our media. So why should we believe them now, when they only give information to justify what Israel is doing, and throw the worst light possible on the worldwide protests. They say nothing about what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians starting with the Nakba (the catastrophe) in 1948, so many Americans believe Israel wears the white hat, and Palestinians completely black. A number of Palestinians are Christians, and many don’t support Hamas, but they’re being bombed to death by F-16s. And many evangelicals don’t care. They think it’s all biblical, but it’s not, just like our post-9/11 wars regime changing Israel’s neighbors were not biblical or moral.

    Why did MSNBC fire Phil Donahue and Jesse Ventura during the Iraq war, and Fox News fired Tucker? All were anti-war.

    NETANYAHU’S RATINS WERE ONLY 27%. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis had been protesting Netanyahu’s radical judicial proposal, how they force jabbed all Israelis, etc.. Netanyahu has been fighting corruption charges and possible prison time. Some say a possible CIVIL WAR in Israel was brewing.

    Gaza’s waters have $500 BILLION dollars worth of OIL and natural GAS beneath it. And Israel has already started the BEN GURION, 2-way CANAL that will trump the Suez one-way canal. With Gaza in the way, it has to be longer, and the title of this 3-minute video says the rest:

    The Ben Gurion Canal project passes on the Gaza border, and Hamas poses a threat to their project.

    One Israeli says 90% OF ISRAELIS have been discussing (AND ISRAELI MEDIA) how could Hamas have been allowed to breach the Gaza perimeter fence in 15 places, when it’s constantly monitored by female IDF soldiers in real time, and has multiple types of detectors. Former IDF soldiers cried out on X (Twitter) that this makes no sense! Israel had recently pulled most of the IDF forces (battalions) that protect Israelis there, and took the rifles away from the private security forces. Hamas prepared for the attack for a whole year. Mossad monitors Palestinians’ phone calls and has informants in Gaza. Egypt warned Israel 3 days prior. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN said there was “some type of stand down order given.” Hamas was able to drive around, attacking people for 6-8 hours without serious opposition, to return with hostages back to Gaza.

    Our media SAYS NOTHING about this Israel having to have let this on happen on purpose! Instead, it’s all pro-war propaganda to give Israel a free pass and lots of money and arms to carry out what really is a type of genocide, just like how they warmongered after 9/11, discarding Jesus’ 2nd Greatest commandment and “Thou shalt not murder.”

    The biggest question I have with these calls to stop murdering Palestinians is WHERE ARE THE TRUE CHRISTIANS, who actively love their neighbors as theirselves, even our enemies, Jesus said we must love.

    I DON’T SEE MUCH CHRISTLIKE LOVE coming from evangelicals right now (only for the Israelis), just like after 9/11, which was also a false flag that most evangelicals fell for, and still don’t want to know what really happened on 9/11, which is willful ignorance, instead of LOVING the TRUTH, so we make sure we’re doing what is right.

    God bless.

      • Greg,

        God did NOT orchestrate the deceptive and immoral Israeli stand-down that Israel is using as justification to wipe out Gaza. God also didn’t bring back the Judaics to the land in 1948. His land covenant required OBEDIENCE, which didn’t happen this time. This version of Israel was created through extreme terrorism, and Israel has done many immoral things since, in violation of the Balfour Declaration. Israel should have been condemned for starting the 1967 war, which they lied, claiming Egypt started it, and in which they illegally took the Golan Heights, which they still illegally occupy.

        And all of the evil things they’ve done to the Palestinians through the years, which none of our press reports, God allows, but it grieves His heart, especially that most American “Christians” don’t care enough to even want to know what’s really going on there. Where is the love in Christians’ hearts these days?

        God allows evil people to do evil things, when they’re not stopped by those who call themselves Christians, but don’t obey Him.

        God doesn’t control most events in this world, but wants to lead us in our hearts.

        Justin just shared verse 19 here under another comment. I added v. 18.

