Frank Dahl: Mike Robbins is the only viable choice for mayor of Anchorage



Word on the street is the Anchorage mayor’s race is competitive.

Mike Robbins and Dave Bronson are battling for the pole position from a large chunk of GOP-centric voters. Mayor Berkowitz’s municipal manager, Bill Falsey, is gaining ground on 37-year-old Peace Corp candidate Forrest Dunbar. Candidates Bill Evans, another attorney, and George Martinez, are pushing their narratives hard, too – but, if you’ve followed what their goals are, one would wonder if they match those of yours and your family.

I’m actually unsure who will be the top two vote-getters and move to the next round in the run-off election, but I suspect it will be Robbins – as it should be.

I’ve written previous opinions and it’s no secret I’m for Mike Robbins. Acumen and experience with business, negotiation, and playing hardball are three reasons I support him. And I know first-hand having negotiated and worked with him on hospitality industry events in the past. The other fellows simply don’t have Robbins’s skill sets; particularly the ones we need to speed up our economy and keep it growing for future generations.

An observation I’ve made about this particular campaign cycle, and others have informed me the same, is Dave Bronson’s absence at numerous forums. GCI is one of the largest private-sector employers in the city and when you have 250+ voters interested in your vision for the Municipality, and you’re absent again (I’m told he’s missed many candidate forums), one ponders what’s up his sleeve. 

Anchorage voters will get their ballots this week. You have until April 6th to mail them in and change the city’s direction for decades to come.  If you want to see our city back to what it used to be, then make sure to vote.

I’m guessing it’s down to Dunbar, Robbins, and Bronson.

If Dave Bronson gets to a run-off against Dunbar, and Dave’s kitchen cabinet of hard-right puppets him along with out-of-state consultants, my hunch is he’ll get defeated. The supporters of Falsey and Evans and Martinez likely won’t play craps and risk our future on a Dave Bronson in a run-off. I tend to agree.

It’s not personal. It’s reality. I can thank Dave for his service all day long. But Dave Bronson is too polarizing. His most fierce supporters castigate anyone who disagrees. Just ask Assembly freshman and blowhard Jamie Allard. I don’t know her, but I see her, and I hear her loud-and-clear. Toxicity won’t get our city out of the mess we’re in. 

And before you point at me and question my philosophy, take note I’m even more conservative than Dave Bronson.  I’m pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-military, and pro-business, having owned many for 50+ years… No one can pull rank on me carrying the torch high and proud for the likes of Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, and Donald Trump.

This mayor’s race will be close. It doesn’t have to be.

Take note of a retired F-22 Raptor Squadron Commander like Senator Mike Shower, and injured war veteran and hero Senator Josh Revak, and former Navy SEAL and patriot Representative Laddie Shaw, and intelligent, conservative Assembly members like Eagle River-Chugiak’s Crystal Kennedy who have endorsed and support Mike Robbins.

Push innuendo and favorites and gossip and slander aside, as you suffer through campaign ads and out-of-state talk show hosts’ nonsense and online rhetoric.

If you want to save our city, protect our businesses, and defeat Forrest Dunbar and the bullying, ill-equipped Left, vote for the candidate that will defeat them and bring us back to a community we can all be proud of!

Mike Robbins is the only viable choice for the Mayor of Anchorage.

God Bless America and Alaska.

Frank Dahl is an entrepreneur who has owned bars, restaurants, and lodges throughout Alaska and in the Lower 48 for over five decades including Blues Central at the Chef’s Inn. As the founder of Anchorage CHARR and a former Board Member of Alaska CHARR, he has been active in hospitality and tourism industry policy development for years. He is a member of Rotary and a recipient of an Alaska Legislative citation for public service.



  1. Blowhard Jamie Allard? I thought only liberals slander like that. I am tired of the rhetoric ” too conservative to win”. That is how we have arrived at the state we are in- Murkowski, Sasse, Romney on and on. We have to start locally and vote who we think is the best leader for our city. I have talked with both and like Bronson but will vote for Robbins if he is in a runoff. Will you vote for Mr. Bronson if he is in a runoff Mr. Dahl? This article sounds like a Lincoln Project, fake news article on Donald Trump or excuse me Dave Bronson. When you have to confirm to people who you are I am skeptical. I think voters are tired of going along with who has the” best chance” to win and by the way who decides that? .

  2. I’m tired of the dirty shadow campaign of the Robbins team and their mouthpieces attacking Bronson supporters. Let’s just say it: did Robbins disclose the 14 IRS liens or past lien due to non-payment of child support to Senators Shower, Revak, or Rep. Shaw before he asked for their endorsement? My guess is not.

    The reality is Robbins will lose. Period. But the wake your team is leaving behind is your fault, not the fault of anyone supporting another candidate or any other candidate.

    • Only dirty trick out there was Jamie going on Fagan with the claim that Robbins was behind in child support.

      If you look at the SoA, it appears that Division of Child Support uses liens early and often, their weapon of first choice. Worse, they recalculate what is owed from time to time without input of either party. If you have paid too much, you get a check. If they think you underpaid, you get a lien, which is what happened to Robbins.

      The SoA Recorders web site listed 33 Child Support liens withdrawn on the same day in July, indicating a LOT of them were levied.

      Did it ever occur to you that the left and unions are trying to select their preferred candidate for the runoff by dropping this information? Cheers –

      • So, who ponied up the funds, for Mr. Robbins, to bring his child support back in the clear, prior to his announcing his candidacy for Mayor?????

