Power the Future: China-US talks, and nary a word about ‘existential threat’ of climate change



In the first meeting between top US and Chinese officials under the Biden administration, things started off a bit testy.  The mini-summit, held in Anchorage, began Thursday and wrapped up Friday.  They involved Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on the US side, sitting across the table from China’s most senior foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, and foreign minister Wang Yi.

BBC noted the “sharp rebukes” and “ill-tempered talks” between the two nations, going so far as to state: 

In a blunt opening statement before the talks in private, Mr. Blinken said the US would “discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, economic coercion of our allies.”

A glaring subject was omitted from the list, especially as it relates to Biden’s stated policy priorities: climate change.

Power The Future’s Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck heard from sources that climate change was to be a “front and center” issue, but then was taken off the table midday Thursday.  

Why?  If you listen to the eco-radicals who propped up the Biden campaign and will end up placing hundreds of “true believers” into key administration posts, getting China to act on climate has to be a US priority.

Here’s a hint: Because “climate change” is only a posturing priority when it comes to sucking in Americans who would rather see US national and economic security weakened, and make the American public more dependent on a larger, more wide-reaching federal government. 

“Climate change” is given its vast amount of media coverage because Americans allow it; they feed off the “existential threat” narrative, and encourage the story to be perpetuated by the mainstream media over and over again.

Because if the climate was such a critical issue, it would have been the topic of conversation between the countries, not one pushed aside at an initial meeting.

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  1. They just keep beating the dead dog of climate change. Just like the whole issue of vaccination and forced face diapers, they just keep shoving down our throats. Enough is enough. If those who keep believing in all the garbage they keep throwing all you get is a Country that looks like a dump. And yes that does smell bad. It would not be such an issue if the fake media was not so lame.

    • Just keep selling the Chinese Commies our coal. Their air pollution will get so thick that their lungs will darken and make the Chinese virus look like a sniffle.

  2. They should NOT be allowed to talk Privately. I’m a little tired of these people going behind closed doors to sell our country and us out. No More Private Meetings, it’s the peoples country, and anything you have to say behind closed doors can be said in front of the people to hear and see….

  3. Google “Little Ice Age” and learn how complex it is to “predict” climate change. The current climate change arguments appear to be based more on agendas, geopolitical movements looking for support, pro and con.
    We haven’t managed to closely monitor enough variables, nay, we don’t even know all of the possible variables. Anyone who states that they know, thinks more highly of themselves than they ought to. But listening to them, they have this aura that all wisdom will die with them.
    Picking a side is almost irresistible. People want the sense of security of “knowing” how something may affect them, making them feel that they could do something about it.
    Take action. Do something. Rearrange the deck chairs. Sing hymns. Lock the “deplorables” below decks because there’s not enough life boats for everyone.

  4. Suzanne nails it. If climate change was a serious issue it would be discussed by serious nations. I have no doubt that China is a serious country. I have lots of doubt that the United States is a serious country. We may have been at one time, but we are rapidly retreating into celebrities, critical race theory, cancel culture, giving money away and mob rule. “Climate change” is nothing more than a sound bite that makes some people feel good and can be used to rationalize almost anything.

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