        Real Christians obey and follow Christ. The world follows Satan:

        1 John 5:18 We know that whoever is born of God doesn’t sin, but he who was born of God keeps himself, and the evil one doesn’t touch him. 19 We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

        • God also didn’t let Moses enter the land of milk and honey because he disobeyed him and got some water using Aaron’s staff. You’d think he would have learned a thing or two after seeing the mother ship and all. Guess nobody’s perfect. But Gid knows this. He loves us like we are.

      • You are out of your mind jeff. Completely. You need psychological help. Those b——s in Palestine harbored and helped Hamas an extreme terrorist organization with ties to Iran. They beheaded children and lit teenagers on fire and watched them burn. Joyfully jumping around like the psychopaths they are. There isn’t much innocence on the side of Gaza. They created this mess now they pay. You ride with the enemy you die with the enemy.

  9. So, four mild mentally retarded kids spend $1.50 on crayolas to make their ratty signs and stand on a street corner for an hour. Gosh, sooo impressive.

    Now here’s the real world. You liberals aren’t gonna like it, but here’s what Israel is going to do. Israel was attacked, over 1,400 innocent people- including women and children were murdered. Israel is now going to clean house. Israel has the absolute right to destroy Gaza- until Hamas declares that they are surrendering, unconditionally. Once that happens, Israel will set the terms. And that will be that. If 100,000 people have to die, that is entirely the fault of Hamas.

    Oh yeah, one more thing- to you protesting morons. Hamas follows the medieval Islamic law. Under this law women are treated like absolute garbage. I wonder how these fkwit protesting women would respond if they were told not to travel- unless being supervised by a man- as happens in Gaza under Hamas.

  10. I am sickened at heart that ANY American would at this point support the palestinian hate. There is only one way to put an end to that kind of hate – wipe out Hamas. Never again should anyone have to fight terrorists with such hate and evil in their hearts.

  11. Hey, these are the same four idiots we saw holding the Ukrainian flag at the UAF last month. And at the food stamp line last week. Apparently, UAF is a leader of the intellectual elite in the Interior. 😂🤣

  12. Meanwhile, while they have successfully distracted the people with all this Middle East stuff, All the member states of the WHO, and that means the USA too, have signed on to the WHO Pandemic treaty.
    All Planned.?, who knows, but remember what Israel did to their own people during the Covid bs.

    • Right on, Zip!

      Israel force-vaccinated all of their citizens, which was one of the reasons for hundreds of thousands of Israelis recently protesting Netanyahu (popularity rating of only 27%). The protests have stopped now that they’re in war mode, which the powers-that-be in Israel did on purpose, allowing Hamas to attack unimpeded for many hours. I tell more above, if you haven’t heard.

      Israel did their own peer reviewed study that proved high enough vitamin D levels were the solution to Covid, and still kept on force vaxxing all Israelis.

      We need to stand up to the globalists with the truth, and not give in!

  13. Randall Frank
    November 6, 2023 At 8:27 am

    I like your use of alliteration. And you are correct

    I agree!

  14. Kind of like the protesters of the 60s and 70s. Not enough background to form an opinion, but aren’t we cool.

  15. I think these 4 kids are too smart for the Ethnic Studies program at UAF. They should use their talent and start a Mad Myrna’s for gay muslim men in downtown Gaza City. Right after the loudspeaker starts booming the crazy Koranic prayers at daybreak the devout could go nurse their hangover with a boilermaker approved by the divine. Never been a big fan of Halal food so the snacks and music would be a big improvement.

  16. Jeff, Sorry to correct you but your way of base with your bias against the Jewish people and Present day Israel !, you should be enough of a Bible scholar to understand these few facts. #1.) God established a never ending covenant withe the Jewish people thru the obedience of Abraham. #2. ) This never ending covenant doesn’t depend on the obedience of the Jewish People. #3.) God established a promised land for the Jewish nation which is basically modern day Israel including Jerusalem as its premier city. #4.) Every time the Jewish people strayed from the religion that God gave them to follow they were allowed to be punished including captivity and dispersement from the “ promised land”. #5.) when the God man Jesus was born as a Jew the New Covenant was established whereby Gentiles ( us) were thru faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and with repentance were “ grafted in” to the Jewish people ( the chosen people) even though most of them rejected Jesus as the promised messiah. #6.) God engineered the RE establishment of the Jewish people in Israel as a modern nation in 1948 thru a miraculous set of circumstances. #7.) Those Arabs living in modern Israel were invited to become citizens of the new nation but most of them CHOSE TO LEAVE and have lived as a people in exile wher they are easy pickings for Hamas and Hezbollah who use them and abuse them in a bitter terroristic campaign against Israel which has continued unabated since 1948 all to the glory of Arab nations who WILLNOT ALLOW THES DISPLACED PERSONS TO IMMIGRATE TO A NEW HOME IN ANOTHER ARAB NATION,!