        • You need to read what I wrote again. SoA redid their math, decided Robbins owed more, and notified him via a lien. He wrote an immediate check to clear the obligation. Cheers –

  3. Thank you for this article!
    Mike Robbins is the best choice for mayor!!!
    Whether we agree with the stimulus money or not, it’s coming to Anchorage. Mike is the best man to spend it wisely. He gives us HOPE for the future if this city. Safety, beautiful port, jobs for entrepreneurs such as himself. I trust him with my children’s future.
    All the best

  4. Mike Robbins voting record speaks for itself and isn’t what We the People of Anchorage want or need to pull Anchorage out of this disaster.

    If everyone that wants change for the better votes for Dave Bronson there will be no need for a runoff election.

    Run Forest! Run away we don’t want or need your toxicity anymore!

  5. I like Bronson because he is a well experienced and tested military and airline pilot . Most pilots of his caliber are excellent decision makers because, as we all know , many lives depend on them including their own. They have also learned to rely on the expertise of others (mechanics, inspectors, air traffic controllers ) and their own flight crew !! Yet in the final analysis their decisions all make the difference between a happy conclusion or disastrous catastrophe. Sometimes I think a lack of political experience is an asset!! If I may take the liberty of comparing Bronson with Trump; both came to the world of politics with a minimum of experience yet with solidly proven ability, experience and people management skills. Every conservative may now look back and easily measure the astounding Trump successes versus the very obvious Biden iceberg of impending catastrophe.

  6. If Frank Dahl is supporting a certain candidate, I wouldn’t vote for them. He sounds like an outsider asshole.

  7. Dahl ruined the Chef’s Inn and I wouldn’t take anything he says as fact. Bronson is the only person in the mayoral race in it strictly from the standpoint of public service, while allt he others are in it for personal gain or for the purpose of maintaining the status quo, which is killing Anchorage.

  8. Again the only real important thing in this election is: who can beat dunbar. I highly suggest people not vote for whomever they think is the best ideological candidate, vote for the good enough candidate who can get the votes to win. In my opinion thats Robbins. Dont turn this into another split vote with the left laughing at us again because of it.

  9. Jamie Allard is about THE only conservative voice on the assembly and he calls her a blowhard. That should suffice in and of itself to discount Frank Dahl and whatever emanates from his mouth or keyboard.

  10. Oh hell no, Frank.
    Your boy, the twenty-first century Doctor Frankenstein, wants to raise the Knik Bridge Monster from the dead!
    He says so in his radio campaign advert: “I plan to get the Knik River bridge construction underway”.
    That Monster was euthanised for good reason, Frank!
    Frank’s angry, rambling rant suggests Dave Bronson scares at least part of The Establishment, which is great news.
    We have no illusions about the dubious integrity of Anchorage’s mail-in vote system.
    Our hope is that so many Bronson voters turn out that the system can’t be corrupted enough to get the “correct” result… that folks just can’t find enough late ballots and harvested ballots to make up the difference
    … which means Dave and Friends could “polarize” the rest of The Establishment right out of their jobs.
    This could work, yes?

    • Knik Arm Bridge like one across Turnagain Arm and Pebble Mine will all get built, likely sooner rather than later. Reason? Economic necessity. Robbins is the only one out there that both understands that necessity, but has the courage to mention it in a campaign. Cheers –

      • Economic necessity for whom?
        The Frank and Mike show doesn’t say what Bad Thing is bound to happen if this bottomless money pit isn’t resurrected.
        America’s trillions of dollars in debt, Alaska’s in such bad shape they have to double the fuel tax and start an income tax, so who’s left to get fleeced for this boondoggle?
        Maybe Alaska’s new BFF’s, the communist Chinese offered to help?
        We too appreciate Mike mentioning it… a caution flag well worth noticing.

        • Bottomless money pit? Really? Ted had it fully funded, money in the bank in 2008 until Sarah got herself involved and stole the money.

          This state is woefully short of infrastructure. And a couple bridges in ANC are infrastructure.

          It will do a couple things. First and most important, give ANC residents an option where to live not unlike what the Golden Gate Bridge did to Marin County N of SF in the 1930s. This will in turn put pressure on the elected idiots on the ANC Assembly and School Board to behave themselves or lose more of their tax base to the MatSu.

          Second, it will significantly reduce traffic flow on the Glenn, along with trip times, yet another economic positive for commuters.

          Don’t disagree that the NIMBY / BANANA crowd will fight it tooth and nail like they have for a couple decades. Eventually they will lose that fight. Cheers –

      • That bridge ain’t gettin built, we can’t even fix the port.
        It’d be cool to see but: the massive cost, environ-mentalists, and geographical challenges make it pretty much a pipe dream for a loooooonnng time to come. No need for a middle man like Robbins

  11. Chefs Inn is gone, so is blues central, (damn I miss those French dips), Dahl as an owner of failed eateries now knows what’s best for anchorage. A middleton……because compromise is best????? Staunch conservatives are just too mean I guess, being realistic is out of style. We should all just give in a little so that we can maybe get a politician who can maybe get some of the left to work at some common sense goals for the city……good luck. Let’s hire Bronson for a chance at restoration.

  12. There’s conservatives and then there’s “conservatives”. For Dahl to make his argument he has to insult many of us to do so. Sound familiar? Robbins seems like a nice guy. But people are tired of establishment-ism and RINO-ism and there has been no clear signal from Robbins that he isn’t of that ilk.

    Robbins: A SEAL TEAM 6 operation to pull the wool over sleepy leftist eyes and gently tug our city back to reason? Or Bronson: We go for the air strike and hope we eliminate our target?

    I haven’t seen anybody stealthily, successfuly turn a liberal city back into an American one. Once the damage is done, it seems only bold action remains.

  13. Frank your opinion about viable is simply your opinion. No need or benefit to trashing the supporters of Bronson, it makes you look small, like a compromising democrat.

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