Listicle: 2024 presidential election year calendar


On Nov. 5, 2024, Americans will elect a president, and that means in 365 days, either the Democrats will continue to steer the direction of the country, or the Republicans will take on what has become a nearly existential challenge of righting the ship of a torn and troubled United States.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind for the next few months:

Nov. 8, 2023: Third Republican presidential debate, in Miami. Hosted by NBC News and Salem Media.

Dec. 6, 2023: Fourth Republican debate, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hosted by NBC News and Salem Media.

Jan. 15, 2024: Iowa Republican caucus.

Jan. 23, 2024: New Hampshire primary

Feb. 3, 2024: South Carolina Democrat primary

Feb. 8, 2024: Nevada and Virgin Islands Republican caucuses

Feb. 24, 2024: South Carolina Republican primary

Feb. 27, 2024: Michigan Republican and Democrat primary

March 2, 2024: Idaho and Missouri Republican caucuses

March 3, 2024: District of Columbia Republican primary

March 4, 2024: North Dakota Republican caucus

March 5, 2024: Super Tuesday for both parties including:

  • -Alabama, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Alaska, Republican caucus (presidential preference poll)

-American Samoa, Democrat Caucus

-Arkansas, Republican and Democrat primaries

-California, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Colorado, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Iowa, Democrat caucus

-Maine, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Massachusetts, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Minnesota, Republican and Democrat primaries

-North Carolina, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Oklahoma, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Tennessee, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Texas, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Utah, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Vermont, Republican and Democrat primaries

-Virginia, Republican and Democrat primaries

March 12, 2024: Georgia Republican and Democrat primaries, Hawaii Republican caucus, Mississippi Republican and Democrat primaries, Washington State Republican and Democrat primaries

March 19, 2024: Arizona, Florida Illinois, Kansas, Ohio Republican and Democrat primaries

March 23, 2024: Louisiana Republican and Democrat primaries, Missouri Democrat primary

April 2, 2024: Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin Republican and Democrat primaries

April 6, 2024: Alaska Democrat primary, also Hawaii and North Dakota Democrat primarie

July 15-18: Republican National Convention

Aug. 19-22: Democrat National Convention

Nov. 5, 2024: Presidential election

Dec. 17, 2024: Electors cast their votes


      • Where does it say this? From my reading and understanding of RCV, it applies to all state wide general elections in the state of Alaska including Federal Reps and Sens as well as President.

        From the state of Alaska’s elections website FAQs:

        What offices are elected using Ranked Choice Voting?
        The bill includes President/Vice President, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, Governor/Lieutenant Governor, and all state representatives and state senators.


        So RCV does apply to Presidential Elections, unless you can show me where it says otherwise.

        Maybe you are talking about the open primaries that precede the general election. I cannot find any information regarding primaries for President, so I do not know, but is sure seems like RCV will be in effect for the 2024 presidential election in November 2024.

        • Primaries are RCV, US sen 7 House are RCV, all State offices are RCV. General election for POTUS is not – because it is a multi-state election.

          • Did you read the link in my comment? Unless you can site something stating otherwise, I am inclined to believe the State of Alaska Elections website over you.

            And it doesn’t matter if it is a multi-state election. Because we have electoral votes to allocate to a candidate, RCV can be used to determine a winner

  1. So another year of false promises more smoke and mirrors and political adds taking over the media. Just think how all those millions of dollars and manpower are used to sway votes to elect the next crook. The voter will never win no matter who’s stealing from the piggy bank. It really shows how much these politicians will go to get the power.the game is rigged and nothing short of a total redo of government will not change our course.

    • It is that attitude that keeps us from fixing it. We need all your anger and disgust – join us please! There is hope for America yet: We live in dark times. It is DARK, but there is a glimmer of dawn on the horizon – not morning in America yet, but we can set the ship of state toward that light both politically and culturally. This is a monumental task, but one we MUST take hold of and succeed. The next five years will show that Americans still care, that we will do the right thing, and we will succeed and prosper and protect freedom. The American Dream is not dead, merely numb from the onslaught of leftist tyranny. I’m proud to be an American, and I will fight to keep tyranny from our shores.

  2. With the ballot stuffing in Connecticut this week what is to say this won’t happen on the next election with absentee ballots in Alaska.

  3. Huge news on the campaign trail.
    Tomorrow, Gov Kim Reynolds of Iowa is going to endorse DeSantis.
    If anyone says that won’t matter, don’t know Iowa or how popular Reynolds is with the base (that actually vote in the caucus).
    This affectively kills the campaigns of other alternatives to Trump. Before, I was pretty certain DeSantis was going to win Iowa. Now I believe it’s by how much. (Iowa is where polls go to die)

  4. Please stop with the negativity. Only a positive populist campaign will rouse the people enough from their political numbness to successfully throw off the yoke of leftist tyranny. Morning in America is coming.

    • Like we had in 2018, 2020 and 2022? Seriously, I’d like to believe an election is going to solve this but we need to wake up that the election system is completely broken and those in office are not going to admit that or try to fix it since that is how they got into power.

      • Like what we had in 1980 – Reagan’s “Morning in America”. It will take more than an election, but that is where we MUST start. The purveyors of tyranny thrive on our cynicism and discouragement. Let’s take back our America!

      • It will take more than an election – but the election is where we start. We CAN fix it, and try we must. Cynicism, discouragement, disgust, and the resulting failure to vote are the food of leftist tyranny. Give up – any of us – and we hand the control of the country and our freedom to the left.

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