    • John Slone,

      Well, John, this is one of the touchiest subjects, but it must be discussed. We have only been taught one side of the story all of our lives through TV, church, school, everything! I believed in supporting Israel no matter what for most of my life, just like all of us until a decade ago. I even rebuked some people in 1999 for telling the truth about this version of Israel. So I know where you are coming from.

      I visited Israel twice in the ’80s and ’90s, and could tell something was terribly wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s called “the holy land,” but it’s anything but holy. I could feel it, especially in Jerusalem. I’ve never felt so much hate in any of the many places I’ve visited in the world.

      Sometime after 2010, I saw a video of Israelis celebrating in the streets after the Gaza relief ship with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney onboard was raided by the IDF who murdered 10 of the peace activists. Israel had imposed a harsh blockade on Gaza since 2007. I watched those in Tel Aviv rejoice.

      Then I learned the real history of how Israel was formed through brutal, horrific terrorism, the Nakba. Your point #7 is completely wrong. 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes by rape, murder, and the most extreme crimes to put in them the maximum fear. That created the refugee crisis that continues this day. 70% of those in Gaza are refugee families.

      That occurred after a false flag bombing of the King David hotel, in which Israelis dressed as Arabs to blame the murder of almost 100 on them. This was to poison Britain and the world against the Arabs. Since then, Israel has done MANY DOZENS (not exaggerating) of false flags and deceptions, including the Six Day War, the attack on the USS Liberty, their major involvement in 9/11, and now intentionally letting Hamas invade Israel for 7 hours unopposed (24 points prove).

      Mossad’s motto used to be “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” And their Talmud teaches them to deceive the Gentiles, because we have “lesser souls,” and they’ll someday rule all of us after their “messiah” comes. The Orthodox are not Abrahamic, but Talmudic. The Talmud also says horrible things about Christians and Jesus, which hardly any evangelicals know; though, we know all of the bad things written in Islamic writings, correct? Why are there books everywhere exposing Islam, but not the Talmud, which is the main source of the NWO?

      The creation of this version of Israel in 1948 was NOT a miracle. The Satanic, globalist Rothschild family were involved, and their occult symbols are in Israel’s Supreme Court building.

      The land covenant God gave to the Judaics has always been contingent upon them obeying. Saying otherwise violates scripture. This time there was not repentance and obedience, just force and manipulation. Israel has violated all of their agreements with the Arabs too, and poisons Palestinians’ wells and olive trees to this day, to illegally take more land. They’re vicious. One of the settlers made up the 40 babies beheaded story that was proven false.

      And the vast majority of Israelis are not even Semites, according to DNA tests, probably even Netanyahu (Mileikowsky).

      DNA Study: Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ Not Semitic, but Turkish Origin

      Part of the deception today is that most evangelicals are now taught they don’t have to actually abide in Christ to be “in Christ,” which is the greatest deception. Then it’s not hard to believe that God doesn’t have any obedience conditions on occupying Israel too. Ted Pike shows how false this is:

      Conditional Salvation & Conditional Occupation of Israel Verses – Ted Pike


      (video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — God’s covenants require OBEDIENCE


      Also: Genesis 12:3 does NOT say ‘he who blesses Israel will be blessed.’ “It says nothing about Israel, but that all families will be blessed through Abraham, that was through his seed Jesus Christ! – Steven Ben-Nun, Israeli News Live

      Steven also used to be a strong Christian Zionist.

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