Governor Dunleavy has phone call with Secretary of State Blinken


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not meet in person during Blinken’s visit to Anchorage this week, but did speak by phone about critical national and international issues impacting Alaska.

The conversation covered a range of topics from environmentally safe oil and gas development in Alaska’s Arctic region, to negotiating an agreement with Canada allowing Americans to resume travel on the highway corridor between Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48 states, the governor’s press office said.

Dunleavy also stressed the importance of Alaska’s rare earth mineral deposits to the nation’s economy and overall security.  

“The goal of my discussion with Secretary Blinken was to encourage him and other members of the Biden administration to engage with Alaska officials on policy decisions impacting our state, before those decisions are made,” Dunleavy said. “My hope is that message leads to a more open dialogue, and we can stop the unilateral decision-making process that’s threatening Alaska’s economy and the ability to raise a family here.”

The phone conversation came after two days of difficult diplomatic talks between White House diplomats and Chinese diplomats, during which the Chinese made it clear they have no respect for the Biden Administration or the United States of America. The Biden Administration has been described by some insiders as having taken a chilly disposition toward Alaska since taking office Jan. 20, 2021.

Read the transcript of the opening remarks from the talks here.


  1. Whatever happens, it’ll all be for Alaskans best interest. If Biden/Harris usher Alaska into a darker period, then allow their cold response wake up the people here allowing them see who the Democrats and Weak Republicans really are. People do learn the best when they are allowed to learn the hard way, when you let them face their mistakes instead of continuing to bail them out.
    The American people do need to see Trump was a strong president and Biden or Harris is a weak preeident, but they will never see all the good Trump done without ever living under Biden or Harris first.

    • And continue doing good and start attending your district city council meetings, so you are there giving your conservative input when the lefties are being pounded by their elect’s thoughtless policies, and they dont know what to do when they are given the cold shoulder. The next four years presents the greatest time to turn peoples hearts when they are feeling so uncertained.

  2. Well done Gov!
    After the pathetic Blinken discourse with China, we hope you suggest the ‘Biden/Harris band’ view Alaska independent of California and New York. Should you strengthen that thesis, we Alaskans would be proud.

  3. China is right – the USA is a paper tiger under Biden.

    Biden should stop saluting stair ramps – it makes him look dumb when he falls.

  4. Alaska’s biggest problem is its all-Alaskan devotion to gigantic government. That big government sits like a mushroom in its apartment in Anchorage languidly fielding phone calls sometimes. We can’t afford this service any longer. If they can’t attend work then we should lop the org chart to only reflect those who actually attend directly “the public”.

  5. What an empty suit. Why should Biden…err Harris administration take him seriously? No one else does.

  6. Jen, you are spot on, the people are mostly uninformed even with the technology of today and people do learn lessons better when they do it the hard way.

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